Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dream 232

I was in my nan's back garden - it looked the same as normal, except on the piece of grass closest to the house, there was a very small round pond, in which I was fishing. It was daytime, but it was not sunny. I managed to catch some fish - a trout and a pike. I then experienced still being in the garden, fishing, while also laying in my own bed - simultaneously. The fish that I caught were falling onto the pillow next to my head. The pikes that I caught had very sharp teeth and they were snarling at me - however, they did not look like the image of the pike posted below. I am not even sure I knew what a pike or a trout looked like when I had this dream, but in the dream I saw them as quite fat, silvery-coloured fish, around 8 - 10 inches in length. I pushed them away, and the scene changed. I was then standing in my nan's kitchen, chopping vegetables - I remember that there were lots of carrots. I fried the fish (the trout) and ate it - it tasted delicious. The scene then changed again, and I was back in my nan's garden. This time, the garden appeared to be different. It was twilight, and in the concrete area behind the garden shed, there was now a slightly raised area, with a concrete BBQ and some low benches arranged around it in a circle. My friend FK was there, lighting the BBQ, which was glowing with hot embers. We were intending to cook the pikes I had caught earlier. I went back to the pond (which was a couple of metres away from the BBQ area) and started fishing again. I felt relaxed and happy. 

The scene then changed and I was in my home at university. My landline rang - and I answered it, sitting at my housemate's desk, kneeling on the chair and leaning over, whilst talking on the telephone. It was a student asking me to help them with something (I cannot recall exactly what). BG, my housemate, entered the house. I indicated that I was talking to a student on the telephone. She went over to the table. I finished the phone call and joined her at the table. There were two other females present - although I am not sure who they were. There were several bottles of alcohol and some other items on the dining table. The room appeared as exactly as it does in real-life and it was daytime. We were all stood around the table, talking about something. I then began seeing a scene which appeared to be Eastenders - it was as if I was watching it on television. In the scene, two women - one with very curly blonde hair, the other unidentified - were taking over as landladies at the Queen Vic pub. As I watched the scene, the female with curly hair appeared to be the character 'Chrissie Watts' a previous character who once ran the Queen Vic pub in Eastenders with her former husband Den Watts, whom she murdered. The current (recently introduced) landlord, Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) was being kicked out by a male character (unidentified). The Mick Carter character (Dyer) was distressed and begging to be allowed to stay, but the unidentified male was grabbing him by the arm and hustling him out of the door. The two new landladies were dancing around excitedly and waving their arms/hands in the air. This scene took place in the back hallway of the Queen Vic pub (where the characters go when they use the landline telephone). The landladies then ran up the stairs (to the living area). The scene changed back to my own home. I was somehow aware that PS's younger sister was being groomed by an older man, but was objecting to anyone intervening to stop the situation. I felt frustrated knowing that I could not do anything to help her.
The Queen Victoria pub in Eastenders
Tracy Ann Oberman aka 'Chrissie Watts' in Eastenders (2004 - 2005)
Danny Dyer aka 'Mick Carter' in Eastenders (2013 - present)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dream 231

I was sitting on a field with my mum and some other people who I do not recall. It was daylight, but not sunny. There was some kind of sheeting on the floor nearby - I think it was white fabric. JA was there, nearby, and suddenly I became aware that he had ejaculated - there was a massive long streak of semen on the grass. My mum said: "JA, you can't come [cum] here!" I looked into the distance and saw a large group of males - all clothed from the waist upwards, with their trousers pulled down, masturbating. The scene changed and I was in a dimly-lit bedsit, although the details of the room were hazy. There was the same white fabric sheeting, covering either a bed or a sofa. JA had also ejaculated on this and there were massive stains, still damp-looking. My books were in cardboard boxes stacked against the bed/sofa on the floor. I hoped that none of the semen had damaged my books.

Inspirational Images

Inspirational Images

Stay Dreaming!

Dream 230

I was in a very big spacious room - not one that I recognise from real-life. The room was mainly decorated in white and it had a bed in one corner, against the wall and then white leather sofas (quite low to the ground) a short distance away, arranged so they all faced inwards in a circle. My family were seated on these sofas - my uncle GC, his wife and sons; my mum; my nan; my aunts CEJ and VF and my two of my female cousins, CJ and HM (CEJ and VF's respective daughters). There was some kind of family party going on. I was sitting on the bed with ED2. He tried to push me down on the bed to have sex with him and I was affronted, standing up and saying: "Leave me alone!" I walked over to my family sitting on the sofas. My uncle, GC, was handing around a plate of sweets and everyone was helping themselves to them. He left the room. I followed him, through the door into a corridor, which was lit brightly from overhead. There were other doors leading off from the corridor. My uncle was standing at one of these doors with his back to me. I returned to the main room where the rest of my family were still seated. My uncle then came back to the doorway of this room, with a strange expression on his face - an evil smile is the best description. He said: "I'm gay". 

The scene changed and I was in another room, which appeared to be some kind of shop, although the details are hazy. I was with a female, who I am unable to identify and did not get a clear view of in the dream. There was a long counter down the left side of the shop, but I am not sure what was to my right or behind me. In front of me was a set of glass double doors and I could see that it was sunny outside and the location was an urban area. PP was standing in front of me, wearing a white T-shirt and baggy black jeans, with his back to the doors. I noticed he had some bags with him - black holdalls. He placed an item of yellow clothing (I think it was a hooded top) and some form of technology (an iPhone or an iPad, with a charger attached to it - unclear what it actually was) on the counter. He said: "Will you take these back with you, and make sure you plug the charger in for me". He turned to leave. As he did, I shouted after him: "Remember, you never fucked me when we were at uni together!" (this is true). He said: "Caroline [referring to his wife, although in real-life, his wife is not called 'Caroline'] wouldn't have wanted that to happen, but I have my own regrets." I wondered what would happen when he came to collect the items I was supposed to take back with me - and felt uneasy that we had discussed sex and then would being seeing each other again. I said: "Wait, I need to make things better!" PP turned around again, and this time it appeared that he was ED - or at least a composite character of both PP and ED (note that ED is not the same person as ED2, although they share a first name and the same initial of the last name and both live in the same city as me. The only similarity that PP and ED share is that they are both short in stature and attend[ed] the same university at different times). I was not confused by PP and ED morphing into one dream character whilst dreaming this. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Dream 229

Dream date: 25th January 2014

I went shopping and bought several bags of groceries - I think they were all food items from a supermarket, although I cannot really recall much about going shopping, just being outside the shop with the polythene carrier bags, waiting for a bus. The bus came and I got on - however I left my shopping on the seats in front of me, across the aisle. I sat at the back of the bus and had a conversation with someone I cannot recall. I do not remember many of the details about being on the bus, except that I looked down towards the front and noticed that the rails which are usually along the ceiling of the bus for standing passengers to hold onto were diagonally sloped across the central aisle. They were made of thick, grey plastic and blocked the way off the bus, although people were still getting on and off as normal - I was not able to see how they managed to navigate the rails. On the shelving, intended for luggage items, at the front of the bus, opposite the driver, I could see some white items which looked like rolls of wallpaper or fabric. The driver was angry and was shouting incoherent words at one of the passengers. I saw the bus was turning into my nan's road and recognised the houses as it travelled along. At my stop, I exited the bus. I was standing outside my nan's house in Sheringham. The sky was dim - it was dusk. I then became aware that I did not have all of my shopping bags with me - and the two that I did have were nearly empty. I felt really annoyed and decided that I should wait at the bus stop for the same bus I had just exited to complete it's round trip (which in the dream was calculated as two hours). I planned to get back on the bus and retrieve my shopping. I went into my nan's house. My nan was in the living-room as were some other persons - I believe my mum was amongst them and the rest were other family members. I mentioned the missing shopping and my nan told me to look in her fridge, which I did. The missing items of shopping were in there - I noticed a quiche and some yoghurt in particular as well as lots of other items I cannot recall. I felt both relieved that the lost items were safely stored in the fridge, but confused as to how my nan had them in her possession.

Dream 228

Dream date: 24th January 2014

I was in a cafe - not the one I used to work in, but a different one - it was long and narrow, with units along the wall. The cafe was brightly lit and there was no division between the kitchen and the dining area - it was all one big room. I was at one end of the counter, chopping something on a wooden board. CMH was at the other end, with another (unidentified) female, who was another waitress.worker. I asked CMH if she could pay me and she said she was unable to do so, because there hadn't been enough business. I turned towards the door of the cafe and suddenly a swarm of people - literally thousands in one big crowd - surged through the doors. I wondered how they would all fit and whether we would be able to serve them all, but was happy as I thought this might lead to me getting paid out of the profits. 

The scene changed and I was in my bedroom at my nan's house in Sheringham. The room appeared as it would in real-life. I was sitting on the end of my bed, while my cousin HM sat at the top, on the pillows. I was sorting through a huge tupperware box of makeup - it was overwhelming. I was removing items, many of which were nail polishes. I noticed that there were several the same colour - a pale lemon yellow. I started to stack them up on the bed, confused as to why I had so many identical nail products. Although I kept removing articles of makeup from the box, it never seemed to empty - it was as if it was bottomless. I began to feel uneasy, although I have no idea why. I woke up from this dream feeling very anxious and on edge.

Dream 227

Dream date: 22nd January 2014

I cannot recall very much about this dream, except that my cousin HM and I were running or attempting to run a shop of some description (I am not sure of the location or what we were selling). I have no memory of where the dream scene took place. My nan was telling us that we should not run the shop as we were both incapable of making the business work. My cousin and I were discussing how we could prove her wrong, but I had negative feelings about it.

Dream 226

Dream date: 21st January 2014

I was in a room with DL - it was either his flat or my room, but changed so that my bed was on the opposite side of the room - I was not sure of the location, because all I could see was a bed against a wall with white sheets on it, and a door adjacent to it. DL was lying on his side on the bed, using his mobile phone - I think he was texting or on Facebook. I was aware that he was communicating with a female and that he had previously (recently in the dream history) had sexual intercourse with her. I stood over him and said: "I know you fucked her, I want you to go back and fuck her again and leave me alone". DL started to deny that he had sex with the (unspecified/unknown to me) female. He told me she (without naming her) was just a friend. In the dream I didn't actually question who she was, I just seemed to somehow know. I wouldn't let him deny it, and knew I was correct in  my assumptions. I kept saying to him: "I won't be second best for anyone!" I wasn't angry, it was more like I was mocking him and had a strange cool attitude. I then thought maybe I should open up and tell him about my own recent (in the dream history) sexual experiences with a male I knew (in real-life) in an attempt to equalise the situation, but then thought better of it. It wasn't that I had a reason to tell him anything other than to try and make him see that I didn't care about the (unknown) female he was communicating with. I decided the best thing to do was leave and try and forget the situation. I picked up a white box from the floor - which seemed to hold some of my possessions (I didn't see what was in the box, but I noticed the carpet was green - like my bedroom carpet in real-life). I walked out of the room and tried to slam the door loudly behind me, but instead it just shut quietly. As I walked down a dark corridor to exit the building, I heard DL in the room, talking on he phone to the mysterious female.

Dream 225

Dream date: 19th January 2014

I was with DL walking through a very sunny landscape which had lush green grass and plants everywhere - including loads of beautiful daisies. There were white tents/marquees set up in the distance and many people standing around - it seemed as if there might be a festival or some form of celebration/party occurring. The location appeared to be similar to the field at my university, which is just outside my lounge window in my real-life home, Norwich.  DL and I were holding hands. The scene then changed and I was in bed with DL. We were under the covers and about to engage in some form of sexual activity. Suddenly DL sat up and I noticed he had a banana in his hand. I was fearful thinking he was going to perform a sexual act on me with the banana, which was oversized and very yellow in colour. I said: "No!" and snatched the banana from him, throwing it on the floor at the foot of the bed. My best friend CG entered the room and without saying anything, picked up the banana and began to unpeel and eat it. 

Dream 224

Dream date: 18th January 2014

I was in bed with DL - the bed was in the centre of the room and there was some form of trapdoor in the ceiling through which brown rats were falling. It seemed to be night-time and the main light in the room was on. I saw one rat fall behind the bed where it ran around on the floor. I was kneeling on the pillows of the bed, watching this. Another rat fell. DL picked up a brown and white tabby cat (which I had not seen previously) and folded it in half at the waist, catching the rat in the centre of the cat's stomach. He used the cat to carry the rat to the window and threw it out (the rat, not the cat itself).

Dream 223

Dream date: 3rd January 2014

I was in my nan's living-room in Sheringham - it was evening and the lights were on brightly. I was standing behind the sofa. My mum and nan were somewhere in the room. I was given a plate of ravioli in a tomato sauce. Whilst still standing, I began to eat the ravioli. I was horrified to find that the pasta was filled with used condoms. My mum said: "Someone probably had a wedding party and threw the condoms in the sea and they ended up in there". I then saw a vision of someone (I am not sure who, or what gender) standing on a bridge, holding and umbrella and throwing balloons (not condoms) into the water below them. This scene happened during the day and appeared as a movie scene.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dream 222

I was in an unfamiliar room with my mum and my stepdad and some other people who I only have a vague recollection of. My mum was standing behind a desk or table which had two legal briefs on it. She made a telephone call to JC - a Facebook friend and artist from America, who my mum does not know in real-life. She said she was instructing him as the lawyer on at least one of the cases. I was annoyed, as I am a qualified lawyer. I wanted to work on a personal injury case, but I was aware that I am not good with numbers and therefore may have an issue in working out the 'quantum' damages, but I also recalled I had a book on quantum damages which would assist me. I asked my mum why she had not instructed me as the lawyer for her cases - and whether the second case still required counsel. She said JC could do that one as well. I started arguing with her, telling her it was unfair that she would not consider me - a proper lawyer and her daughter to work on the cases, and she responded by telling me that these cases required some technical knowledge and JC would be perfectly placed to use his skill in this area. Apparently, the cases were construction ones. I said to her "You only need to know the facts from the evidence and then persuade the tribunal of the complainant or the defendant's position on a balance of probabilities..." My mum wasn't listening. I went upstairs and now realised we were in my nan's house - I went through to my bedroom, which appeared as it would in real-life. I was getting ready to go on a date, getting dressed in a white outfit which consisted of a cropped top and mini-skirt. I was standing beside my dressing table. My mum entered the room. At this point I realised I had lost some of my clothing. I told my mum. My mum said she thought the clothing items may be at her friend DW's house and she used her telephone to call DW, who confirmed the clothes were at her home. My stepdad shouted from downstairs that he would drive over and collect them for me. My mum and I then walked towards the bathroom. My mum stood in the doorway, holding a book in her hand and also playing with the light cord. I was standing in the hallway facing her. She looked stoned/high and told me she had been smoking some really strong cannabis. She was smiling and began telling me about her experiences smoking cannabis - something which she does not do in real-life. 
Legal Brief , law texts and barrister's wig

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dream 221

I was in my nan's living-room with my nan, my mum and my aunt, VF. There was another, unrecognisable, female also present - all I recall about her was that she was middle-aged and had dark hair, whereas all of my female relatives are blonde or fair-haired/grey. I was applying foundation to my face, but I had pumped too much of the makeup, so it wasn't absorbing/blending well into my skin. I was using my hands to apply the foundation. The non-relative female said: "Don't you use a makeup brush?" I said: "Yes, I sometimes use a buffing brush for foundation but it can leave brush-marks and not blend properly". The female said something else about my makeup application, to which I responded: "I don't use face powder - I use a foundation that dries matte or a MAC Mineralise SatinFinish one so I don't need it". 

I then saw my foundations balanced on the arm of the sofa next to where VF was seated (I was standing at the mirror above the electric fire, in front of the sofa) - there was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Rimmel Lasting Finish and MAC Mineralise SatinFinish. I then continued to apply my makeup, using makeup brushes - but every brush I used was shedding it's hair/bristles all over my face. I examined them and saw that all the hair/bristles were loose. All my makeup was stored in polythene shopping bags rather than my makeup kits/bags which is how I would usually transport/store it. My mum leaned over and asked VF and I if we wanted to go to the cinema. I said I did not want to go and no-one else seemed to want to go either (I actually do not enjoy going to the cinema as I have a short attention span and tend not to like Hollywood movies, but prefer 'gangster', kung-fu, horror, foreign  or avant-garde films). My mum got angry and said: "But they will just want to eat jacket potatoes!" referring to VF and myself. I said: "I don't want a jacket potato either!" My nan took my mum through to the kitchen to calm her down as she seemed very upset. I could hear her saying: "We will waste time with the jacket potatoes, they take so long to eat!" I thought she meant that we would be eating out in a restaurant, so I called through to the kitchen (from where I was in the living-room): "I said NO to the jacket potatoes, we can eat whatever you want!" I then knelt down beside VF who still sat on the sofa. I was eating spicy flavoured tortilla chips which were loose in the bottom of one of the polythene bags in which my makeup was stored. I was aware that this was not hygienic, but did not care. VF said: "You remind me of Chucky from the Childsplay films". I felt slightly worried as I used to be afraid of the Chucky character and did not want to see him/him to appear in the room. 
'Chucky' from the Childsplay movie franchise

Dream 220

I was in a room which seemed to be my nan's living-room, although there was far more floor-space and the carpet was a dark burgundy red colour instead of green. There were lots of items on the floor - it looked like screwed up pieces of white paper and other objects which I cannot recall. I was with actor Danny Dyer and also a male who was my height had a very round face and short, mid-brown hair who appeared to be a composite of DL and another indistinguishable male. It was evening and I got the impression that we had been partying together. The male (I will refer to him as DL - as this dream character became DL towards the end of the dream) and I were standing between the sofa and the fireplace, while Danny Dyer was by the table. He was bending over, picking up some of the items from the floor. DL and I were making plans to leave and go 'home' (maybe to my Norwich home?). However, Danny Dyer did not want us to leave and proposed we go back to his home instead. DL said: "I hope you don't mind, but I want to go with Danny to play Playstation with him". He had a PS3 controller in his hand. I did not want to go anywhere with Danny Dyer, but resigned myself to the fact that we would be going with him. I then wondered how we would get home afterwards as I did not want to have to travel by train and I do not drive and DL does not have a car. 

The scene changed and I was standing in a London street, looking at the doorway of a cafe where  former Eastenders characters Libby Fox (played by Belinda Owusu) and Adam Best (played by David Proud) were seated on the doorstep - Adam to the left, Libby to the right. Libby looked different - she had a larger nose and two really thick, waist-length braids. Adam was no longer in a wheelchair. They were talking. Suddenly, I was in the cafe and Libby and Adam became myself and DL. We were sitting at tall stools by the doorway/full-length window and began kissing/pressing our cheeks against each other. At a tall, round table to our left, three or four unrecognised males were seated. They said: "What about French women?" to DL and he started speaking in French to them, although I did not understand what he was saying. We moved further into the cafe - and sat in the more dim area in front of the counter, at a long, rectangular table. A group of people walked past. One of these people was a young adult female. She stopped at our table and said: "If you like chemistry, maybe you would like chemicals thrown in your face?!" I responded: "If I like chemistry, maybe I should drop an atom bomb on you!" (I think 'physics' may have been the more appropriate scientific discipline here!) The girl walked away and she sat with her group of friends at the next table to DL and I. I wondered if DL and I had been discussing chemistry when we were sitting by the window.
Danny Dyer aka 'Mick Carter' in Eastenders
Belinda Owusu aka 'Libby Fox' in Eastenders
David Proud aka 'Adam Best' in Eastenders
London cafe

Dream 219

Dream date: 29th December 2013

I told DL that I was going to induce a dream to answer questions in my current life. This dream was the result.

DL was a teacher - but he did not seem to be pleased to have me as a student. He was wearing a suit (I think it was navy) and appeared to have a fuller beard (I guess in my dream he looked more like a university lecturer than a young 'urban male'). We were in an interior scene and there was a violin case. I cannot recall many details of the interior scene, other than it was well-lit and I knew it was some form of learning institution. At this stage of the dream, I was unaware what subject DL taught. DL opened a bottle of champagne, but I do not remember if I drank any of it. I was feeling uneasy.

The scene changed and I was in my nan's house, but where her electric fire should be was some form of railing. DL was sitting on the sofa behind me. I said: "You should let me dance for you..." I started to dance (booty shake/twerk/lapdance-style) and realised I was performing well and energetically. I was enjoying myself, lapdancing DL. I also noticed that I was no longer wearing clothes (I am not aware what clothes I was dressed in before this, however), just some white frilly lingerie. DL pushed me away with a mean look on his face and said: "Stop! You're just scum..." I felt upset and annoyed. I then found myself with AF (a friend from London), climbing through my nan's front-room window - into the room rather than out, although I do not recall leaving the interior. AF and I talked for a while as we stood by the window and agreed that we meet again later. I looked around the room and noticed my nan's photographs on the wall /shelves - the room appeared to be as it looks in real-life. He disappeared. I was standing in the front-room when my mum entered. She and I had a huge argument - she was shouting at me, telling me I was disappointing to her and I was responding in a very furious, defensive way. My nan entered the room and ushered my mum out.

The scene changed again and I was in an exterior location during the day. I was seated in a circle of people, all of whom were sitting on deck chairs. All these people were male and known to me in the dream, but I cannot recall who they were, other than AF who had rejoined me. I had a large amount of cannabis on my lap/in my hands. I kept playing with one massive bud in particular - it was easily 7g worth and bright green and fluffy. Suddenly, someone reached down over my shoulder and took the large bud from my hands. I stood up and turned around - it was a small, slim male with brown hair - although it looked nothing like him, I knew this was EB (who has ginger hair in real-life). This male was grinning at me in a weird way. I said: "Give it!" and snatched the cannabis from his hands, although he did not resist. I sat back down with the AF and the rest of the males in the circle of deck chairs and there was some conversation I cannot recall.

I then found myself in an office - it was DL's academic office. He was seated at a desk, but turned to the side so he could face me. I was sitting in a plastic chair, with a door in front of me which was to DL's left-hand side. He was testing me on some academic questions. He asked me to describe one example of both "good and bad biology" I had experienced the day before. I thought about this, and could not come up with an adequate answer. All my mind could think of were snails, but I did not want to say this as I was unsure of whether it was good or bad biology and I felt scared of DL. He looked at me with an impatient expression on his face and said: "You don't have the answer, do you?" I told him I didn't. He burped then apologised. I said: "Don't worry, remember me yesterday?!" [this refers to me burping lots of times when I was drinking a can of fizzy drink with DL in real-life] DL just screwed his face and said: "I can't deal with you in this state, get out while you can..." I left the room feeling hopeless and wondering if there was a threat in what he was saying - it seemed like he was intending something bad to happen to me if I did not exit straight away. I also did not know what 'state' he was referring to, but I wondered if he meant that I was unintelligent because I could not answer his question about biology or whether he was still aggrieved about me lapdancing him. I woke up.

Dream 218

Dream date: 27th December 2013

I could not recall this dream, only fragments. Regarding the last fragment - the hair cutting - I had planned to cut my hair in real-life. The day after this dream, I was standing looking at my reflection in my lounge window and playing with my hair, when I had a strong memory of cutting it. I then recognised this to be a scene from a dream the night before, as I had forgotten to cut it in my waking reality.

Dream fragments
Pinkish-yellow light - interior scene
Long tables - white: tablecloths/napkins/aprons?
Swapping dinner plates/changing plates
Gorilla/Guerilla? Simply heard, or image?
Car ride - seeing trees down an avenue
High school - English text books
Sitting in my nan's living-room in the chair by the window - holding ends of plaits and cutting them with scissors