Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dream 220

I was in a room which seemed to be my nan's living-room, although there was far more floor-space and the carpet was a dark burgundy red colour instead of green. There were lots of items on the floor - it looked like screwed up pieces of white paper and other objects which I cannot recall. I was with actor Danny Dyer and also a male who was my height had a very round face and short, mid-brown hair who appeared to be a composite of DL and another indistinguishable male. It was evening and I got the impression that we had been partying together. The male (I will refer to him as DL - as this dream character became DL towards the end of the dream) and I were standing between the sofa and the fireplace, while Danny Dyer was by the table. He was bending over, picking up some of the items from the floor. DL and I were making plans to leave and go 'home' (maybe to my Norwich home?). However, Danny Dyer did not want us to leave and proposed we go back to his home instead. DL said: "I hope you don't mind, but I want to go with Danny to play Playstation with him". He had a PS3 controller in his hand. I did not want to go anywhere with Danny Dyer, but resigned myself to the fact that we would be going with him. I then wondered how we would get home afterwards as I did not want to have to travel by train and I do not drive and DL does not have a car. 

The scene changed and I was standing in a London street, looking at the doorway of a cafe where  former Eastenders characters Libby Fox (played by Belinda Owusu) and Adam Best (played by David Proud) were seated on the doorstep - Adam to the left, Libby to the right. Libby looked different - she had a larger nose and two really thick, waist-length braids. Adam was no longer in a wheelchair. They were talking. Suddenly, I was in the cafe and Libby and Adam became myself and DL. We were sitting at tall stools by the doorway/full-length window and began kissing/pressing our cheeks against each other. At a tall, round table to our left, three or four unrecognised males were seated. They said: "What about French women?" to DL and he started speaking in French to them, although I did not understand what he was saying. We moved further into the cafe - and sat in the more dim area in front of the counter, at a long, rectangular table. A group of people walked past. One of these people was a young adult female. She stopped at our table and said: "If you like chemistry, maybe you would like chemicals thrown in your face?!" I responded: "If I like chemistry, maybe I should drop an atom bomb on you!" (I think 'physics' may have been the more appropriate scientific discipline here!) The girl walked away and she sat with her group of friends at the next table to DL and I. I wondered if DL and I had been discussing chemistry when we were sitting by the window.
Danny Dyer aka 'Mick Carter' in Eastenders
Belinda Owusu aka 'Libby Fox' in Eastenders
David Proud aka 'Adam Best' in Eastenders
London cafe

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