Monday, 27 January 2014

Dream 229

Dream date: 25th January 2014

I went shopping and bought several bags of groceries - I think they were all food items from a supermarket, although I cannot really recall much about going shopping, just being outside the shop with the polythene carrier bags, waiting for a bus. The bus came and I got on - however I left my shopping on the seats in front of me, across the aisle. I sat at the back of the bus and had a conversation with someone I cannot recall. I do not remember many of the details about being on the bus, except that I looked down towards the front and noticed that the rails which are usually along the ceiling of the bus for standing passengers to hold onto were diagonally sloped across the central aisle. They were made of thick, grey plastic and blocked the way off the bus, although people were still getting on and off as normal - I was not able to see how they managed to navigate the rails. On the shelving, intended for luggage items, at the front of the bus, opposite the driver, I could see some white items which looked like rolls of wallpaper or fabric. The driver was angry and was shouting incoherent words at one of the passengers. I saw the bus was turning into my nan's road and recognised the houses as it travelled along. At my stop, I exited the bus. I was standing outside my nan's house in Sheringham. The sky was dim - it was dusk. I then became aware that I did not have all of my shopping bags with me - and the two that I did have were nearly empty. I felt really annoyed and decided that I should wait at the bus stop for the same bus I had just exited to complete it's round trip (which in the dream was calculated as two hours). I planned to get back on the bus and retrieve my shopping. I went into my nan's house. My nan was in the living-room as were some other persons - I believe my mum was amongst them and the rest were other family members. I mentioned the missing shopping and my nan told me to look in her fridge, which I did. The missing items of shopping were in there - I noticed a quiche and some yoghurt in particular as well as lots of other items I cannot recall. I felt both relieved that the lost items were safely stored in the fridge, but confused as to how my nan had them in her possession.

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