Friday, 9 May 2014

Dream 233

Dream date: 30th April 2014

PS's younger sister was in front of me. We were in an outside environment and it was sunny. There were green trees/bushes or flowers in the vicinity, but the details were unclear. JH was telling me that a mature Hollywood icon (male) wanted to take her on a date. As JH is a minor I was very concerned and tried to persuade her not to go. The scene changed and I was in a maternity ward of a hospital. There was a female in labour, about to give birth. I realised it was my cousin, HM. I was standing beside her bed. 

The scene changed and I was in the South of France, with my family and my friends' family, the Bkts. I think I was in a hotel or holiday apartment, which was painted white. The details were unclear here also. I could not find my clothes. Another girl was present - I realised this was my friend, neighbour and colleague at university, an international postgraduate student, SW. I cannot recall what happened next. 

I then found myself at home in Norfolk. I am not sure where I was  - my own home or my nan's house in Sheringham. There were stacks of books and cash lying around. TB was waiting for me in the South of France, unaware I had left. My clothes were back at home - a green dress (knee length) and a pair of blue knee-high boots. The room changed - it now seemed long and narrow and brightly lit, so I could see that it was my bedroom in Norwich. My mum was there. She had moved the books and cash, which were now placed on low shelves in the room. I asked my mum for a gold bag. When I put my hand in the bag, I found a hypodermic syringe. EB was sitting on my bed, but I realised it wasn't actually him, but MS (who has a similar shade of hair in real life). I said I would cook everyone chips, curry and gravy. The scene changed to a chip shop setting. 

I then found myself in Starlings, the local toyshop in Sheringham. I was playing a video game which was called 'Horrorcore Gore'. I saw some small boys running around the shop - they appeared to be Chucky dolls from the Child's Play movie franchise. I spotted one of my friends who is part of a set of non-identical female twins (whom I have known since we were infants). I think it was CW, not VW. 

I was then in my house in Norwich. There was a knock at my front door. My former boss, a lawyer, was standing outside. He offered my my old job as a legal secretary and I accepted. I found myself in the law firm office. It looked very different, like an entirely different building - long, narrow and dimply lit, with messy desks along each wall and in the middle of the room, taking up a lot of the space available. There were stacks of paperwork everywhere and it all looked very disorganised. My former colleagues were all working at computers. I was only allowed to clean and tidy up. I kept asking if I could do some typing and was told I could not. 

I was then in a forest, running. I was being chased by skeletons who wanted to have sex with me. It was night-time and it felt like I was in a horror movie, but the details were very hazy and I woke up. 
Monaco, South of France
Stacks of books
Stacks of cash
Hypodermic needle/syringe
Chips and curry sauce
Chucky, a 'Good Guy' doll from the Child's Play movie franchise
Rapacious skeletons in a forest

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