Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dream 232

I was in my nan's back garden - it looked the same as normal, except on the piece of grass closest to the house, there was a very small round pond, in which I was fishing. It was daytime, but it was not sunny. I managed to catch some fish - a trout and a pike. I then experienced still being in the garden, fishing, while also laying in my own bed - simultaneously. The fish that I caught were falling onto the pillow next to my head. The pikes that I caught had very sharp teeth and they were snarling at me - however, they did not look like the image of the pike posted below. I am not even sure I knew what a pike or a trout looked like when I had this dream, but in the dream I saw them as quite fat, silvery-coloured fish, around 8 - 10 inches in length. I pushed them away, and the scene changed. I was then standing in my nan's kitchen, chopping vegetables - I remember that there were lots of carrots. I fried the fish (the trout) and ate it - it tasted delicious. The scene then changed again, and I was back in my nan's garden. This time, the garden appeared to be different. It was twilight, and in the concrete area behind the garden shed, there was now a slightly raised area, with a concrete BBQ and some low benches arranged around it in a circle. My friend FK was there, lighting the BBQ, which was glowing with hot embers. We were intending to cook the pikes I had caught earlier. I went back to the pond (which was a couple of metres away from the BBQ area) and started fishing again. I felt relaxed and happy. 

The scene then changed and I was in my home at university. My landline rang - and I answered it, sitting at my housemate's desk, kneeling on the chair and leaning over, whilst talking on the telephone. It was a student asking me to help them with something (I cannot recall exactly what). BG, my housemate, entered the house. I indicated that I was talking to a student on the telephone. She went over to the table. I finished the phone call and joined her at the table. There were two other females present - although I am not sure who they were. There were several bottles of alcohol and some other items on the dining table. The room appeared as exactly as it does in real-life and it was daytime. We were all stood around the table, talking about something. I then began seeing a scene which appeared to be Eastenders - it was as if I was watching it on television. In the scene, two women - one with very curly blonde hair, the other unidentified - were taking over as landladies at the Queen Vic pub. As I watched the scene, the female with curly hair appeared to be the character 'Chrissie Watts' a previous character who once ran the Queen Vic pub in Eastenders with her former husband Den Watts, whom she murdered. The current (recently introduced) landlord, Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) was being kicked out by a male character (unidentified). The Mick Carter character (Dyer) was distressed and begging to be allowed to stay, but the unidentified male was grabbing him by the arm and hustling him out of the door. The two new landladies were dancing around excitedly and waving their arms/hands in the air. This scene took place in the back hallway of the Queen Vic pub (where the characters go when they use the landline telephone). The landladies then ran up the stairs (to the living area). The scene changed back to my own home. I was somehow aware that PS's younger sister was being groomed by an older man, but was objecting to anyone intervening to stop the situation. I felt frustrated knowing that I could not do anything to help her.
The Queen Victoria pub in Eastenders
Tracy Ann Oberman aka 'Chrissie Watts' in Eastenders (2004 - 2005)
Danny Dyer aka 'Mick Carter' in Eastenders (2013 - present)

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