Tuesday, 12 January 2016

14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Art Star!

I am going to conduct a new Dream Incubation Experiment! In this experiment I am going to take a very broad subject for inspiration - being a famous artist (an 'Art Star'). This is because Art (especially modern and contemporary art and conceptual art) is my passion, and recently I have been making some visual art. 

Here is a Youtube video explaining my Dream Incubation Experiment:

I have had some successful and unsuccessful previous dream incubation experiments, which you may like to read:

I will do the following to incubate my chosen dream theme:
  • Perform the MILD Technique for lucid dreaming on a daily basis. If this dream is a lucid dream, it will therefore be a DILD (Dream-Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream).
  • Incorporate elements of Tholey's Combined Technique for lucid dreaming, which has been reviewed as the most successful (cognitive) method for lucid dream induction. I will adapt the key steps of critical reflection, intention and auto-suggestion so that I not only encourage myself to become lucid, but use these as a way of incubating my desired dream theme.
  • Use visual aids - such as photographs relating to my dream incubation theme - as well as immersing myself in material relevant to my dream incubation during my waking hours. I will also keep the written prompt for my dream incubation under my pillow and make sure I read it before going to sleep each night.
  • Where possible, I will perform the Wake-Back-to-Bed method.
  • Incorporate my chosen dream theme in both my daily reality checks (15 - 20 per day) by thinking clearly and positively about my incubated dream theme after each reality check.
  • Train myself to spot dreamsigns when reflecting on my Dream Journal entries each day following a dream - then hopefully, if my dream incubation is successful, recognising the dreamsigns within the dream (i.e. meeting a dead celebrity would be a dreamsign in the context of this experiment) and reality checking will trigger me to become lucid.
  • Meditate on my incubated dream theme for at least 10 minutes before sleep and perform specific affirmations alongside the normal MILD Technique/Tholey's Combined Technique ones ('I will lucid dream about [incubated dream theme] tonight, and I will remember it') - this should also encourage successful dream recall.
  • Use Dream Visualisation before sleep - using my previous dreams based on the incubated dream theme as inspiration.
  • 100 - 150 mg of 'lucid dream supplement' Vitamin B6 (2/3 x 50 mg pills)

Here is my Dream Incubation Experiment prompt:

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