Friday, 27 December 2013

Dream 217

This was a lucid dream, but not a very enjoyable one. I was in a house - unfamiliar, but quite normal - standing by the front door which was carved brown wood. The doorbell rang and suddenly I became lucid and aware I was dreaming. I started to feel excited, so to try and control/stabilise my lucidity I began stroking the carved wood with my hand and trying to describe the texture in my mind. I answered the door. There was a middle-aged man and woman on the doorstep. The man was non-descript with brown thinning hair and was wearing an anorak (grey). The woman had a deformed face - it looked like a plucked chicken (ready for roasting) on it's side, and she had no hair or proper facial features - just indentations where her eyes and mouth would be. I was not afraid of her appearance, as I was fully lucid and just fascinated by it. I said to the dream characters: "I'm lucid and you are just dream characters!" The man said: "No, we have come to ask you to help us with our daughter". I was laughing at this couple and also trying to exercise some control over my dream, as it was quite boring. I tried to think of something to do or someone to bring into my dream, but the man on the doorstep said: "AP [a girl from my high school] is having sex with her boyfriend". I said: "This is a boring lucid dream, can you leave me alone so I can do something fun!" The woman grabbed both of my hands in hers and said: "Oh please, it's urgent". I pulled my hands free and went to shut the door. I began to lose my lucidity - instead of the typical feeling of getting closer to wakefulness, this time I felt as if I were falling asleep or back into a normal dream. I began to panic as I felt I had wasted my 'lucid experience' talking to the boring parents. I tried to stroke the wooden texture again, but lost my lucidity and cannot recall any more dreams from this sleep.

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