Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dream 60

This dream occurred directly after I had watched a documentary on Pete Doherty (former singer/songwriter with The Libertines/Babyshambles, ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss, tabloid favourite due to heroin/crack addictions and trouble with the law).

I was wearing a deep blue T-shirt. I lifted it up and saw that my belly was really round. I saw this in the third person - I may have been looking at my reflection in a mirror. I knew that I was pregnant - two months or so, but that was all I knew, and I didn't question this fact. I looked down at the floor of the room in which I was standing. There were some sofa cushions arranged on the floor and Pete Doherty was stretched out on them. He looked more tanned than he usually appears and he seemed to be on drugs, he was smiling and his eyes were rolling back. His face was wet. I was dismayed to see him seemingly on drugs. I had romantic feelings towards him, but at the same time was aware that he was my first cousin (he really isn't, as I am sure you already know). I questioned in my own mind whether it would be morally right to start a sexual relationship with him. I pulled him to his feet. The next thing I was aware of, Pete was standing in the doorway of the room (I have no recollection of what other furniture was in these rooms, or which building I was in. The lights were fairly dim at the start, and then as I looked down at Pete, the lights were suddently much brighter). He was kissing another woman passionately. I was insanely jealous. I thought to myself that it should not matter that we were cousins, I wished to pursue him for myself. I was then hugging Pete and telling him that he should stop using Class A drugs. I felt very close to him. He had a rucksack with him and was wearing a long black peacoat and a trilby hat. We walked out together into the long wet grass of an overgrown garden and I said "I don't care what they think about us". As soon as I woke from this dream, I went online to read the daily news. There was a story about Pete Doherty being 'kicked out' of a Thai rehabilitation facility following disruptive behaviour whilst he tried to detox from heroin and crack cocaine.

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