Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dream 236

The details of this dream were really unclear visually, but the emotional aspect was quite strong. I was in some form of waiting room, seated in a single row of chairs in the centre of the room. The room was brightly lit and decorated in shades of beige, brown and bright orange, although I cannot recall the furniture or who else was in the room with me, except for the fact that my mum was also there. The room seemed to have 'walls' jutting out into the central space, but these walls were a collage of flat pieces of paper which were overlaid to create textured, broken spaces. I was tasked with painting a different room in the same building which had panelled wooden walls and a big wooden dresser/wardrobe. The walls had to be orange and the dresser had to be purple. I was left alone to do this job. I found the painting boring and difficult. The paint was thick and gloopy and did not spread easily against the wood, so I had to keep going back over the same surface area. Eventually, I was rejoined by my mum and an unknown male who were coming to check my progress. I had only managed to paint a small section of one of the walls (badly) and the top part of the dresser. My mum and the male seemed disappointed.

I was taken back to the first room with the paper walls and the row of chairs. In the centre of the room there was a counter (beige) which formed the 'fourth wall' of an installation created by the paper collages. Inside this space was a person - I am not sure if it was male or female, but I would guess the latter (I just cannot remember, it's not that the person was androgynous). My mum and the male told me that I had to swing a wrecking ball and try and kill the person. I started to do this. I did not feel happy and I kept missing, or just brushing the person with the wrecking ball, but not putting enough force into it or hitting my target directly. The person kept ducking and dodging the wrecking ball and screaming in fear. I could see the beige, brown and orange colours very vividly. My mum and the unknown male were criticising me for my technique and telling me to swing the wrecking ball harder. I started throwing orange paint at the person instead and managed to cover them, making them scream piercingly, which created a profound sense of guilt in me.

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