Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dream 237

I was at the train station buying tickets to travel to London. I paid over £30 for the tickets and booked a seat on the 10:00 pm train. I went back to my nan's house in Sheringham to get ready and pack my bags. I took ages getting ready, putting on makeup and choosing clothes. When I checked the time, it was nearly 10:00 pm and I did not have enough time to catch the train. I could not travel on the later train as I would have to buy additional tickets (I had wasted money on the tickets for the train I missed). If I paid for a later train I would arrive in London past midnight and not be able to book a hotel room for my stay. 

The scene changed and my home in Norwich was now a school, with a sandpit outside. One of the girls attending the school had several female carers who were all named after classical male/female singing types - Soprano, Contralto, Tenor and Bass. I cannot remember the girl's name and she is not known to me in real-life. She was fat with auburn hair and wearing a stripy top - blue and orange, horizontal stripes. She had brought two school bags with her - one normal and another which looked like it was covered in either paper mache or meringue, so it looked like a sculpted white conch shell. Both were backpacks. The latter one was so she could get all her classmates to sign their names on the white covering. She went outside to the sandpit area and began to paint the letters of the alphabet on the bag so the other students could include their name under the appropriate initial letter i.e. Alice, Amanda, Andrew under 'A', Benjamin, Belinda, Bryan under 'B' etc. The girl then became very upset. It appeared that one of the boys in the class (also unknown to me in real-life) had done something to upset her. He was apparently (in the dream) a friend of my stepbrother, JM. He was tallish and skinny and had whitish-greyish-blonde curly hair, with a bandanna or headband across his forehead. The carers were making a fuss, calling people on the landline phone and pandering to the girl who was crying hysterically. 

A judge came into my house/the classroom. He had a court transcript with him which was marked with yellow highlighter pen. It was a very thick stack of papers. He began reading out the offence which the boy had committed against the girl, and the background facts. It turned out that this girl was very very shy. She had wanted to bring her old school bag with her (the one covered in paper mache/meringue) so she could gather signatures from her classmates. The boy had decided that she should not be allowed to have two bags and took the paper mache/meringue one, or at least withheld it from her (there was no allegation of theft). This had caused her great upset. The judge was very sympathetic to the girl, who was crying throughout 'the hearing' and creating a big fuss. I thought to myself that she may have significant learning difficulties which might explain her reaction. The boy was made to stand in the centre of the room (by my dining table - the room appeared as it does in real-life) and 'be judged'. I am not sure what his punishment was, but the judge condemned his actions in front of the whole class. I kept looking at the judge's highlighted legal papers - he was sat to my left side.

The scene changed and I was at my nan's house, in my bedroom, sitting on the bed. My ex-boyfriend, SL turned up - he was pregnant, wearing a white smock dress or top of some kind. He helped me claim a refund for my unused train tickets and book some more. 

I have used a new technique for illustrating dream characters, as it can be very difficult, if not impossible to find existing images on the internet which perfectly capture what I saw in my dream. I have used Sims3 to create the 'dream characters' which I then edit using Paint (I do not have Photoshop or anything more technological than Paint, nor the skills to use these softwares, so the images are still far from high quality). I hope the new images I have made capture the dream characters a little better than my text descriptions.
Train tickets
The female
The male
The bag which was covered in paper mache or meringue - the top one shows the shape better, the bottom one shows the texture better
The judge's highlighted legal notes - hearing the case of the conch-shell bag

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