Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dream 230

I was in a very big spacious room - not one that I recognise from real-life. The room was mainly decorated in white and it had a bed in one corner, against the wall and then white leather sofas (quite low to the ground) a short distance away, arranged so they all faced inwards in a circle. My family were seated on these sofas - my uncle GC, his wife and sons; my mum; my nan; my aunts CEJ and VF and my two of my female cousins, CJ and HM (CEJ and VF's respective daughters). There was some kind of family party going on. I was sitting on the bed with ED2. He tried to push me down on the bed to have sex with him and I was affronted, standing up and saying: "Leave me alone!" I walked over to my family sitting on the sofas. My uncle, GC, was handing around a plate of sweets and everyone was helping themselves to them. He left the room. I followed him, through the door into a corridor, which was lit brightly from overhead. There were other doors leading off from the corridor. My uncle was standing at one of these doors with his back to me. I returned to the main room where the rest of my family were still seated. My uncle then came back to the doorway of this room, with a strange expression on his face - an evil smile is the best description. He said: "I'm gay". 

The scene changed and I was in another room, which appeared to be some kind of shop, although the details are hazy. I was with a female, who I am unable to identify and did not get a clear view of in the dream. There was a long counter down the left side of the shop, but I am not sure what was to my right or behind me. In front of me was a set of glass double doors and I could see that it was sunny outside and the location was an urban area. PP was standing in front of me, wearing a white T-shirt and baggy black jeans, with his back to the doors. I noticed he had some bags with him - black holdalls. He placed an item of yellow clothing (I think it was a hooded top) and some form of technology (an iPhone or an iPad, with a charger attached to it - unclear what it actually was) on the counter. He said: "Will you take these back with you, and make sure you plug the charger in for me". He turned to leave. As he did, I shouted after him: "Remember, you never fucked me when we were at uni together!" (this is true). He said: "Caroline [referring to his wife, although in real-life, his wife is not called 'Caroline'] wouldn't have wanted that to happen, but I have my own regrets." I wondered what would happen when he came to collect the items I was supposed to take back with me - and felt uneasy that we had discussed sex and then would being seeing each other again. I said: "Wait, I need to make things better!" PP turned around again, and this time it appeared that he was ED - or at least a composite character of both PP and ED (note that ED is not the same person as ED2, although they share a first name and the same initial of the last name and both live in the same city as me. The only similarity that PP and ED share is that they are both short in stature and attend[ed] the same university at different times). I was not confused by PP and ED morphing into one dream character whilst dreaming this. 

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