Friday, 22 January 2016

Dream 549

'Vinegar Flowers'
Dream date: 20 January 2016

Day 10 of 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment
This is Day 10 of my 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment. Click on the red link to access the article which explains the experiment.

Scene 1: Back Garden of my Nan's House, Sheringham - Day
I was in the back garden at my nan's house in Sheringham. It was a sunny day. I had a jar of vinegar and I started pouring it on the ground - into the dirt of the flowerbeds, although they were bare (no plants or flowers growing). 

Some time passed.

I went back into the garden (I cannot recall where else I had been). It was now the next day. The garden was a jungle of flowers - huge ones, which were taller than me. In particular, I was looking at some blue ones which were growing in the middle of the garden. The heads of the flowers were bigger than dinner plates. I thought that it must have been the vinegar which caused the flowers to grow. I started to walk back to the house and on the way saw that there was a pile of flowers on the grass outside the 'front room' window - my nan had started to chop some of them down. I wondered why.

I have forgotten some further details of this scene.

Scene 2: An Unknown Interior, Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I was drawing some pictures, using pencil on white A4 sheets of paper. One of the pictures was of snowflakes and included a figure. There were some lightening bolts between the snowflakes and the figure. I told someone (unrecalled) that I was designing sweatshirts.

TIME: 20:00 - 04:30 hours (I woke up from this dream after having a very bad night sleep)
SPECIAL NOTES:  14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment:
  1. MILD Technique 
  2. Tholey's Combined Technique
  3. Dream Incubation methods
  4. Dream Visualisation methods
  5. 100 mg of 'dream supplement' Vitamin B6 taken
  6. 4 Reality Checks
  7. No WB2B

Dream Information:
  • None of note

  • The huge flowers which grew overnight

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • None of note

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

I woke up from this dream in a good mood, although I think I have forgotten some parts of it. I just really enjoyed the first scene where I watered the garden with vinegar and caused a huge jungle of flowers to grow as it was a beautiful experience.

* I have definitely forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I recall anything else at a later stage, I will record it below

This dream appears to be related to the theme of my Dream Incubation Experiment in a way, because it involved me drawing (so therefore, making art). However, this was not the most significant part of the dream - the scene with the flowers in my nan's garden seemed to be more interesting and left more of a lasting impression on me.

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