Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dream 221

I was in my nan's living-room with my nan, my mum and my aunt, VF. There was another, unrecognisable, female also present - all I recall about her was that she was middle-aged and had dark hair, whereas all of my female relatives are blonde or fair-haired/grey. I was applying foundation to my face, but I had pumped too much of the makeup, so it wasn't absorbing/blending well into my skin. I was using my hands to apply the foundation. The non-relative female said: "Don't you use a makeup brush?" I said: "Yes, I sometimes use a buffing brush for foundation but it can leave brush-marks and not blend properly". The female said something else about my makeup application, to which I responded: "I don't use face powder - I use a foundation that dries matte or a MAC Mineralise SatinFinish one so I don't need it". 

I then saw my foundations balanced on the arm of the sofa next to where VF was seated (I was standing at the mirror above the electric fire, in front of the sofa) - there was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Rimmel Lasting Finish and MAC Mineralise SatinFinish. I then continued to apply my makeup, using makeup brushes - but every brush I used was shedding it's hair/bristles all over my face. I examined them and saw that all the hair/bristles were loose. All my makeup was stored in polythene shopping bags rather than my makeup kits/bags which is how I would usually transport/store it. My mum leaned over and asked VF and I if we wanted to go to the cinema. I said I did not want to go and no-one else seemed to want to go either (I actually do not enjoy going to the cinema as I have a short attention span and tend not to like Hollywood movies, but prefer 'gangster', kung-fu, horror, foreign  or avant-garde films). My mum got angry and said: "But they will just want to eat jacket potatoes!" referring to VF and myself. I said: "I don't want a jacket potato either!" My nan took my mum through to the kitchen to calm her down as she seemed very upset. I could hear her saying: "We will waste time with the jacket potatoes, they take so long to eat!" I thought she meant that we would be eating out in a restaurant, so I called through to the kitchen (from where I was in the living-room): "I said NO to the jacket potatoes, we can eat whatever you want!" I then knelt down beside VF who still sat on the sofa. I was eating spicy flavoured tortilla chips which were loose in the bottom of one of the polythene bags in which my makeup was stored. I was aware that this was not hygienic, but did not care. VF said: "You remind me of Chucky from the Childsplay films". I felt slightly worried as I used to be afraid of the Chucky character and did not want to see him/him to appear in the room. 
'Chucky' from the Childsplay movie franchise

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