Friday, 9 May 2014

The Return of Tallulah La Ghash!

Hi Everyone!

I have been absent from my Blog for several months now. I had a lot of research and writing to do for my PhD and therefore took an unplanned break from my dream experimentation and personal projects so I could concentrate on my studies! Now I have submitted a chapter for my thesis I am once again practising my dreaming techniques and updating my Blog. I hope my regular readers missed me and am happy I am returning to my favourite hobby! I will be recording and posting two recent dreams and hopefully a new article on Sleep Paralysis, so please stay tuned for those uploads and much more. You can follow me on Twitter (click on the link to be taken to my profile) or leave me a comment below. 

Sorry for my extended hiatus from Blogging, I hope I have lots of exciting dreams to post for you in the near future! 


Tallulah La Ghash

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