Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dream 544

'I Need a Smaller Paintbrush'
Dream date:  13 January 2016

Day 3 of 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment
This is Day 3 of my 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment. Click on the red link to access the article which explains the experiment.

Scene 1: An Unknown Interior, Maybe Norwich - Afternoon/Evening
I was in a large interior - a room which may have been a kitchen. It did not look familiar, but I assume that it may have been in Norwich due to later parts of the dream where I was aware that I was near my colleagues and about to start work (which is at my university). 

There was a female dream character with me. She was unknown to me in real-life (i.e. I could not identify her as someone I actually know from real-life), but in the dream, she was a friend and another colleague. This female was petite/skinny and had olive skin (similar to my own). Her hair was thick and black (also similar to my own), but cut very very short - it looked like a 'Pageboy' hairstyle, and there was a shiny hairslide/barrette on the left side, clipping back part of her fringe/bangs. She had thick black eyeliner - winged out in a cat's eye shape - the same way I do my own. She was very attractive. I cannot remember what she was wearing. 

This female and I were cooking in the room - which had a large yellow bench (it looked like it was made of plastic) in the centre of the room. I could not see the kitchen appliances or remember the other furniture in the room. The female and I were discussing work (see Dream Information section below, for details of my real-life work, which is relevant to this dream). Instead of being a straight-through shift, the period of 18:00 - 07:00 had been divided into 3 sections of time. Apparently, our colleague JP was covering the shift and I felt relieved, because I had thought I was on duty that evening and I had something important I wanted to do. This something important involved a male (I cannot recall who) who I wanted to see, because he was leaving. I wanted to take some baked goods to him to try and convince him to stay. I was aware that he would be leaving shortly after the duty shift started and therefore I would be unable to go to him if I had to stay on campus and work. 

The female them informed me that she had heard from JP. JP was only able to cover the second and third sections of the shift, meaning that one of us (myself or the female) would have to cover the first section. The female seemed to be indicating that I would have to do it, because she was unwilling to. I was getting frustrated and saying that I could not cover any of the shift, as I had other more pressing matters to attend to, but the female was resisting. She then said to me: 'The first part of the shift is 18:00 - 19:00, but you can hand over at 18:45, so it's not a problem...' I then realised that it would be just about possible for me to work for 45 minutes and then go and find the person I wanted to see, so I agreed, but I was very annoyed that the female had not wanted to cover the shift for me, knowing I was busy. She said to me: '45 minutes will go quickly' and carried on baking - I saw that we were making biscuits. JP then called - there was a landline phone (beige) mounted on the wall of the room, near a door. The female answered the phone (wearing large oven gloves). She spoke to the person on the other end of the line and when she hang up the phone told me that JP was now able to cover the full shift, so I would no longer need to work that night. I felt happy and relieved. 

Scene 2: An Art Shop - Evening
I was then in an art shop - it sold items for artists, such as paint, brushes, canvases etc. I was browsing the store with another person - it may have been the male that I had gone to see that evening. I went to a counter and started looking at the paints, specifically the acrylic ones. I thought that the brown paints were a strange shade of brown and wondered if they would be a good purchase. I then realised that I needed some very fine paintbrushes for the painting that I was currently doing (it was the painting I am doing in real-life). I looked up and saw there were a number of very fine brushes. The owner of the shop was an old woman with grey hair. I asked her if I could buy the fine brushes and she said I could. 

Scene 3: An Corner Grocery Shop/Off-Licence - Evening
I was then in a different shop - although I cannot recall leaving the art shop and travelling anywhere. The male friend was still with me. This shop was a corner/grocery shop, which also sold alcohol. Everything in the shop looked like a yellow colour - the quality of the light and the items in my environment. It wasn't as if everything was actually yellow coloured, just that everything had a yellow tone to it. I was standing towards the back of the shop, with the counter and entrance in front of me, to the right. There were 3 (unknown) males standing at the counter, talking to the middle-aged female shop assistant. One of the males asked her if she stocked Valium. The shop assistant turned around and looked through the tobacco/smoking products which were on shelves behind the till. She said: 'We usually sell Valium, but we ran out at the weekend'. I was disappointed as I had been excited by the idea of buying Valium over the counter of a shop (so, without a prescription). 

I cannot remember anything else about this dream.

TIME: 22:30 - 09:45 hours (I was awoken from this dream by Maintenance who entered my house via a master key to check the water supply in my house - they shouted as they came in the front door, which startled me awake and ruined some of my ability to remember this long dream in full detail)
SPECIAL NOTES:  14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment:
  1. MILD Technique 
  2. Tholey's Combined Technique
  3. Dream Incubation methods
  4. Dream Visualisation methods
  5. 100 mg of 'dream supplement' Vitamin B6 taken
  6. 3 Reality Checks
  7. No WB2B

Dream Information:
  • In real-life, my work shifts are 18:00 - 07:00 hours on call (we can do whatever we want as long as we are on campus and able to reach a student or anyone else who calls our duty mobile phone immediately).

  • I had a new colleague
  • The corner shop sold Valium pills over the counter

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Baking/making baked goods
  • Shops
  • The colour yellow

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • A few weeks ago I had to swap a shift with a colleague because they were unable to work due to social arrangements 
  • Art - I am currently making a new painting and in real-life (the days before and of this dream), I had thought about needing a fine brush to do some intricate details which would be impossible with the brushes I currently have
  • The day of this dream I had watched an episode of Peep Show in which the main characters, Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usbourne return to their former university town and go into a corner shop which sells cheap alcohol
  • 3 days ago I made a Youtube video in which I described using Vitamin B6 as a dreaming supplement. In the video I advised my viewers to consult a doctor or medical professional before taking any new supplements/vitamins, even if they are purchased over-the-counter

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

This was a very exciting dream as it was clearly related to my dream incubation theme! I was also interested in the recurrent dream themes/symbolism - such as shops, baked goods and the colour yellow.

* I may have forgotten some aspects of this dream - due to the sudden wake up I received, but if I recall them at a later stage, I will record them below

This dream already shows elements of my chosen dream incubation theme - due to the scene in the art shop where I was looking at paints and looking for fine brushes to complete a painting! This is very exciting, as it is so early on in the experiment and I rarely ever see any success in the first couple of days. However, it may also be the influence of day residue, as I had been doing/discussing painting in my waking life, just prior to this dream, and had also been thinking about fine paintbrushes, which I need in order to complete my latest piece of artwork.

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