Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dream 235

I was in a house which was a composite of my nan's house in Sheringham and a very large, modern house with dim mood-lighting, purple furniture, mirrors and lots of stainless steel. I was in a little alcove in the modern 'dream' part of the house. The alcove was circular and had a large mattress with a cover on it. I was laying down on this. I could hear my mum's voice from another room nearby. I looked up and saw her through a glass panel at the top of the wall - she was in a room opposite the area I was sat in, which was more like an open-plan room with a hallway attached, rooms coming off either side, at strange jutting angles. I sat back down on the circular bed in my alcove. At this point I was facing away from the room my mum was in. I heard her say: 'be careful or it will break!' I was aware of something breaking in the room opposite - and thought it may either be a glass ceiling or a stove. My mum said: 'we'll have to buy a new one!'

The scene changed and I was in the part of the house which was the same as my nan's. There was a family reunion taking place and all members of my British family were present, somehow fitting into the rooms of my nan's house, which would not be possible in real life. I stood at the living-room door, looking out into the hall. My nan was walking towards me. My family were then all standing up. I saw my aunt, VF, wearing neon pink frilly underwear. I said to my mum: 'has she had butt implants?' because she looked as if she had. I was then sitting in the arm-chair by the door to the kitchen. Some more chairs had been brought into the room and placed in front of the fireplace, facing away from the electric fire, but towards the sofa that is normally there. This positioning of the furniture would not be possible in real-life due to the size of the room (which is typical size for a council house). The room did not look any bigger than usual however. I could hear all the men in the family, in the kitchen. I could hear some sort of argument or peril. DL came out and explained that my uncle BJ (who is now divorced from my aunt CJ and not in contact with our family in real-life) had gone completely crazy and was plotting something. The details were unclear. I was then aware that my other uncle, GC had been arrested instead of BJ. The police had made a mistake. I went to the police station - it was a small box-room which was very brightly lit and had a wooden shelf which extended halfway into the room. On that shelf was a book. It belonged to my uncle, BJ. I thought that if I could prove the book belonged to BJ instead of my innocent uncle, GC, then maybe they would release GC and arrest BJ. I flicked through the book. It was a diary/scrapbook, with his evil plans jotted down and lots of postcards of starry nights and pinup girls stuck onto the pages. I thought that I should photocopy the book quickly as evidence. Before I could pick it up and leave the room, a male police officer came in and took it away.

I was then back in my nan's house where my family were still gathered. I sat down on the sofa, next to various cousins. DL came into the room. Whereas previously he had looked as he does in real-life, now he was bald and looked like Phil Mitchell from Eastenders and he had a pair balls under his chin which looked really nasty. He leaned over me and I tried to move away because of his appearance. My uncle BJ was in the kitchen, shouting, and my stepdad and male cousins were trying to pin him down to the kitchen counter to restrain him. 

I was then walking down the street when I saw a group of people - who were unrecognisable, or at least not known to me in the dream. With this group was Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, but he was super tall (about 6 foot 6) and stretched out unnaturally. I am not sure if he looked like a cartoon animation or a flesh-and-blood person, but he was wearing the outfit he wears in Family Guy. 

I was then sat on a tube train, but we were overground at this point. Opposite me were sat some unknown persons, one of whom had a baby sat on their lap. Someone to the left (about two or three people along from the baby) handed the baby a lollipop. When the baby licked the lollipop, I realised it was actually some kind of drink. The baby's eyes bulged out of it's head, cartoon-style and it's hair was suddenly pastel green, pink and lilac and standing up on end as if the baby had received an electric shock. I dismounted the tube in daylight and ate a jam doughnut while watching someone play a violin.
Steve McFadden aka 'Phil Mitchell' in Eastenders
Testicle-necked man
Stewie Griffin in Family Guy

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