Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dream 222

I was in an unfamiliar room with my mum and my stepdad and some other people who I only have a vague recollection of. My mum was standing behind a desk or table which had two legal briefs on it. She made a telephone call to JC - a Facebook friend and artist from America, who my mum does not know in real-life. She said she was instructing him as the lawyer on at least one of the cases. I was annoyed, as I am a qualified lawyer. I wanted to work on a personal injury case, but I was aware that I am not good with numbers and therefore may have an issue in working out the 'quantum' damages, but I also recalled I had a book on quantum damages which would assist me. I asked my mum why she had not instructed me as the lawyer for her cases - and whether the second case still required counsel. She said JC could do that one as well. I started arguing with her, telling her it was unfair that she would not consider me - a proper lawyer and her daughter to work on the cases, and she responded by telling me that these cases required some technical knowledge and JC would be perfectly placed to use his skill in this area. Apparently, the cases were construction ones. I said to her "You only need to know the facts from the evidence and then persuade the tribunal of the complainant or the defendant's position on a balance of probabilities..." My mum wasn't listening. I went upstairs and now realised we were in my nan's house - I went through to my bedroom, which appeared as it would in real-life. I was getting ready to go on a date, getting dressed in a white outfit which consisted of a cropped top and mini-skirt. I was standing beside my dressing table. My mum entered the room. At this point I realised I had lost some of my clothing. I told my mum. My mum said she thought the clothing items may be at her friend DW's house and she used her telephone to call DW, who confirmed the clothes were at her home. My stepdad shouted from downstairs that he would drive over and collect them for me. My mum and I then walked towards the bathroom. My mum stood in the doorway, holding a book in her hand and also playing with the light cord. I was standing in the hallway facing her. She looked stoned/high and told me she had been smoking some really strong cannabis. She was smiling and began telling me about her experiences smoking cannabis - something which she does not do in real-life. 
Legal Brief , law texts and barrister's wig

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