Monday, 12 May 2014

Dream 238

'Working for Google'
I have decided to start giving titles to my dreams as a lot of other dream diarists use this technique and suggest that it helps with recall. I have never given titles to my dreams before, but it will be interesting to see how this has an effect on how I remember my dreams. I noticed that my dreams vary quite a lot from other people's recorded or confessed dreams, in that mine tend to be very long and involve lots of scene changes and characters, whereas a lot of other dreams I have read/been told of are focused on one event or interaction. The action may take the dreamer from A - B, but mine often involve lots of different journeys and interactions, many of which are outside the main action of the dream. Therefore, it is more difficult for me to isolate one element of the dream to use as the title. I have chosen this title because last night I posted an article on language and reading in dreams - and 'Working for Google' appeared to me as text on a computer screen in this dream, although I did not get a chance to look closely at the words to see if they appeared distorted or unusual. 

I was at my nan's house and it was evening. Something was keeping me occupied downstairs, although I do not know what it was because I cannot recall much about this dream scene. Reflecting on it, food, television and conversation with my nan come to mind. Eventually, I went upstairs to my bedroom, which was completely different to how it appears in real-life. The bed and door were in different positions and the room was dimly lit, with none of the usual furniture and piles of clothes/shoes/books present (yes, I am VERY messy!) ED2 was sitting on the bed, with the duvet on his legs. He was putting things into a big bag, packing. I noticed that he did not look like ED2, but instead Jack Lucas, a contestant (of the same age) on the current series of Masterchef (one of my favourites to win). In the dream I did not question this. I asked ED2 why he was there and where he was going. He said he had been there, in my nan's house, for ages waiting for me to visit and now he had to leave because he had been in the house for so long. I said that I was here now and he should stay. He was persuaded. We chatted for a short while. but I cannot recall what was said. 

ED2 and I then went to catch a bus. There were two National Express coaches parked along the side of an unfamiliar road, but they were sandy brown/sepia coloured. It was dusk. We waited for a local bus to come along, and presently one did. I then realised that I had forgotten something (I think it was money for bus fare) and started to run down the road. I dropped a jacket on the pavement. I am not sure how far I got down the road, but I could see it went on for quite a distance and at the bottom I could see a large cityscape. I turned back on myself and retrieved my jacket from the pavement - the jacket was a beige denim variety (not one that I own in real-life, as I either wear sportswear or fake fur usually). I looked towards the buses/coaches which were lined up along the side of the road I was on. I hoped the 'local bus' which ED2 had boarded had not yet left. The National Express coaches were now facing the wrong way and obstructing the street. Behind them, I could see the bus I needed to board. I did so, sitting next to ED2. I found that there was no roof to the bus, and we were in open air. I kept touching a long navy beaded necklace he was wearing and telling him that it was really fashionable.

The scene changed and I was in a brightly-lit interior, although I do not know where exactly. I was sitting at a computer, next to someone - I think it was ED2. Advertised in the bottom left of the screen was a job vacancy. It popped up, like the chat window in Facebook (except on the opposite side). It said: "Working for Google" and then listed the duties, responsibilities and bonuses of getting a job with them. I am not sure if I read the whole text, but I was aware that there had been a girl who had invented a new way of injecting drugs into athletes to make them perform better and that she had done so whilst working for Google. The Google job vacancy said something about 'needing new ideas'. I am not sure if I applied or not. The next thing I remember, I was with ED2 and we were looking at a wide, winding path leading down into a forest. It was night-time. There must have been some lighting, as we could both see clearly. Lots of people were on the path. Many women were on bicycles, cycling down the winding path - ED2 and I watched them from a position slightly above road level. The women were all wearing neon pink Nike shorts - the same as a pair I own myself, a fact I recognised in the dream. I pointed out one female in particular who had a very good butt - round and toned. She was with a female who had a young child strapped to the back of her bike. They stopped at a clearing, just before entering the woods. I was aware that there was some kind of cycling competition taking place. I was then summonsed by someone/something to go to work - in this forest clearing area where the cyclists and other persons where gathering. My job (via Google) was to inject drugs into the thighs of Italian football players, who were wearing white and navy football strips. 

I then saw a series of images on a computer screen - of Kerry Katona. She had gone bankrupt again and somehow had the lower part of her abdomen removed. It looked like she had a sharp ridge where her stomach stopped at the navel, and then recessed into her groin area. For some reason Kerry Katona was now the subject of lots of publicity and had been given a 'Hollywood-style makeover' - although in the pictures she simply had longer, brown hair in a side plait (the style I was wearing myself to go to bed), smudgy black kohl eyeliner and some glittery lipgloss. She was wearing a black vest top which showed off the shape of her strange abdomen. Someone (unknown, unseen) communicated to me that Kerry now had a major sponsorship deal and was likely to make millions of pounds from the contract. We looked at some of the publicity photographs which flashed up on the computer screen like a slide show. I am not sure what she was advertising, but I thought it was strange that she would secure such a lucrative deal given that she was now bankrupt again, and deformed. Note that in real-life Kerry has just given birth to her fifth baby. Usually, after having a baby, Kerry will do a 'new body' photoshoot to show her weight loss or corrective cosmetic surgery, which may have inspired this part of the dream. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
Jack Lucas, Masterchef contestant (2014)
National Express coach
Pink Nike shorts
Italian national football team
Kerry Katona - Iceland campaign (UK low budget, poor-quality supermarket chain)

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