Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dream 244

'The New Girlfriend'
I cannot recall a lot of this dream. I was in a building, but it was possible to see over the walls over the rooms - as if the walls were actually partitions which did not completely reach the ceiling, and I was hovering above the floor. I could see PS in bed with a girl - she was quite large, but I cannot remember anything else about her.

The scene changed and I was somewhere else, although I cannot remember where. I was doing something with makeup palettes.

I was then on a train, at night. I was sitting at one of the tables on a double-seat. PS and the girl were seated opposite me, hugging. I could only see that she had dark hair and was wearing a light-coloured top. She was trying to put her index finger in his mouth, but he was turning his head. He said: 'we can't kiss because she's [me] here and I don't want to upset her'.

I cannot remember anything else about this dream, but it made me feel uneasy and depressed.

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