Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dream 218

Dream date: 27th December 2013

I could not recall this dream, only fragments. Regarding the last fragment - the hair cutting - I had planned to cut my hair in real-life. The day after this dream, I was standing looking at my reflection in my lounge window and playing with my hair, when I had a strong memory of cutting it. I then recognised this to be a scene from a dream the night before, as I had forgotten to cut it in my waking reality.

Dream fragments
Pinkish-yellow light - interior scene
Long tables - white: tablecloths/napkins/aprons?
Swapping dinner plates/changing plates
Gorilla/Guerilla? Simply heard, or image?
Car ride - seeing trees down an avenue
High school - English text books
Sitting in my nan's living-room in the chair by the window - holding ends of plaits and cutting them with scissors

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