Monday, 27 January 2014

Dream 225

Dream date: 19th January 2014

I was with DL walking through a very sunny landscape which had lush green grass and plants everywhere - including loads of beautiful daisies. There were white tents/marquees set up in the distance and many people standing around - it seemed as if there might be a festival or some form of celebration/party occurring. The location appeared to be similar to the field at my university, which is just outside my lounge window in my real-life home, Norwich.  DL and I were holding hands. The scene then changed and I was in bed with DL. We were under the covers and about to engage in some form of sexual activity. Suddenly DL sat up and I noticed he had a banana in his hand. I was fearful thinking he was going to perform a sexual act on me with the banana, which was oversized and very yellow in colour. I said: "No!" and snatched the banana from him, throwing it on the floor at the foot of the bed. My best friend CG entered the room and without saying anything, picked up the banana and began to unpeel and eat it. 

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