Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dream 219

Dream date: 29th December 2013

I told DL that I was going to induce a dream to answer questions in my current life. This dream was the result.

DL was a teacher - but he did not seem to be pleased to have me as a student. He was wearing a suit (I think it was navy) and appeared to have a fuller beard (I guess in my dream he looked more like a university lecturer than a young 'urban male'). We were in an interior scene and there was a violin case. I cannot recall many details of the interior scene, other than it was well-lit and I knew it was some form of learning institution. At this stage of the dream, I was unaware what subject DL taught. DL opened a bottle of champagne, but I do not remember if I drank any of it. I was feeling uneasy.

The scene changed and I was in my nan's house, but where her electric fire should be was some form of railing. DL was sitting on the sofa behind me. I said: "You should let me dance for you..." I started to dance (booty shake/twerk/lapdance-style) and realised I was performing well and energetically. I was enjoying myself, lapdancing DL. I also noticed that I was no longer wearing clothes (I am not aware what clothes I was dressed in before this, however), just some white frilly lingerie. DL pushed me away with a mean look on his face and said: "Stop! You're just scum..." I felt upset and annoyed. I then found myself with AF (a friend from London), climbing through my nan's front-room window - into the room rather than out, although I do not recall leaving the interior. AF and I talked for a while as we stood by the window and agreed that we meet again later. I looked around the room and noticed my nan's photographs on the wall /shelves - the room appeared to be as it looks in real-life. He disappeared. I was standing in the front-room when my mum entered. She and I had a huge argument - she was shouting at me, telling me I was disappointing to her and I was responding in a very furious, defensive way. My nan entered the room and ushered my mum out.

The scene changed again and I was in an exterior location during the day. I was seated in a circle of people, all of whom were sitting on deck chairs. All these people were male and known to me in the dream, but I cannot recall who they were, other than AF who had rejoined me. I had a large amount of cannabis on my lap/in my hands. I kept playing with one massive bud in particular - it was easily 7g worth and bright green and fluffy. Suddenly, someone reached down over my shoulder and took the large bud from my hands. I stood up and turned around - it was a small, slim male with brown hair - although it looked nothing like him, I knew this was EB (who has ginger hair in real-life). This male was grinning at me in a weird way. I said: "Give it!" and snatched the cannabis from his hands, although he did not resist. I sat back down with the AF and the rest of the males in the circle of deck chairs and there was some conversation I cannot recall.

I then found myself in an office - it was DL's academic office. He was seated at a desk, but turned to the side so he could face me. I was sitting in a plastic chair, with a door in front of me which was to DL's left-hand side. He was testing me on some academic questions. He asked me to describe one example of both "good and bad biology" I had experienced the day before. I thought about this, and could not come up with an adequate answer. All my mind could think of were snails, but I did not want to say this as I was unsure of whether it was good or bad biology and I felt scared of DL. He looked at me with an impatient expression on his face and said: "You don't have the answer, do you?" I told him I didn't. He burped then apologised. I said: "Don't worry, remember me yesterday?!" [this refers to me burping lots of times when I was drinking a can of fizzy drink with DL in real-life] DL just screwed his face and said: "I can't deal with you in this state, get out while you can..." I left the room feeling hopeless and wondering if there was a threat in what he was saying - it seemed like he was intending something bad to happen to me if I did not exit straight away. I also did not know what 'state' he was referring to, but I wondered if he meant that I was unintelligent because I could not answer his question about biology or whether he was still aggrieved about me lapdancing him. I woke up.

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