Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dream 243

'Selling Kebabs from a Lemon Citroen'
Dream date: 23rd May 2014
I was on a seaside pier or by a wall looking out to the beach/sea. There were white railings (painted metal) and some buildings to my left. The sky was bright blue and it was sunny. Either HL (my ex-boyfriend from several years ago) or EB was there, with a mobile phone. I think I saw myself in the third-person, leaning against the railing, with my back to the sea. I was wearing a white skirt, that is all I remember. I am not sure how I looked. HL/EB's phone was also white. He accused me of hanging around with a man, named IH (who has a Youtube channel and is local to my area - he is married to another Youtube guru who I follow, in addition to many of their relatives who also run popular channels). He said IH 'sold kebabs out of a lemon Citroen'. I tried to explain that IH did not sell kebabs from a 'lemon Citroen', he was a cook, and his wife NH is a makeup artist who I admire. He said that it was 'disgusting' of me to associate with him.

The scene changed and I was in a classroom. It seemed to be a classroom in my old sixth form, rather than at university, but in the dream I was aware that I was an SR and a postgraduate student in law, so I knew this was university, not the 'Maths Room/History Room' at sixth form, which is what it looked like from the shape/position of door/windows and decoration. There was one big desk in the room and many girls were standing around. They seemed to all be wearing navy jumpers - like a school uniform. One of them was very tall and had dark hair and very thick-rimmed glasses, but I do not really remember what she looked like, other than 'geeky'. She and the other girls crowded around me, I knew they were second year undergraduates, studying to be opticians. They said I had failed to change the syllabus so that the first year undergraduates took the exact same classes as the second years. These second years wanted the first years to join them, but they were all being taught different modules. I explained that in my role as SR I could not change a syllabus and that this was something they should speak to their Undergraduate Office or Dean about. They continued to accuse me and complain about my failings, as I tried to tell them that I was a law student and did not know anything about the optician degree.

The scene changed and I was sitting on the doorstep of my university house. My friend (who lives close by, but I have not seen for a while) walked over to me and said 'is this S****** T****** [my address]?'At first I did not recognise him. but as I heard him speak and looked up, I saw sunshine behind his head and noticed it was him from the shape of his hair. He did not seem to recognise me as he did not acknowledge our friendship. 

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