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Dream 592

'Don't F*ck with the Chuck!'
Dream date: 22 March 2016

This is Day 23 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE

Scene 1: My Former Childhood Home in Pine Grove, Sheringham - Day
I was with a dream character friend - a male. He seemed to be based on a person I know in real-life, but it was unclear who it was. It may have been my female friend, NN or a male I know in real-life, but in the dream, he had a different appearance (he was just a young, white adult male of medium height and build, with brown hair). I do not know what his name was in the dream. We were in a room which was basically the same as my parent's bedroom in my former childhood home in Pine Grove, Sheringham. I could tell this, because of the position of the window and bed; and the large double built in wardrobes, which had overhead cabinets, which opened from the bottom. 

Somehow, my friend and I had got possession of a Chucky Doll, although it was much smaller than in the movies - about the height of a Barbie Doll, but much wider (so the same chubby build you would expect of Chucky). We were both terrified and decided that we had to ensure our safety by taking precautions and getting rid of Chucky, before he 'came to life' and started to kill people, most likely beginning any killing spree with us as his first victims. At this stage, he was a normal doll, with no movement, speech or autonomy, but we knew that this was a pretense and he was actually alive and waiting for the right moment to come to life. There was a sense of panic and dread amongst my friend and I.

Instead of killing Chucky, or disposing of him in some way, we decided to wrap him up in silver electrical tape or masking take, so that he was bound like an Egyptian mummy. I kept saying to my friend: 'Do it [i.e. bind him] more, just use all the tape!' because I thought my friend was being too restrained about how much tape he was using to bind Chucky and I thought it would be better to  go overboard than take risks. I took Chucky from my friend and started to bind him with more and more tape, until he looked like a cocoon, with only his head showing. I had made sure I used the entire reel of tape, as I didn't trust that my friend would have used enough if I left it up to him.

For some STUPID reason (I cannot emphasise the stupidity levels enough here) we decided to put the Chucky doll in the overhead cabinet and leave a huge sharp knife in there as well.  The knife had already been bound with the same type of silver electrical/masking tape. We thought we would be safe now. I have no idea why we left the knife with Chucky in the same cabinet. We locked the cabinet. This all felt like a good decision.

Some other events/conversations took place, I cannot recall what.

Scene 2: My Nan's Garden, Sheringham - Day
I went out, leaving my friend at home. I cannot recall where I went or why, but I remember returning to the house. Although the interior of the house was that of my former childhood home in Pine Grove, the exterior (front and back, it appeared) was that of my Nan's house. I went out to the back garden - it was a bright, sunny day in summer. The garden was filled with a number of male dream characters, who I did not know, but who were friends of my male friend. The boys were all playing a game of football at the top of the garden. 

I walked over to my friend and was horrified to see that he had removed Chucky from the cupboard and partially unwrapped the tape, so that he could play with him! Chucky was now only wrapped in tape from the waist down, so that his legs resembled a silver mermaid tail, bound together (or you could say, it looked like he was inside a sleeping bag from the waist down). The Chucky doll was facing forward, balance on my friend's feet, and was holding each of his hands. I noticed that Chucky's hand were actually moving, meaning he was 'alive'. I said to my friend: 'Why the hell have you untaped him?!' I was so angry! My friend said: 'His legs are still taped, so it's fine'. I demanded that my friend make all of his friends leave so we could sort this situation out. My friend protested: 'I just wanted to play a game with Chucky!' but I insisted his friends leave and we re-bind Chucky with more tape and put him back in the locked cabinet.

We went upstairs, back to the bedroom. I looked in the overhead cabinet and discovered (with a sense of horror) that the knife was now missing. I said to my friend: 'Where's the knife?!' to which he replied: 'It's fine, it got blunted anyway'. I did not believe him, because I had an image in my head of the blade having been made to look even more jagged and sharp, rather than blunted. I said: 'Where's Chucky?' because I could not see him. 

My friend said: 'I left him downstairs...' At this point in the dream, I was so angry and frustrated by my friend's stupidity and carelessness that I felt like I might explode in rage. I was screaming: 'We need to take him hostage again!' I dashed downstairs, but could not see Chucky anywhere. My friend joined me. He said: 'He won't be dangerous, he will just be hiding from us' but I did not want to take any chances and I did not want Chucky hiding from us in the house. I thought it would be incredibly unsafe and we would end up as murder victims. 

I decided that the best thing to do would be to report the matter to the police, who could come and make the house safe for us by finding Chucky and getting rid of him. As we left the house, I was looking at the row of houses, to see if I could spot anything odd in any of the windows. It was dusk/early evening and the sky was darkening, but looked a pretty lilac colour. There were a number of children playing on the street outside, which was the road my Nan lives on. The houses were the houses in this neighbourhood, and the house we had been in had the front of my Nan's house, although, for some reason, this house was recessed slightly back from the adjoining terraced houses, making it difficult to see the windows when standing on the street, just slightly to the side of the house. I was standing outside my Nan's neighbour's house, looking up at all the upstairs windows. I was sure Chucky would be at the window of my Nan's house, taunting me. I saw faces pop up in a window, and was sure one of these faces was his, until I noticed it was my Nan's neighbour's house, on the other side (this is how I discovered that my Nan's house was obscured, being recessed back a short distance). The faces at the neighbour's window were of 2 small children, a boy and a girl. I was relieved. I noticed that there were faces of children at every window, but I still could not see into my Nan's windows, as I was standing at the wrong angle. I left.

Scene 3: The Police Station - Evening
I went to the police station and started to fill in a crime report. I was sitting at a very long yellowish-orange wooden bench, which had glass partitions all around it. The room was empty other than the desks and the glass partitions. The report form was a long folded document, a bit like a brochure. There were lots of colours and images on the form, and boxes to tick. It seemed more like a survey or a competition entry than a crime report form. I was confused as to whether I was filling in the right form, and kept opening it out to check. I cannot recall what was written on the form, but I was finding it very difficult to note down the relevant information in the sections provided on the form, as the printed questions did not seem to relate to crimes or offences, just random irrelevant matters. I thought I might 'override' the specified questions and just write down the information about Chucky which I thought was relevant. I was writing in bright blue ink. I am not sure where my friend was at this time, as he was not with me when I was initially filling out the crime report form. 

There was a short passage of time. I then became aware that my friend had joined me. I said to him: 'You need to fill out your report form now'. My friend agreed. I still had some more of my own report form to complete, so we sat next to each other and started writing. I then noticed that my friend's form was partially filled out in bright blue ink, and he was already on the 3rd or 4th page of it. I checked my own form, and the answer sections were completely empty. I said: 'You're using MY report form!' as it was clear my friend had just started to fill in the form I had already been writing on, leaving me with his blank one. My friend laughed and said that it did not matter, but again, I was feeling so angry towards him. After we completed the forms, I said (based on reading this requirement at the end of the form): 'We have to take photographs now'. I am not sure exactly what photographs we had to take as a requirement to submit a police crime report form, but I think it might have been a photograph of a knife, because my friend said: 'I didn't even bring the knife...' I said: 'We've got to take photographs' to which my friend said: 'Let's not take the photographs then...' I was so annoyed and frustrated again. I stood up abruptly and stormed out of the room, out of the police station (which was not a police station I recognise from real-life - it was a very small one). My friend followed me out. He seemed unfazed and even happy. I said: 'We're in danger now! We can't go home! We need to get a bus somewhere so Chucky doesn't find us!' My plan was to get on a bus and travel out of town so Chucky couldn't hunt me down and kill me. I was walking in the direction of the bus. It was still dusk and the sky was still a purplish colour. My friend was standing still on the pavement behind me, a short distance away. I turned to look at him and said: 'Come on! We need to get the bus!' My friend stood still and with a smile on his face said: 'I didn't bring the change for the bus'. I was engulfed in the strongest rage imaginable, as my friend had ruined things again, and kept placing us in danger.

I woke up.

TIME: 22:00 - 05:30 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:

  • I first (attempted) to what Child's Play 3 (1991) with NN, at her home when we were 9 years old (we convinced our parents to hire the video for us, even though it was an 18 certification). We were both too scared to watch it through to the end. To 'calm down' from the experience of watching this  movie, which was highly unsuitable for us (given we were both at the age when we still had dolls in our bedrooms!) we played Super Mario Bros on Nintendo. Note that in Sheringham, my former childhood home in Pine Grove was about 5 -10 minutes walk from my Nan's house. NN's house was equidistant, being positioned in the middle of both houses, so I would often walk round to NN's and then we would walk up the road to my Nan's together. This is why I got the impression the male dream character in this dream was based on NN
  • Around the time I first watched the Child's Play 3 movie I was obsessed with mermaids - this obsession started in early childhood and will most likely continue for the rest of my life. My collection used to contain a lot of random finds from charity or thrift stores, antique shops etc - if it had a mermaid on it, I had to own it. NN, as my best friend, also became interested in mermaids, but her collection only really extended to mermaid dolls (see Day Residue, below)

  • The fact we had a Chucky Doll - the whole dream was a dreamsign!
  • The house in the dream became a composite of my former childhood homes in Pine Grove, Sheringham, and my Nan's house in Sheringham 

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • Reference to a child-killing psychopathic stalker - a fictional murdering doll in this dream, but the theme is the same

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • The day of this dream I had been trying to describe a track (to DL) by UK hip hop artist Jehst which I said contained a possible sample of 'video game music and the spilling coins from Super Mario (who does collect coins in the game), but in fact it is Sonic the Hedgehog who 'spills' rings when he touches an enemy or enemy item, so in my mind, I had mixed up both games in my mind - the coins from Mario, and the spilling/sound effect of the spilling from Sonic. It turns out, that the Jehst track I was referring to - 'Sounds Like Money' does sound like it uses a video game sample at the beginning, but doesn't seem to when you see the sample credits
  • A couple of days before this dream I had been in an internet discussion about toys from the 1990s, and I mentioned that I loved trolls - I then mentioned the fact I had one of the larger troll toys (my main collection was made up of the pencil topper trolls, but you could also get larger versions, which were about the size of a Coke can). I had a mermaid (merman?) troll
  • The day of this dream I heard a reference (in a different crime documentary - I cannot even recall what I was watching), to Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the killers of toddler, James Bulger. These 2 murderers (who were 10 years old at the time of the shocking offence; and 11 years old at the time they were tried and convicted as adults) were said to have been influenced to torture and kill an infant after watching Child's Play 3 and being influenced by it (this is only assumed - the precise known facts of the case are riddled with speculation, inaccuracy and  rumour, given both defendants were given anonymity following conviction, preventing a lot of disclosure about the case, meaning the media concentrated on sensationalising the known facts to the point that the average person would be unsure what was proven fact or press-created exaggeration). In his police interview, Thompson had stated how he was obsessed with troll dolls. I have researched the Thompson & Venables case extensively, as this was the subject-matter of my Masters thesis, and the case also features heavily in my current PhD thesis, which is on the theme of defendant anonymity orders. The Bulger murder case gave rise to the notion that 'video nasties' were responsible for childhood violence - and even children committing murders. This created a 'moral panic' about such movies. In addition, there have been further crimes, involving children and adult offenders who were alleged to be influenced by the Child's Play movies, such as the case of teenager Suzanne Capper in 1992, who (before being burned to death and abandoned by the roadside) was tortured extensively, while a soundtrack of Chucky's voice saying 'Wanna play?' was played to her on a loop
  • A couple of day before this dream, I had mentioned a birth deformity, where the legs of the baby are fused together, giving the impression of a mermaid's tail. DL said he had never heard of this before. The very next day I saw an online news report about another child who had been born with this condition (I think she was from Peru) and had been given the nickname of 'the Mermaid Girl'
  • The day of this dream I had got a knife out of the kitchen drawer so I could use it to open a bottle of hot sauce. I noticed that the end of the knife had a piece chipped out of it, leaving a sharp, jagged blade
  • On the day of this dream, of my friends (online) made a reference to 'getting blunted', meaning to get stoned from smoking a blunt (a cannabis joint rolled with a blunt wrap or cigar skin and containing no tobacco). I think blunts involve the use of far too much weed for me to ever roll one out of my own supply, although friends such as EB (see below) used to smoke them quite often and I think the first day I ever met EB (when he was a 17 year old) we smoked a watermelon-flavoured blunt in his car
  • DL and I were also joking about a piece of conceptual art we could 'make' based on 'a pile of knives' (it's an intricate concept based on a conversation I once had with RBA, so I won't go into further needless explanation, other than to say this was a possible influence for the knife in the dream)
  • Just before I went to bed and had this dream I saw a number of police cars driving around campus, and saw a police helicopter doing a search
  • I took a bus journey (to DL's house) on the day of this dream, but first had gone to the shop specifically to get change for the bus, as often the driver will not let you pay with a banknote larger than £5 (the cost of a return ticket is £4.30, but very often the bus driver just gives me a young person's ticket in error, because he made the assumption and didn't ask if I was a young person or adult
  • The day of this dream I had a conversation with DL in which I said that there were very few of my previous partners or friends who I ever feel I can communicate with with no ambiguity or misunderstanding. I meant that there are only a few people whose mode of expression (especially in text form) matches, mirrors or compliments my own to the extent that there is no mistake as to meaning or tone. The only people I can say this about are DL, RBA and CEC. I think this conversation may have influenced this dream, in which there were so many communication problems and misunderstandings between my dream character friend and I that I was enraged and frustrated by his actions throughout the dream. The dream seemed to be more about this problematic friendship than the fear presented by Chucky
  • The day of this dream - still in conversation with DL about friendships - he said how much he disliked EB, my former best friend (EB was also a friend of RBA when RBA lived in my local area). I referred to a story EB told me about how he dropped out of a Photography course in college (and subsequently lied to his parents, pretending he graduated with a degree because he couldn't face telling them the truth). EB's coursework had allegedly got destroyed in an accident and he had not been bothered to re-do the work. I said to DL that since it was photography, it wouldn't be too much of a burden to get a deadline extension and take photographs again - not as awful as having to re-write a dissertation. If you love photography and have some talent or skill, it shouldn't be too hard work to take more photos, even if they are different to the originals
  • Like Chucky, EB has bright orange (well, ginger), tufty hair and freckles - he has visited my Nan's house on numerous occasions

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was clearly related to my Dream Incubation Experiment - it involved a serial killing doll dream character! However, again, I wasn't the 'serial killer' in my dream, but once more in the role of potential victim. My subconscious mind really doesn't want me to be the evil murderer in my dreams! This dream involved 2 strong, clear emotions: fear and rage. The rage was directed solely at my dream character friend, who was so incompetent, ignorant and careless I was continuously angered to the point I could have probably killed him in this dream! I found this a very interesting dream to experience, and thankfully, although I experienced intense fear in the dream, it wasn't experienced as a nightmare. 

I feel that the 'friend' in this dream was strongly influenced by EB, especially given the conversations I had had with DL on the day of the dream. However, this recognition was not present in the dream, only my waking mind. It was consolidated in my waking mind, when I then thought: 'EB and Chucky have physical similarities!' EB - much like the dream character friend in this dream - is one of the most frustrating people to spend prolonged amounts of time with. He always ends up in some negative or problematic situation because he is flaky, lazy, paranoid yet careless, changeable, immature, unreliable, dishonest etc etc - this causes him massive personal problems (such as the time he once got 7 parking tickets at the same time - many of them for continuing to park illegally in the same location after already receiving an earlier ticket - none of which he could afford to pay), as well as having an impact on other people who associate with him. I won't go into further detail of the type of instances which illustrate what kind of person EB is, because it would be pointless. I would conclude by saying that EB is the type of person you should befriend if you want to die early from stress or spend a life sentence in prison for murder.

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