Friday, 9 May 2014

Dream 234

Dream date: 1st May 2014

I was in my bedroom in Norwich, waking up in my bed, with the light on. I then realised that this was a false awakening and I was having a lucid dream. I did not feel like this was a positive experience as I was in a bad mood and was concerned that I might start imagining negative things which might appear in dream form. As I sat on the bed, I saw DL, seated next to me on my right. The room appeared to be the same as in real-life, but somehow a mirror image of itself, so what is on the right side is now on the left, although the door was in its normal position. I said to DL that we were in my lucid dream and told him to hit me and see what happened. He raised his fist to hit me in the face and I said: 'knife fight!' and found myself holding a knife in my left hand. I then noticed that there was a cat standing on the bed behind DL. It was stretching in such a way that its back was completely arched and then completely concave. It put me in mind of the 'cat' position in yoga, which is something I often do. It was making a noise like an out-of-tune accordion. I felt uneasy and willed myself to wake up, which I did.

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