Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Famous Dreamers - Charles Dicken's 'Miss Napier' Dream

English author Charles Dickens (1812 – 1890) informed friends of a bizarre occurrence he experienced as a result of a brief dream. Dickens said he was at home one day and began to feel tired, subsequently deciding to take a short nap. Dickens stated that he soon fell asleep and very shortly thereafter, he began to dream. Dickens said there was nothing particularly significant about the dream, other than its intensity, in the sense that it was quite vivid and realistic. He went on to relate the content of the dream stating that he had seen a vision of a female in a red shawl. This young woman only spoke four words in the dream, that being her introduction of herself: “I am Miss Napier”

Later, upon awakening, Dickens was engaged in a social event and was introduced to some women. Dickens noticed one of the women, a girl, was dressed in a red shawl. She was introduced to him as Miss Napier. 

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