Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dream 597

'Transferring Crossbow Ownership Status'
Dream date: 28 March 2016

This is Day 29 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE

Scene 1: An Interior Scene (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I am not sure where this dream specifically took place - it seemed to happen in an ordinary interior, of which I can recall no particular details. 

I was drawing a superhero. I design a female who was a woman of colour, with natural Afro hair, because in reality - and in my dream - there is a lack of cultural diversity in the superhero genre. I found it very easy to draw the superheroine - especially her amazing hair. She looked so beautiful, I don't think I can find an image in existence which does justice to the character I designed in the dream. I drew it with coloured pens on paper and I used red for her costume. 

I then went into the corner of a room where I was sitting or standing at a desk or table with 2 other (unrecalled) dream characters. I was being asked if a male (not present) had agreed to the transfer of the ownership title to a crossbow. I said he had refused to transfer the ownership, and this caused us to all become annoyed by the situation, which seemed urgent.

I was then aware that there was a female - a girl who was younger than me (she appeared to be a child when I saw her) but shared a number of characteristics, such as having similar hair to my own, similar nose shape and similar skin and eye colour. I was aware of the context in which this dream character appeared - apparently, when she was at school, she had been oppressed and marginalised and as a result, had been labelled 'dumb' or 'retarded'. This was in some way my fault, although it was not made clear how I was to blame in the dream. This girl was now taking the opportunity to 'prove herself', by teaching children (younger than herself). She was now 'up for adoption' and was doing so by teaching these younger children about insects and slime/gunge. The children (there were 3 - 4 of them) were sitting cross-legged in front of the girl, which she used a large stick/cane (she waved this in her hands) to give a lecture about insects and some kind of grey ectoplasm matter, which I could see in my mind's eye (imagination) as I watched/listened to her. 

It was subsequently communicated in the dream, that the male who owned or had control of the crossbow was willing to transfer ownership status to me/us (the dream characters I had discussed it with earlier). The male with the crossbow appeared in the dream - he was a dark-skinned male of average height and build, with black hair (so, resembling my ex-boyfriend, SL). I cannot remember if I spoke to him, but he looked happy, and everyone else seemed to be happy that the crossbow ownership was to be successfully transferred after the earlier problems. 

There was more detail to this dream - the oppressed/marginalised female was a much more significant dream character and there was more action involving her and her situation. I am also aware that there was a (forgotten) scene or image within this dream which I thought of as 'disgusting' - however, I cannot recall anything else about this dream at present. 

TIME: 22:00 - 07:30 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • A young girl - seemingly still a child - had attended school with me and I had acted in a way which led her to being oppressed, marginalised and labelled as 'retarded'

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • Schooling and education

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • The day of this dream I watched an episode of The Office (S02E05) in one of the characters (Sheila?) dresses as Wonder Woman for Comic Relief. In S02E01, the same character is asked what she looks for in a man, and while sitting next to her colleague, Oliver (who is a black man), she says: 'I like blacks' - this obviously combined black skin and superheroes in my subconscious
  • My friend CC had asked me about transferring the ownership title of her father's car to her (she is executor of his estate) - I have a childhood memory of drinking Archer Peach Schnapps at her house
  • I remembered watching a weird documentary about 'objectum sexuality' - people (primarily female) who have romantic and sexual relationships with inanimate objects. The documentary is called Married to the Eiffel Tower (2008) and featured one woman, Erika Eiffel, who had been in a championship archer, in a relationship with her archery bow. When the relationship broke down, she was unable to win competitions using this bow. Erika then had a long-term relationship with the Berlin Wall and later married the Eiffel Tower
  • The day before this dream DL and I were talking about how recognizable I am from behind - anyone who knows me even casually can identify me by my hair and the particular way I walk (knock-kneed, like all the females in my family, with a lot of sway in the butt and hips) - this followed on from me telling him how 2 colleagues, separately, had spotted me from afar and commented how it is so easy to tell it is me. DL said: 'No-one looks like you from behind'
  • The day of this dream DL had been telling me about a male who is on my Facebook (but blocked from DL's Facebook, as DL knows him in real-life and dislikes him). We were laughing at how many stupid, ignorant arguments this person engages in, even when it is clear that he is wrong. DL said: 'He thinks he's a genius because he did well at school'. I said (jokingly); 'Didn't we all?' and then added that my point was that good performance at high school should be no rating system for whether a man in his late 30s or early 40s is intelligent, as there have been plenty of years passed - and opportunities - to demonstrate intelligence and knowledge rather than relying on some relatively simple, standardized exams taken over half a lifetime ago

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was not related to my Dream Incubation Experiment. It wasn't an especially vivid dream - it seemed fragmented and I did not understand the narrative/plot the way I often do with my more complex dreams. This dream wasn't particularly enjoyable, but neither was it a terrible dream: it was simply banal and did not really cause any specific waking thoughts and emotions, other than the fact I recalled the details recorded above and could link them to my day residue and some recurrent themes.

* I have forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I recall anything else later, I will record it below.

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