Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dream 247

'The True Meaning of Phallic Objects'
I was in a brightly-lit room. Someone came in, holding a pink object that looked like a slimy pink blancmange or some form of bodily organ. I could see that there was a transparent ruler or small, rectangular numbered stick 'superimposed' on the pink object, jutting off at a diagonal angle. This 'ruler' was not really there - it was 'photoshopped' into space. I wondered if I could now see more than the normal 'three dimensions' (or four, if you include space/time as a perceivable dimension). I understood the true meaning of phallic objects - the bigger the ruler/numbered stick the 'more phallic' the object was (it was actually 'yonic', but in the dream I used the terms interchangeably). I saw more of these objects and felt I now knew what phallic meant. See my recent article on Phallic & Yonic Dream Symbols which likely inspired this aspect of the dream.

The scene changed and I was in a dark pub which looked like it was carved from gnarled wood - it was very cosy. Members of my family were there, but I was sitting with just my mum, in a corner booth. An elderly lady (I cannot recall anything about her other than her age and the fact she was small with white hair, like a stereotypical 'grandmother') sat down opposite us at our table. She had a bucket with her, collecting money. She told my mum and I that it would cost 20p each to enter the pub quiz. My mum paid our entrance fee. The only woman was peeling things - white objects, which had a skin like an onion - and dropping them into the quiz money bucket. When I leaned over and looked in, it looked like globules of white slime, perhaps like semen. The old woman asked my mum if she knew AP and ES, a local couple. My mum said she did, but only vaguely (she was lying). The old woman said that they had now got two children - both babies. I said: 'but the second baby died'. My mum turned to me and whispered: 'don't let her know we know them well because I don't want to get into a conversation about it'.

The scene changed again and I was in a brightly-lit classroom, although not one I am familiar with in real-life. I was sitting by the door with VW - a girl I went to school with. This was Psychology Class (in real-life I studied Psychology with VW's twin sister at A-level). I could see a massive blackboard mounted on the wall. There was a long list of writing in chalk - it was the syllabus. The only word I could read was 'Statistics', which was written halfway down the list. I tried to read the other words, but they looked scrawled or in a different alphabet, or spelled wrong - I could not work out why I was unable to read them (see my recent article on Reading in Dreams which explains this phenomenon). I was disappointed as I am so bad at maths and would find the statistics part of the course very difficult. I was aware that I was top of the class, but would not maintain this status during the statistics module. VW and I were talking - the class had not yet started. LSD, a girl from our year at high school (in real-life) turned round in her chair to talk with us. She asked me if I had seen MS, a boy from our (real-life) year in high school. He had gone missing. I said I had seen him - he had been going somewhere. I cannot recall anything else about this element of the dream.

I was then in a big dining-room which looked unfamiliar. There were huge French windows which let the sun stream in. In front of the windows was a huge dining-table laid out for breakfast. There were three large milk jugs and three dishes on the table. The dishes contained toast and marmalade. I noticed that two of the jogs/dishes matched - white and blue china - whereas the third one (in the middle) was different, as it had yellow flowers painted on it. I picked up the odd jug/bowl and threw it into the corner of the room, smashing it against the wall. I realised members of my family were also in this room. I went and sat on the floor by the wall and started fiddling with a small white object which looked like an unwired plug or suchlike. I then threw this at the far wall. I had a vision of a green field in the rain, with a huge expanse of pale blue/grey sky above me. The sky was being measured (from the ground) by a huge ruler, which was superimposed onto the scene at an angle. I knew where MS was. I knew I had (in my mind) a new, unified theory of phallic symbolism and dreaming, and felt enlightened and victorious.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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