Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Dream 578 (NIGHTMARE)

'It's Rape Time!'
Dream date: 7 March 2016

This is Day 8 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE.

Scene 1: Part of a University - Day
There was an earlier scene in this dream where my Mum and EG were present - I cannot recall it in any detail at all and I am not sure where it took place.

I was then in a room which was quite messy and filled with random objects at one end. The random objects - which caught my attention in the dream as soon as I saw them - included a bucket which had a number of balloon-like objects on sticks. These objects were shaped like faces and very glittery, in a number of different colours and patterns (I am not sure what they were). The rest of the room had furniture - similar to the kind you get in university study-bedrooms - and clothing/books and other personal possessions. In the room with me were a number of young female dream characters - none of whom I know in real-life, but in the dream were fellow university students. This was a room in university residences and it seemed that we all shared the room.

There was a large canvas bag on a ledge on the side of the room adjacent to the entrance. Another female dream character and I started to look through the bag. This bag did not belong to any of us and we were not sure who the owner was. Inside were notebooks and pieces of paper. We started to read the notebook entries - which were all written in red ink, handwritten. We soon realised that the handwritten notes were 'copies' of my own written work (not academic, personal - so like creative writing or diary entries etc). I wondered how the person who had written these notes had accessed my personal writing. I then saw a scrap of paper which contained handwritten notes relating to DL - I think it had a date, time and address on this note, but I cannot recall the context. This made me aware that the person who owned the bag and had made these notes was actually a psychopathic stalker who was targeting me and had gained access to my personal possessions. I became terrified and started warning the other female dream characters that we must be careful as there was a psychopath coming to get me. We kept looking through the bag and finding more and more notes which made it so obvious that the psychopath stalker had been spying on me for a very very long time. I was so confused as to how he had managed to access and copy down so much of my private and personal writings/notes and other information, or how he had come to do the same to DL. One of the females said: 'I am going to meet DL' and I objected saying: 'No, I'm not letting you!' I also wondered if the psychopath stalker had impersonated DL to encourage the female to meet him, given the note relating to DL in the bag. The part of the dream relating to finding the notes in the bag was incredibly significant and seemed to take a long time - I must have forgotten some of the details/action/conversation which took place, as when I woke up I had remembered this section of the dream to be interesting and complex.

There was something to do with/a reference to/a scene involving a garden with lots of ornamental objects and flowers in it. This was also linked to the psychopath stalker - he had either been there, or was hoping to find me there - I simply cannot recall.

None of the females - except the one who had helped me search through the bag - were taking me seriously and they seemed to be laughing about the matter and walking in and out of the room casually. 

There was some more looking through the bag and more shock as the items inside (I cannot recall) indicated that this psychopath posed a serious threat to my safety. 

I walked into a different room in the same building. Some of the female dream characters were in there and the room was brightly lit. Suddenly, a tall, fat white man with huge reddish coloured hands apprehended me and grabbed hold of me. He was standing behind me and his hands went almost all the way around my waist, he was so much bigger than me. He said: 'It's rape time!' I knew that it was the psychopath stalker and in the dream I identified him as BF, a Scottish male on my Facebook, who is a little strange, but in no way an advocate of violence against females, as he supports LGBT+ causes and activism. I could not get away from the rapist and I was fighting him, but his hands were too big and strong and as much as I struggled, it made no difference to his grip on me. None of the female dream characters present seemed shocked or tried to help me, they just watched. The rapist then started to run his hands up and down me - somehow even though he changed his grip, I could not get away. One of the females - a slim white woman, with shoulder-length straight black hair said: 'You might as well get the rape out of the way so we are all safe'. I was shocked by this. Neither I nor the other women even seemed to consider calling the police or anyone else to assist in removing the rapist. The rapist dragged me out of the room - to go into a private area for the rape to take place. I woke up.

TIME: 04:00 - 12:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:
  • None of note

  • I identified the psychopath stalker rapist as BF, even though they were physically dissimilar and the rapist represented much of what BF stands against - there was nothing to indicate why I thought the rapist was BF

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had spoken to EG just before this dream and we had discussed fraud - particularly fraud committed by men against vulnerable female victims
  • I am currently teaching property offences - including all forms of fraud - under the Fraud Act 2006 to undergraduate students taking the Principles of Criminal Law module at university
  • I had also been in a discussion about rape and sexual violence just before this dream - which included reference to my own personal experiences of both. I also mentioned why I was reluctant to involve the police in an incident in London where I was sexually assaulted - grabbed from behind and touched inappropriately and violently, while one man held me against my will - it seems this dream was a direct result of this memory being recounted
  • I recently told DL (a short while before this dream took place) that property offences do not interest me as much as drugs offences and offences against the person (violence)

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was experienced as a nightmare. I was a helpless victim, receiving no help from the females in my presence, who just seemed to be glad that they were not the target of the psychopath stalker rapist. I am not sure if this is a partial success for my Dream Incubation Experiment - since serial killers are often (or at least sometimes) also psychopaths and/or rapists. However, again I am meeting/victimised by the criminal, rather than being the serial killer, just like in my last dream (Dream 575 - 'Meeting Ian Brady'). I guess this is a very real risk of undertaking a dream incubation experiment of this nature - it is bound to have highly unpleasant, violent or disturbing themes involved and if I am in the role of victim, then that is part of the experience. I would not want to experience a dream like this again, as I was frightened, panicked and distressed, but I am prepared that I will probably have a lot of traumatic dreams during the course of this experiment. 

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