Monday, 7 March 2016

Dream 577

'Bad Butt Tattoos'
Dream date: 6 March 2016

This is Day 7 of my Dream Incubation Experiment. You can read the details and methodology of my latest Dream Incubation Experiment by clicking HERE.

Scene 1: Interior Scene - Time Unknown
I became aware that JJ - a male I went to high school with, who is a Facebook friend (although I have not been in contact with him for many years) had (prior to the start of the dream - so I had a 'dream memory' of this) got me so drunk that I became unconscious and then tattooed my butt, hips and thighs. The tattoos were all cartoon images of disgusting stuff, such as shit, vomit, violence, penises (by disgusting I mean, the way the images were depicted and the fact they were tattoos on my body were disgusting - a lot of them referred to bodily functions or fluids, which are not disgusting per se). I was horrified and wanted to call the police and be taken to hospital so that I could get them removed via a laser. I was wondering if the NHS would take this problem seriously and let me get the tattoos removed for free, based on the fact that they had been put on my body as a crime. I kept saying to dream characters - my Mum and other persons were present in this dream scene - that I had been assaulted by JJ. My emotions were extremely distressed - I felt unsexy and unattractive and wondered if I would ever be able to get a boyfriend with my whole lower body covered in such hideous tattoos. I felt my personal autonomy had been violated in an extreme way. My Mum pulled down my trousers and looked at the tattoos, saying: 'Oh there is one of a man pissing himself and vomiting at the same time'. I was frantic and in a state of shock. I was also concerned because I could not see the tattoos on my butt properly and I did not have a mirror to check them out. 

Scene 2: Exterior Scene with Large Brick Wall - Night
I then saw Eminem standing in front of a wall - the wall was so tall I could not see the top of it, but it was made of red/orange bricks and was outside. It was night. Eminem was wearing very baggy white clothes - a T shirt and white baggy tracksuit bottoms. Eminem did not look like Eminem - I cannot say what was different about his face, but I was aware even within the dream that something was odd about his appearance and I was questioning if it really was him.. I was also aware that he wanted to date me and I was pretty happy but  I could not stop wondering why he looked different to how I would expect him to. Another dream character (unrecalled) seemed to answer my thoughts by saying: 'It really is him' which satisfied me and I started thinking maybe I had just been confused.

Someone then showed me a necklace, which was gold with an orange gem stone. I just saw a hand come into my field of vision, holding the necklace out in front of me. I could not see who the hand belonged to, although I think it was a male (from the voice). The dream character showing me the necklace said: 'It's a present from Marshall (i.e. Marshall Mathers III, aka Eminem) but it is worthless'. I disagreed - I thought (or knew) the necklace was very valuable. Eminem was still standing against the wall while this happened a short distance away.

I was worried what Eminem would think if he saw the horrific tattoos on my butt, hips and thighs.

TIME: 02:00 - 10:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:
  • None of note

  • The tattoos on my butt. hips and thighs
  • Eminem did not look like Eminem, and he wanted to date me

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • I have had previous dreams of Eminem - one where he was dressed in baggy white clothes, but I was aware that he was an impersonator (Dream 395) and another where I was in a marital relationship with him (Dream 443)

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • The night of this dream I was working in my student welfare job and was called out because a student with mental health problems, who was not living in residences, turned up and drank a whole bottle of vodka. The police were present and the ambulance had to be called - before it arrived she vomited all over the kitchen
  • On the day of this dream I had uploaded a new video onto my Youtube channel (in relation to my Dream Incubation Experiment success - see below, where I have posted the video for you to see). When I uploaded the video, I saw that my butt, hips and thighs (what you can see of them, given I am laying down on my side) looked massive and I felt self-conscious
  • The day before this dream I saw a couple of online articles about Celebrity Big Brother (2016) contestant Jeremy McConnell, who was Mr Ireland 2012. I thought that Jeremy was incredibly sexy and attractive, but for his strange neck tattoos. I do quite like some neck tattoos, but his look like a collar as they cover all of his neck up to the chin (see image below) - I had thought that his neck tattoos would put me off him a little bit - this may have also influenced the 'necklace' which appeared in this dream
  • The day of this dream I had seen a joke meme featuring Eminem, which said: 'How much does Eminem look like B-Rabbit from 8 Mile?' (for those of you not aware of the context, B-Rabbit is the character Eminem plays in 8 Mile (2002) and it is a semi-autobiographical portrayal of a white battle rapper living in poverty)
  • A couple of days before this dream DL had shown me a couple of Lil Dicky tracks - we had said how he was the 'new Eminem' because of his style (comedic). I had said that his 'self awareness' made him the 'post-Eminem Eminem'

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream felt quite horrible, because I was so disturbed by the fact I had been tattooed against my will! It was almost a nightmare, although it was not frightening. It was more that the emotions experienced in the dream were so disturbing and negative, and I woke up with a feeling of having had a very nasty dream.

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