Friday, 4 March 2016

Dream 574

'Broken Phone, Going Bald'
Dream date: 2 March 2016

This is Day 3 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE.

Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown (the scenes may have changed throughout the dream, but I cannot recall)
I have no memory of the dream scene and am not sure I really saw much of it in any event. I saw myself in the third-person at one point early on in the dream. I noticed I had blonde hair and liked the look of it. However, I pulled up one side of my hair and found that I was completely bald underneath, which shocked me a bit. I wondered if dying my hair blonde had caused my hair to fall out and whether it would grow back again.

Later in the dream I realised (while sitting in an interior, although I cannot recall any details) that the screen of my mobile phone had broken. I remember thinking: 'It would be terrible if my mobile phone screen smashed' and then looking at the phone and noticing that it was. I was upset - more upset than I had been to notice the bald parts of my head in the earlier scene - and told the dream character I was with that I could not afford the £300 it would cost to fix the screen. I was then told that the phone was worth £350 and I had only been under contract with it for 16 days, which meant I had nearly 18 months before I could get a new one. This also worried me, as I did not want to use a broken phone for 18 months.

Later Scene: Supermarket - Day
I was then in a supermarket checkout. I was about to get to the front of the queue to pay (although I don't think I had any shopping) when I saw a freezer contained some reduced price meats, which looked very good quality. I picked up a pack of the meat to take to the cashier, and as I was about to pay, I noticed it was veal. I have never eaten veal before, and I was aware of this in the dream. I was indecisive about whether I should buy the veal, as I was not sure that it was an ethical meat or that I would enjoy eating it, knowing how it is farmed. I was aware that there were other dream characters waiting to pay for their goods, and I was holding up the queue. I thought to myself (this being a thought which reflects something I have heard a long time ago, justifying the farming and eating of veal): 'The veal calves are older than lambs at the age when slaughtered and I eat lamb...' I decided on this reasoning to buy the veal.

Later Scene: Exterior, Location Unknown - Day
I then saw PS. I think he was sitting in the driver's seat of a car, although I cannot recall exactly. I saw his arms were hanging out of a window (again, I think it was a car window) and they were very long, although not to the extent they looked inhumane or deformed (PS is very tall and slim - he is 6 foot 5 inches, compared to my 5 foot 3 inches). I was begging PS to get back into a relationship with me, and in the dream I was desperate to be with him again. PS was telling me that we were over for good and could never get back together again, which was making me feel panicked and sad.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

TIME: 21:30 - 06:30 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • I saw myself in the third-person perspective and noticed I had blonde hair and a large part of my head was bald
  • The details of my mobile phone contract were wrong and the cost to repair a smashed phone screen was too high

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • PS as a dream character

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • I had been watching a Youtube makeup tutorial video and saw the makeup artist had a smashed phone screen
  • I had seen a video of a young woman who had suffered terrible burns to her face and body as a young child, but made a successful career as a makeup artist and was able to totally hide her scars - I saw one image of her where she showed the bald parts of her head and another where she had blonde hair
  • A couple of days before this dream I had mentioned to DL that PS had very long limbs - this was in a discussion about how difficult it was for tall men to find trousers long enough to fit them

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

This dream didn't really create any strong waking thoughts and emotions, although I did wake up feeling a bit confused as some parts of the dream which seemed significant while I was dreaming them were quickly forgotten upon waking, and I just had vague memories.

* I have forgotten some parts of this dream, but if I remember anything else I will record it below.

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