Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dream 231

I was sitting on a field with my mum and some other people who I do not recall. It was daylight, but not sunny. There was some kind of sheeting on the floor nearby - I think it was white fabric. JA was there, nearby, and suddenly I became aware that he had ejaculated - there was a massive long streak of semen on the grass. My mum said: "JA, you can't come [cum] here!" I looked into the distance and saw a large group of males - all clothed from the waist upwards, with their trousers pulled down, masturbating. The scene changed and I was in a dimly-lit bedsit, although the details of the room were hazy. There was the same white fabric sheeting, covering either a bed or a sofa. JA had also ejaculated on this and there were massive stains, still damp-looking. My books were in cardboard boxes stacked against the bed/sofa on the floor. I hoped that none of the semen had damaged my books.

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