Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dream 611

Dream date: 20 April 2016

This is Day 52 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE

Scene 1: An Interior (Location Unknown) - Day

I was in an interior (unrecalled), standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs, which appeared to be part of a domestic home. Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver was standing at the top of the stairs. He had his arms spread out either side of him, like Jesus. I asked Jamie Oliver if he would have sex with me (I find him SO unattractive in real-life, that this was a dreamsign!). He said 'No', and I started begging him, but he would not change his mind. I then entered a different room, which seemed to be a lounge. PS was there. He said he had come to see me and wanted to have sex with me. I was happy to see him. I then saw the 'garden' of this location, which seemed to be a public park of some kind (or at least it looked like a park, as there was a large lawn which stretched out endlessly, and a path, which looked like a public walkway, along which were some wooden benches). I could see that it was  daylight, but not sunny. On the pathway I saw a girl sitting with a group of other young adults. They were wearing 'urban' clothing - baggy jeans, hoodies etc and were both male and female, although there were more females than males present. In total there were perhaps 8 people in this group. 

The girl I noticed first had dark hair and a blunt fringe. She was white, with pale skin, and was of a slim build. I was aware that her name was 'Robin Redbreast' but she went by the name of 'Redbreast'. She had a portfolio of her art which she was showing to the group. The images in the portfolio were mainly sepia-toned, but also had black and red elements. I saw a picture of a robin on one page. Apparently, these images (I cannot recall what the other ones were of) were the latest trend in the UK hip hop community and everyone thought she was a genius for making them. I thought the images were boring and pretty basic. I felt angry that 'Redbreast' was in my vicinity, and I realised that PS must have invited her. 

I went back inside and saw PS sitting/laying sprawled out on a sofa (this room had some elements which reminded me of my childhood home in Pine Grove, Sheringham - notably the position of the sofa in the room). I asked PS to 'get rid of Redbreast' but he refused, saying that he wanted her to be here. I was arguing with him, but he would not make 'Redbreast' leave the location, and I felt jealous and rejected by him - confused as to why he came to see me, but brought another girl. Sitting next to PS on the sofa was a male with olive skin and black hair (so similar to PS in skin tone and hair colour). I perceived this to be LRB (a real-life friend of PS), although only his colouring was similar. He was also semi-sitting/semi-lying on the sofa. I wished he would leave as well - I think I asked PS to make him leave so that we could be alone, but PS refused this also and the male, 'LRB' was grinning at me in a very smug, self-satisfied way, saying nothing.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

TIME: 00:30 - 11:30 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • I begged Jamie Oliver to have sex with me

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • The day of this dream, I had written an article - Sex Dreams - Q & A with Tallulah La Ghash in which I wrote about sex dreams involving celebrities
  • The day before this dream I had watched a CinemaSins 'Everything Wrong With...' Youtube video for Batman Forever (1995) which stars Chris O'Donnell as Dick Grayson/Robin
  • The day before this dream I had been talking to DL about a girl (CLS) on Facebook who has a number of mutual friends - I had been told rumours about her (negative ones, but I don't know her at all and the rumours don't affect me in any way, but since the rumours relate to other people DL and I do know, I was interested to know if he was aware of her). In the course of this conversation, we discussed another girl (JSS) - who is also in the same social circle - who I have a problem with as she had contacted PS while I was with him, and latterly, been a 'third wheel' between DL and I (DL knows her, but is no longer in contact with her). JSS is an illustrator/artist in her spare time. Her work is competent, but in my opinion fairly banal - it's graphic line drawing in an 'urban' style. I don't rate it highly, as it is pure craft-based aesthetically pleasing and skillful draftsmanship without 'vision' or 'concept' (yes I am an art snob!). In this dream, I perceived 'Redbreast' as being a composite between CLS and JSS

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was not related to my Dream Incubation Experiment. I woke up from it feeling quite depressed - because it related to a previous relationship (and the most significant, long-term relationship I have had). I felt rejected and abandoned by PS in this dream - so it made emotions I experienced a number of years ago resurface. It is also notable that I started my period the day of after this dream took place, and typically, around the time of my period I tend to experience negative emotions. If there is nothing in my current waking life for the negative emotions to attach to, they tend to relate to negative memories and I have to focus my mind on the fact that I am not actually depressed, but it's a temporary state, influenced by my hormones.

* I may have forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I recall anything else later, I will record it below.

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