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Dream 587

'My Nan Takes my Side'
Dream date: 16 March 2016

This is Day 17 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE

This is the second dream which took place on 16 March 2016. The first was during a period of sleep I took in the night, before waking up in the early hours. This is recorded on my Dream Journal as Dream 586 ('Eliminating Potential Witnesses'), and this was a very interesting dream in light of my Dream Incubation Experiment (Serial Killer Dream). I highly recommend you have a read and see what you think!

This current dream took place when I returned to sleep at around 06:30 hours.

Scene 1: My Nan's House (Sheringham) - Afternoon/Early Evening
This dream took place mainly in my Nan's living-room in her house in Sheringham. There were certain times when I became aware of another dream location, but these were not new 'dream scenes' - more like visualisations, with me remaining within the main scene. You will see what I mean as you read the dream report :) 

I was with my Nan and my cousin HM. My cousin HM was her adult self, but in some ways, reminded me of her younger self, before she was married and had a child. HM had some form of homework to do (HM is not an academic person and has not had any education beyond high school). I wanted us to go out, so I said I would help her with the homework. In fact, I ended up deciding it was easier to do the homework by myself, so I almost immediately told HM she should go and get ready for us to go out after it was completed. As I looked at the homework, I was aware I could not really read the text, it was scrambled and I wasn't sure if I was looking at letters or numbers. I thought the assignment was to put names together in pairs, so I attempted to do this. I am not sure if I completed the assignment and thought I had done so badly, or whether I gave up completely, as I recall not being satisfied with my performance, and wondering how HM had been set homework, which I - as a PhD student - was unable to do effectively. 

HM was sitting in the chair I usually sit in when at my Nan's house - the one by the kitchen door. My Nan was in the kitchen. I stood behind the sofa. The lights were on in the room, giving me an impression of bright yellow. HM was cross-legged. She was wearing white shoes or socks. I said: 'We should get ready to go out' - I was imagining a scene by the sea at the bottom of the high street, where there are several pubs. There were many local people and tourists all drinking and having fun - like it was a carnival celebration. It was dusk in this vision. I wanted to go there now, myself with HM and join the party. HM said: 'We have to go to my Dad's first' - HM's dad does live near my Nan, but not in the same town, although in the dream it seemed like HM's dad (RC) lived just down the road. I said: 'Well if I get ready now and we get some alcohol, we can pre-drink at your dad's and then go on to the party'. This seemed like an efficient way to save time - the indication was that we were only going to HM's dad's house for a brief visit -I think HM had to drop something off, or pick something up. 

I went upstairs to get changed. I wore a black cocktail-style dress - much like the one shown in the image below. This is not at all something I would have chosen to wear in real-life, as it is far too plain and conservative for what I would wear if dressing up - I am either super-casual or super-dressed up. Even in the dream I thought it was an odd choice of dress for me, and was wondering if it would suit me. I saw myself in third-person perspective admiring myself wearing the dress (preening). I felt confident I was well-dressed. I could not tell what upstairs room I was in, as I only saw myself, none of the furniture.

I went back downstairs. HM was still sat in the same chair. My Nan was sitting in her usual place, in front of the TV. I said to HM: 'You should have got the alcohol, I did your homework so we could go out!' HM was being hostile or obstructive. She said, in an angry way: 'I don't want you getting drunk near my Dad like you did last time!' I was shocked by her attitude and the fact she clearly did not know what really happened. I said: 'Your dad likes drinking and was also drunk. I stopped drinking, but he was the one trying to get me to drink more'. I was thinking about the real-life event (see Dream Information, below) and had an accurate memory of what happened. I was feeling really annoyed that HM was challenging me. She said: 'No, you can't get drunk near my Dad!' I again protested, saying: 'Your dad was giving me more drink and I refused it!' I walked round to where my Nan was sitting and stood beside her. I said: 'Nanny, you were there and saw what happened!' My Nan said: 'HM, I sympathise with [my real-life name]'s position on this one'. I felt vindicated. 

I woke up from the dream.

TIME: 06:30 - 14:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:
  • HM's dad, RC, was married to my aunt, VF, when they were teenagers. HM is the only child they have together, and they separated, both having further children with subsequent spouses. My family have remained in close contact with RC and he usually comes to family functions, such as the respective birthday parties of my cousin JC1 and JC2, as RC is good friends with GC, my uncle (VF and my Mum's brother). I had been talking to RC at JC2's 18th birthday party and we had smoked a joint together with GC in the garden. I had then been talking to some of the teenage guests in the garden, while continuing to smoke weed. RC had tried to find me, with a second bottle of Prosecco which I had brought to the party, but declined to drink, because after one, I felt I was drunk enough to enjoy myself without getting too intoxicated, so was trying to moderate my drinking. My Mum and my Nan had told RC that I probably shouldn't be encouraged to drink any more alcohol, as I had started smoking weed and drinking soft drinks. This was the specific memory which I 'remembered' in the dream

  • I was unable to read in the dream - see my article on 'Reading in Dreams' which explains this phenomenon
  • I saw myself from the third-person perspective

Recurrent Dream Themes:

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had an earlier dream that night about an assignment which was causing me difficulty - however I could read text in that dream, whereas I was having great difficulty in this dream, that being the issue which made the assignment virtually impossible
  • I had been annoyed when my Nan refused to concede to a point I had made (regarding comments made, which I disagreed with on a political and personal level) which implicated HM - or at least, had caused me to consider her implicated. I am aware my Nan was just trying to stay neutral on the issue, but because I felt it directly affected me and not anyone else in my family, I had been annoyed that no-one was backing me up, especially my Nan, who usually always does
  • Considering this was the second dream of the same night, it is interesting to note that I had just uploaded a video to my Tallulah La Ghash Youtube Channel (click on red links to be taken to a new page) about 'How to Remember Your Dreams' and one method for remembering more than one dream per night mentioned in that video, was the technique of waking yourself up from each stage of REM sleep which occurs in the sleep cycle. I do not do this, myself. However, on this occasion, I naturally woke up after the first dream (Dream 586 - 'Eliminating Potential Witnesses'), even though I had not got my usual amount of sleep

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was clearly not related to my Dream Incubation Experiment, but it felt quite significant. In fact, it felt like a 'wish fulfilment' dream, such as Freud's dream of 'Irma's Injection' where the dream was interpreted by Freud as - in part - symbolising his 'wish' to be absolved from blame regarding the health of one of his patients. The dream provided him with the answer to who was to blame for Irma's decline - a 'bad injection' by a physician and friend of Freud, and thus, fulfilled his wish of being  guiltless. I encourage you to click on the link to read the article about Freud's 'Irma's Injection' Dream, not only because it is a fascinating dream, but it is regarded as the 'specimen' dream of the psychoanalytic movement, and the one which enabled Freud to develop the psychoanalytic method of dream interpretation. It is also a good demonstration of how day residue influences the content of dreams. 

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