Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Summary of Lucid December Dreams!

Since Lucid December is now well and truly over (sorry it took me so long to update the final dreams for this project), I thought that I should summarise what happened during this month. The 'data analysis' (if it is possible to even call it that!) is not scientific and should be used as general guidance only. I found that it was quite difficult to extract precise themes (or locations/dream characters) from my dream reports (which are all linked below). 

Therefore, in some dreams I might have been in an unknown interior location for one scene and my Nan's house in Sheringham in another scene of the same dream, and therefore both categories are checked. If a dream scene takes place in my Nan's house in Sheringham, not only will I mark this category, but also the 'Sheringham' one as well. 

If I am confused as to the identity of a dream character, I will include them in the unknown (gendered) category if I am certain they were a simple dream character and not based on a real-life person; or I will place them in the random known; or maybe known category (depending on how certain I am that I know the dream character in real-life). I will also mark dream characters who appeared to be composite characters as such.

Similarly, in some dreams it may have been day in one scene and night in another, so again, both categories are marked. Of course, I put a mark next to each specific dream theme and most dreams had more than one theme - so there may be several recorded for each dream. The main aim of this summary is to highlight patterns or recurring dream themes/symbols. 

I have chosen not to include data about emotions/feelings or abstract thoughts experienced in the dreams as I think this would be too complex - if you want to know more about any of the dreams I have recorded as part of Lucid December, they are all linked below.

I was intending on including data relating to the methodology (because this varied day by day in terms of reality checks/WB2B/lucid dream supplements taken/REM Rebound Effects). However, this seemed to needlessly complicate the summary. What I can say about my methodology is that I found it incredibly difficult to reach my goal of 15 - 20 reality checks per day and on almost every day I failed - on average I was able to perform between 3 - 10 per day. I also found it nearly impossible to perform Wake Back to Bed. In terms of the Vitamin B6 - I found that my dreams became longer, more vivid and complex and very much weirder than usual when I took this supplement. However, it did not increase my lucidity (except for the first day I introduced it when I had a lucid dream - the only fully lucid experience in this entire project/experiment). I therefore think that it does affect dreaming, but I would need to be more rigorous in my taking of the vitamin (i.e. try and take the same amount each day) and also my induction techniques, which varied, as stated above.

Time of Dream
Day: 15
Unknown: 10
Combination: 4
Night: 2

Dream Scene Locations:
Unknown Interior Scene: 10
Sheringham: 10
Nan's House in Sheringham (specific): 6
Classroom/Learning Institution/University: 4
Kitchen: 4
Garden/Courtyard: 3
Town Hall/Gym: 3
Unknown Exterior Scene: 3
Unknown Seaside Location: 3
Norwich: 2
Former Childhood Home (Pine Grove, Sheringham): 2
Law Firm: 2
House of Horrors: 1
Bus Stop: 1
PS's House, London: 1
My Home in Norwich: 1
'Treelands' (Dream Scene Location), Sheringham: 1
The Crown Pub, Sheringham: 1
Forest: 1
Canal/Lake/River/Stream: 1

Dream Characters:
Unknown Male Dream Character (i.e. not known in real-life): 13
Mum: 7
Unknown Female Dream Character: 6
Dream Character who (may) be based on real-life person, but identity unclear: 6
DL (Boyfriend): 5
RBA (Close Male Friend): 3
Baby/Babies/Small Child(ren): 3
Dream Character from 'popular culture' (Fictional): 3
Dream Character (i.e. not 'real') family members of a known Dream Character: 3
Unknown Dream Character Family: 3
Dream Character from popular culture (Real): 2
Nan: 2
PS (Boyfriend): 2
General Family (non-specified): 2
CC (Mum's Female Friend): 2
Composite Dream Character: 2 (both times involving males known to me in real-life)
Stepdad: 1
VF (Aunt): 1
HM (Female Cousin): 1
JC2 (Male Cousin): 1
Grandfather: 1
MS (High School Boyfriend): 1
JD (Former Friend): 1
EB (Former Friend): 1
SF (School Friend): 1
RW (School Friend): 1
DT (Boss): 1
RD (Male Friend): 1
SH (Housemate): 1
SA (Male University Friend): 1
SWP (Former Colleague): 1
SW (Former Colleague): 1

Violence/Aggression/Threat: 7
Food: 7 (Specifically meat: 4)
Task/Mission: 6
Writing/Text: 5
Household Furniture/Items (prominent theme only): 5
Teacher/Students: 4
Sex: 4 (wet dreams: 1)
Nudity/Nakedness: 3
Dogs: 3
Public Transport: 3
Party/Gathering: 3
Mobile Phones/Related Items: 3
Pub: 3
Hair 3
Human Hybrids (i.e. android/cyborg/half-man half-animal): 3
Business: 2
Mathematics: 2
Legal Work: 2
Makeup: 2
Shop: 2
Guns: 2
Rain/Storm: 2
Computer/Computer Equipment: 2
Social Media: 2
Bathing: 2
Bodyshape: 2
Dreams/Dreaming: 2
Cannabis: 2
Theatre/Concert/Show: 2
Damage/Destruction/Ruins/Wreckage: 2
Stairs: 2
Hallways/Corridors: 2
Drinks: 2
Sailors: 2
Boxes: 2
Space: 2
Unwanted Pregnancy/Baby: 2 (both times father was unknown in dream)
Disease/Disorder/Deformity: 2
Ship/Boats: 1
Bike: 1
Romance (not Sex): 1
Lion: 1
Gorilla: 1
Money: 1
New Home: 1
Mythical/Weird Animal: 1
Television: 1
Police: 1
Death/Murder: 1
Photographs: 1
Flowers: 1
Eyes: 1
Calculator: 1
Tent: 1
Religion: 1
Mask: 1
Diagram: 1
Baking: 1
Theft: 1
Crying: 1






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