Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dream 245

'Steve Buscemi's Dancing Mother'
I was sitting on a bus, looking through the back windscreen/window. Beside me was a male (I cannot remember what he looked like) called 'Steve Buscemi' (I did not know anything about Steve Buscemi, the American actor, director and writer at the time of this dream, other than hearing his name mentioned, but forgetting this). Steve Buscemi had bcome estranged from his mother. Through the back window of the bus, we could see Steve Buscemi's mother - she was a ballerina (although she looked two young to be the mother of an adult). She was dancing on a stage which was very dark and lit with hazy blue lights. Steve Buscemi was crying and said something nasty about his mother, who had abandoned him to chase her dream of being a professional ballerina. I thought that by watching her, we could both understand the essence and nature of success.

I had a flash of dream segment, unconnected to this dream. I was staring at a highly-polished stainless steel counter, with a white tiled wall behind it. On the stainless steel was a whole raw steak and a diced/chopped raw steak. This is all I could see.

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