Monday, 27 January 2014

Dream 226

Dream date: 21st January 2014

I was in a room with DL - it was either his flat or my room, but changed so that my bed was on the opposite side of the room - I was not sure of the location, because all I could see was a bed against a wall with white sheets on it, and a door adjacent to it. DL was lying on his side on the bed, using his mobile phone - I think he was texting or on Facebook. I was aware that he was communicating with a female and that he had previously (recently in the dream history) had sexual intercourse with her. I stood over him and said: "I know you fucked her, I want you to go back and fuck her again and leave me alone". DL started to deny that he had sex with the (unspecified/unknown to me) female. He told me she (without naming her) was just a friend. In the dream I didn't actually question who she was, I just seemed to somehow know. I wouldn't let him deny it, and knew I was correct in  my assumptions. I kept saying to him: "I won't be second best for anyone!" I wasn't angry, it was more like I was mocking him and had a strange cool attitude. I then thought maybe I should open up and tell him about my own recent (in the dream history) sexual experiences with a male I knew (in real-life) in an attempt to equalise the situation, but then thought better of it. It wasn't that I had a reason to tell him anything other than to try and make him see that I didn't care about the (unknown) female he was communicating with. I decided the best thing to do was leave and try and forget the situation. I picked up a white box from the floor - which seemed to hold some of my possessions (I didn't see what was in the box, but I noticed the carpet was green - like my bedroom carpet in real-life). I walked out of the room and tried to slam the door loudly behind me, but instead it just shut quietly. As I walked down a dark corridor to exit the building, I heard DL in the room, talking on he phone to the mysterious female.

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