Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dream 61

I was in a bedroom with PS, we were lying in a double-bed with white bed linen. There were clothes and boxes stacked by the bottom and sides of the bed and the walls were white. The floor was not visible below the mess of belongings and I am not sure which room this was. N the dog was around. Suddenly I saw two furry animals which I identified as rats, but neither really looked like a rat. One was more like a small, orange-furred dog which was scurrying through the boxes and under the duvet. The other was just a round, orange animal's head (like a furry ball with a face) which rolled up and down and along the walls. I was angry and upset to see the 'rats' and tried to get N the dog to attack them, but every time I thought they had been chased away, they reappeared. I left the room in disgust. I was then on a leafy, tree-lined avenue at dusk, with PS. Slightly ahead of us were my nan PC and my cousin HM. I kicked a football and it hit the back of their legs. PC turned and I said that I wanted to come back to Sheringham because the rats in the bedroom were distressing me, PC told me that my mum had left that day for Cyprus and I argued with her, saying this could not be true as I had spoken to my mum the day before and she had not mentioned it (my cousin HM, married to a soldier will be moving to Cyprus shortly). We were now standing in a small group by a low stone wall and hedges. PC told me that it was true and I was angry. I stormed off, with the intention of returning to a room I apparently rented in university halls of residence. I somehow knew that friends of mine had organised a house party in my room. I was now walking along school corridors and PS was replaced by my cousin HM. We were passing classrooms and students standing around in the corridors. There was a black male in a red checked lumberjack shirt talking into a mobile phone. As we walked past, HM and I pushed into this male and he turned to shout an insult or express annoyance, but we ran down the corridor laughing. At the end of the corridor, in a little corner of the wall, was the door to my university residences. HM and I entered. It was a tiny room with a sink unit adjacent to the door, with another interior door leading to an en suite bathroom. Next to the bathroom door was a bed and two desk chairs - there was no other space in the room. Beside the bed was an ornate pink and gold oil lamp, which in the dream I recognised as belonging to me. Sat on the end of the bed was AO (male friend from Norwich); on the desk chair next to him, opposite the window, was sat BL (male school-friend from Sheringham) and, on the second desk chair, just in front of the door/sink unit, was another large male with shaven black hair, unknown to me in real-life (all three men, two real and one a dream character, were physically dominating, either through extreme height - BL or built-up physique - AO and the dream male). All males were wearing 'urban' casual clothing - tracksuits, baggy jeans, hoodies, New Era hats, gold chains, etc. BL stood up and I noticed there was a very small, lead-framed window above his chair - it was daylight again outside. I asked the males if they were planning to have a party and they said they had organised one. I was worried about the size of the room (as us five persons were very crowded in due to the lack of space). AO told me that it was nothing to worry about. The dream male with shaven black hair stood up. I 'remembered' facts about him as my cousin. I cannot explain what I mean, as there were no 'memories' - it was as if when he stood up, my dream self understood the nature of our relationship and how we were related and shared history, whilst while he was seated, I merely identified him as a male who was a cousin. I had things to do and therefore needed to leave the boys in my room. I backed away and leaned against the sink unit as I explained that I was leaving. I heard a toilet in the en suite bathroom flush and out of the door walked JOA, a former female friend from Norwich, who I fell out with a couple of years ago - we now no longer have contact but we have some mutual friends on Facebook. JOA was using her mobile phone. She was wearing a smart navy blue dress, but I didn't actually catch sight of her face - I saw the back of her only, but instantly recognised her. I felt alarmed that she was at this party, organised in my room, but decided not to create a fuss. Instead HM and I left the room. As JOA was standing in front of me, I had to squeeze myself past her and as I did I patted her on the back as a way of showing I had no animosity. JOA, still in conversation on her mobile phone, said: "Thank you". I took this as a sign of HER own lack of animosity towards me. HM and I were now back in the corridor with classrooms/students. However, now HM was a tall, heavy-set black female, wearing a red top and gold hoop earrings. We were running down the corridor laughing, when we came across the same black male in the red lumberjack shirt, still talking on his mobile phone. The football we had had earlier was on the floor, and I kicked it into the male, making him stumble in surprise. He shouted out in anger at us, but we ran off laughing again. Myself and my female friend (no longer identified as HM - I was now aware that this was a separate person with whom I was working on a project of some sort) were discussing a job we were undertaking together - it seemed that we were sourcing images from art and graphics students for some form of website or promotional material we were designing. My friend (who remained unnamed) said we should try one last room of students. We entered a huge dark workshop which had many huge wooden desks arranged in the centre, at which students (mainly fashionably dressed young females) were working - they appeared to be drawing items of make-up and other small objects which were placed in the middle of the large desks. My friend and I went to inspect the drawings, which seemed to be in black ink on white A4-sized paper. I said to my friend: "Look for the most graphic ones". We were walking between the desks, looking over the shoulders' of the students. I found one girl, with a long blonde ponytail and a white T-shirt, late teens or early 20s, who had drawn some lips and broken lipsticks, all with thick lines black ink lines, left uncoloured. I said: "These ones are really graphic in style, we'll pick this". My friend came over and she seemed pleased with the artwork I had selected. I asked the blonde student to show me what still-life objects she had drawn from. She handed me a red lipstick, without the lid. The lip-stick column was snapped in half, the plastic casing was black. I crouched on the floor. Now the broken lipstick was a bowl of red jelly or fruit compote dessert, decorated with thick white cream. The floor was dirty wooden floorboards and I noticed I was wearing jeans, as I could see my knees as I was crouched. I became aware that I was stirring up the dessert and it was now a big mess of white/red. A huge chunk of black hair (maybe my own?) was mixed in the mess. I thought that it might be OK as the student had finished her artwork and been successful in selection, but I felt a bit guilty about ruining the prop. I held it up to the blonde student and my friend. The blonde student said: "Oh well..." and looked a little sad as she observed the mess in the bowl. I felt a small bit annoyed, thinking that she shouldn't be so worried about it. I put my hands into the mess and touched the clump of hair. It occurred to me that the bowl of dessert had originally been a lipstick and I explained to myself that I must have caused the lipstick to change to a dessert by letting my hair fall into it. I then went home. I was suddenly back in the bedroom with the white bed, where the dream started. I was extremely upset to see the dog-rat running amongst the sheets and the furry head-ball rolling up and down the walls alongside the bed. I woke up.

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