Wednesday, 20 January 2016

14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Art Star! (Dream Analysis 2)

I will be analysing the dreams I have as part of this Dream Incubation Experiment as I progress through the 14 day period. If you want to read the introductory post for this experiment, please click on this link; if you want to be directed to the main Index & Summary page, which contains links to all posts and videos for this particular Dream Incubation Experiment (and also my previous Dream Incubation Experiments), then please click on this link.

As part of my analysis I will be gathering the data from my dreams. I started this particular method of visual analysis during my Lucid December challenge and I found it was very interesting to produce graphs and charts which display the data and trends/patterns. My second analysis covers Days 1 - 8, although there was no dream recorded from Day 1 and other days during this period. Note that my dream analysis is cumulative - so the charts I produce cover all dreams which took place up until the date on which the analysis takes place. This means that not only will the new data from the most recent dream be collected, but also included is the previous data which has already been analysed. 

Note that I am not a professional expert when it comes to managing or organising data - and this is not intended to be empirical research. Therefore, where more than one theme occurs in a dream, it may produce a number of data entries - so in one dream, it may be day (sunny); evening (rainy) and unknown time/weather conditions - so this dream would be recorded as a combination re time and weather. There may be a very prominent colour which features in a number of scenes of the same dream - this would be recorded as 1 occurrence per dream. For emotions & thoughts, a number of different emotions/thoughts may have occurred in the same dream and will be recorded separately.

If you wish to see my post for 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Art Star! (Dream Analysis 1), please click on this link.

Analysis of Days 1 - 8

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