Friday, 16 May 2014

Dream 242

'Learning Maths Badly'
I was in a brightly-lit room, sat at a desk, trying to learn some maths. I had a sheath of A4 papers, stapled together at the top left corner. The maths problems were typed in black ink and there was some yellow highlighter on some of the text. I was joined by someone - I am not sure who as I did not see them properly - who was trying to help me (I have dyscalculia - which is basically number dyslexia, which makes it very difficult to acquire numeracy skills). I found it impossible and kept making mistakes.

I was then in my bedroom in Norwich, sitting on the floor beside my bed. My housemate, BG came into the room with a clear polythene carrier bag containing some books. She told me she was about to throw them in the rubbish bin as they were useless. I said: 'these are my books' and took them from her. She didn't know they belonged to me, so let me keep them. 

I was then on some form of public transport, but my dream recall was very hazy and I can remember no further details. I woke up.

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