Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dream 373

'Pixiwoo & Caribbean Cooking with Kat Slater'
I was in my nan's house and someone else - it may have been PS or DL - was with me. We were babysitting for the children of Sam and Nic Chapman - the 'Pixiwoo' sisters who are professional makeup artists and successful Youtubers. The children were not actually the real-life children of the sisters - they were all very young babies. I cannot recall much of this dream scene, other than the fact I was sat in the armchair near the kitchen door, with a baby boy on my lap, playing with a child's toy.

The dream scene changed and I was then in the bedroom of an amateur Youtuber, who was making videos. I was not an active participant of this dream scene, but rather a passive observer. The Youtuber - a young female - made a video about Samantha Chapman which referred to her eyes as being dark violet-blue in colour (they are in fact a pale blue-green). Comments in the comments section of the Youtube video began to berate the female Youtuber, telling her she was wrong and didn't know what she was talking about. Two males entered the bedroom - which decorated and furnished in a typical, nondescript way with nothing unusual. One of the males was the female Youtuber's boyfriend and the other male was his friend. The friend said: 'She makes more comments than videos' and the boyfriend agreed. They seemed to be criticising the girl. 

The dream scene changed again, and I was in the university student union bar, sitting on the seating to the left of the doorway as you enter what is known as the 'red bar' (because this is the colour it is decorated in). I was with 'Kat Slater' (Jessie Wallace) and 'Stacey Slater' (Lacey Turner), characters from Eastenders. We discussed the preparation and cooking of Caribbean food. I then went into an outside environment which appeared to be a brightly-lit alleyway between two unfamiliar buildings. I had a big cooking pot which was boiling (although I am not sure what the heat source was, because there was no stove - it appeared to be suspended in the air at around waist height. In the pot I was boiling potatoes in water - with chopped tomatoes floating in the water. Kat Slater came and joined me and instructed me on what spices to add to the dish - I am not aware of what I was cooking or where the spices came from - they just appeared in my hand. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dream 372

'Androgynous One-Shoed Muslims'
Dream date: 23 February 2015
I attempted to do a WILD technique (Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming). I suddenly 'woke up' in bed and realised that it was likely to be a false awakening even though my bedroom looked exactly as it should in real-life and there were no hallucinations which often accompany my experience. I had sleep paralysis and had to fight to lift my arms out of the duvet. I eventually did and tried to push the fingers of the right hand through the palm of my left. I felt them start to slide through, but then saw that my hands looked like very long, thin wooden spoons, which confirmed that I was still asleep and in a dream state. I decided to get out of bed and walk around, transforming the experience into a full lucid dream. However, the sleep paralysis made moving very difficult and I could barely get out of the bed. It felt as if I was moving through thick mud or sinking sand. The struggle to move (I got halfway out of bed, towards the bottom of the bed, as if I had crawled down that end, although I hadn't) forced me awake for real.

After falling asleep again, I had a normal non-lucid dream. I was with PS and it was either dawn or dusk, because the light was dim, but with good visibility. We were walking around the lake which sits behind my university campus. There is a wooden walkway with the lake on one-side and forest on the other. Something forced us to stop and we looked behind us. There was a tall, androgynous person - I guessed it must be a Muslim woman, because 'she' was wearing a blue hijab. Her skin was very pale and she looked to be middle-aged because she had deep wrinkles on her face, although none of her features were at all feminine. She was wearing a long black outfit and only one shoe - a blue ballet pump-style shoe on the right foot. This Muslim woman was about the same height at PS - 6 foot 4 inches. Without speaking to us, we knew she was lost and wanting directions. PS went over to help, and I noticed that he was standing on the woman's foot - the bare shoeless one. I said: 'Stop standing on her foot!' but the Muslim woman did not seem concerned - or even to notice this, and PS did not move his foot from hers. PS then led us down a deep shaft/hole in the forest. It looked like a large cavernous rabbit warren and we had to climb up the dirt walls which were swarming with large rats. Although it felt dirty, none of us were scared by the dark hole or the rats. 

PS and I were then in a domestic environment - a lounge with sofas and a large welsh-dresser style cabinet with a glass front. It was JGH's birthday - I saw her come into the room and PS gave her a gift-wrapped box with a big pink bow on it. I saw this happen in the brightly-lit, yellow-walled corridor outside the lounge, although we did not appear to actually walk there - it was like a 'cut-scene'. I was then in the lounge again, sitting in an armchair next to the welsh-dresser. Opposite me, in another armchair was CJS, and between us (so, the chairs were positioned as if forming three sides of a square, with the dresser forming the fourth side) was PS on a long sofa. Inside the dresser was a sort of small box - which looked like the cardboard hot-drinks carriers given out by coffee shops when the customer has too many cups to carry - or the boxes given to people buying multiple bottles of wine. It was smaller and made of wood, however. Inside this box was a number of smaller metal tins - filled with luxury items (advertised on the outside labels) - such as truffles, caviar etc. CJS - or PS (I'm not sure which) - told me that CJS had been to Paris and brought back these items. PS got the box out of the dresser and we decided to open the tins. I woke up.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dream 371

'Nigella & Nazzadine'
Dream date: 22 February 2015
Celebrity cook and author, Nigella Lawson was holding a 'Slut Party'. It involved her and female friends (not yet arrived) dressing in 'slutty clothes' and dancing in her lounge. This was in her home, which looked very much like the house she previously filmed her cookery series in - I believe it was her own family home in London. Nigella changed into a long, white summer dress decorated with a floral print - not seen in the dream. This dream was tasteful and not at all slutty - although it was quite low cut and showed Nigella's curves. She then returned to the lounge and sat on a sofa, waiting for her guests. I was not an active participant in this dream - I was simply viewing it from a third-party perspective. The front door opened and a tall, slim woman with long brown hair was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a red boob-tube and very short hotpants. She kicked her long, slender legs out and posed in a sexy way. Beside her was a grey-haired, middle-aged man, wearing a smart black business suit. The woman was called 'Nazzadine' and she was Nigella's best friend in the dream. The male dream character was her husband. Nazzadine screamed: 'I look good for 66 years old, don't I?' and came to join Nigella for the party.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dream 370

I was in my room at home, with my cousin HM. We were using the full length mirror inside my wardrobe door to see our reflections while applying face cream or foundation to our faces, which were more tanned than usual.

I was then part of a love triangle with a male and female dream character (completely unknown to me in real-life). At some points I thought the male dream character preferred me, and at others, that he preferred the female dream character. I cannot recall much of the action in this part of the dream, other than there were feelings of jealousy, tension and excitement. The male dream character was also having to go somewhere for work. While he was gone, the female dream character (who seemed to be in a more solid relationship with the male than I was) informed me that the male chose me and loved me more. 

There was then a scene (also rather hazy in the way in which I recalled it) in which one of my front teeth had fallen out. I was very panicked about this, and my mum was trying to calm me down and tell me that it wasn't a big deal. No-one could afford to lend me the money for dental care and I had to talk/smile etc in a way which did not reveal the missing tooth. 

There was then a long dream scene (parts of which I cannot remember) which involved me as a very young girl - I think I had blonde hair. I was being sexually exploited, being encouraged to star in pornographic movies, even though I was under-age. I am not sure how old I was in the dream, but I knew I was a teenager and supposed to be attending high school. I am pretty sure that other dream characters referred to my young age as well - in the background whilst I was 'performing'. 

In the dream, I wasn't feeling exploited - I felt like I was achieving fame and recognition (it is only my waking memory of the dream which tells me that there was exploitation, because I know that if an under-age girl was being asked to perform the actions which took place in this dream - whether in an intimate relationship, or on camera - it would be highly illegal and immoral). I won't describe the pornographic scenes in this Blog post, as I feel it is inappropriate. However, as this girl, I not only experienced the performance of the scenes, but also watching them back on a screen afterwards (like watching the daily rushes on a movie set). I met a middle-aged dream character with grey hair, wearing a long, black, witchy outfit. She gave me some cake (a large slice) and said she could take me away from the men who were exploiting me. I knew - I am not sure how - that she just planned to exploit me further herself, so I rejected her.

* I am aware that this dream was more complex and that I have forgotten some of the details which I recalled immediately upon waking. If I recall any further aspects of this dream, I will note them below.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dream 369

'Disgusting Bathroom'
There was some kind of whole-weekend party being hosted by my family in my nan's house in Sheringham. I was upstairs and it was morning. A male dream character (a guest at the party, but not a family member) exited the bathroom just as I was about to enter. As I went into the bathroom to pee, I saw there was shit all over the toilet seat and toilet paper. I felt repulsed and also paranoid that because I was the last person to use the bathroom that the next person would assume it had been me and blame me for the 'dirty protest' (it looked purposeful, not like an accident). I wanted to clean up, but at the same time was unwilling to touch another person's shit. Two female cleaners (dressed in old-fashioned char-women uniforms) entered the bathroom and started cleaning the sink. They were chatting/gossiping to each other, so I left them to it, without conversing with them.

Downstairs, there was another (older) male dream character selling fake designer label clothing. He was demonstrating to an assortment of family members and guests how the labels/tags inside the clothing said 'Made in Italy' instead of 'Made in China', indicating that they looked genuine rather than replicas. 

I was then at a college, studying for an extra 4 A-levels, although one of them was Psychology (an A-level I have got a qualification in). One of the other courses I was enrolled on was History of Art (pointless, since I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature & History of Art in real-life, and I knew this in the dream). I walked across campus and passed EB, who I hoped would not spot me, as I did not want to stop and speak to him. He was wearing a thick white jumper and did not notice me because I swept my hair in front of my face (in face, if someone were to see me in a crowded area it would be my hair by which they would recognise me - because it is down to my butt and very thick, black and wiry in texture). 

I was then having a conversation with DL and some other persons about tuition fees for the courses I was enrolled on. We were outside the Student Union Bar of the campus (at my real-life university) at this point. I knew that EB had walked past me just a short distance away from this location (by the food outlets) and was heading to see his friend (whom I dislike intensely in real-life), NRB. 

I realised (in shock and horror) that I only had £10 of my credit card limit available to me (this is true in real-life) and the course fees cost £4,000. I also realised that my credit card limit was only £500 (again, as it is in real-life) and therefore there had been no possible way I could spend £4,000 on it. I had somehow mistakenly believed I could have afforded to pay the entire course fees on my credit card and was dismayed to realise that this was impossible. I was trying to find ways to get the full amount of the tuition fees available before they were due to be paid to my college, but it seemed impossible - there was not enough money in freelance writing or any other part-time job I was considering taking on to make the money. I then thought that perhaps, if the course tuition fees were due after the first year of the two year course, then perhaps I could learn enough to make it worth my while, and then leave college after one year without paying the fees. 

My best friend from high school, SF, was also taking the same courses as me and I was envious that she was able to pay for her tuition fees. We walked down some outside, concrete steps beside a canal and a market area. It was daylight and the sky was grey and dreary.

* I am sure there was more to this dream and I have forgotten some of the scenes/action which I recalled straight after waking up. If I remember anything else about this dream, I will note it below.

Dream 368

Dream date: 17 February 2015
I was in Dubrovnik - but in real-life I had no knowledge of where this was until I Googled it afterwards. I just knew the name of my location, although it looked a lot like a larger version of my home town, Sheringham in Norfolk. The main difference was that the roads were wider and the houses were set back on high grassy mounds. It was bright and sunny during all the daytime scenes of this dream. For those of you whose knowledge of geography is as limited as my own, Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia, located in the Dalmatia region.

I went into a toyshop - it looked a lot like the local shop in Sheringham which sells toys, stationary and crafts and also has a newsagents and post office inside. The shop was very dark. I made my way down an aisle to a set of shelves where a variety of different dog breeds (actual dogs) were laying - actually for sale on the shelves of the shop. The dogs were all either unwell or starving. The largest dog was a black German Shepherd/Alsation breed, and looked very mangy and sickly. I took the dog from the store and gave him to my step dad who fed him and nursed him back to health in the back garden of our former home in Pine Grove, Sheringam.

I was then in a very dark flat with a dream character (who was present, but I did not see them clearly) and Julia Sawalha. In real-life I had recently watched the Comic Relief version of popular baking competition The Great British Bake Off, the first episode of which featured Julia's co-stars (Jennifer SaundersJoanna Lumley and singer Lulu) from Absolutely Fabulous. Julia was on the phone to someone - I think it was the police - telling them that a baby had been abducted. Whilst talking on the phone (an old-fashioned ring-dial phone), she indicated to me (with facial expressions) that she was going to exaggerate the matter to force the police to take more immediate action. She then put a baby's dummy (pacifier) in her mouth and sucked it loudly, her mouth close to the speaker of the phone receiver. This was the attempt to get the police to take quick action to recover the abducted baby.

I was the  walking in bright sunshine from Woodland Rise towards Sunway Park in Sheringham. Lots of people were coming out of their houses (on the grassy mounds) and I was aware that it was actually a child whom had been abducted, not a  baby. Despite the tragic circumstances, the mood was quite happy and I was enjoying walking amongst these people in the sunshine. On the pavement, the Gallagher family from Shameless (original UK version) were present, looking for the abducted child, who was a (dream character version, not in the actual show) member of their family.



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Monday, 16 February 2015

Dream 367

'Milky Cannabis'
I was with a male who is known to me in real-life. It was a composite of PS and DL, I think - but seemed more like PS on reflection. We were trying to buy some cannabis. We knew one person who might have some for sale to us, but hesitated in contacting him/her for some reason.

We were with a female dream character. She was small and slim and in her 20s. Her hair was shoulder length and black and she wore neon pink makeup on her eyelids and lips, although this did not look strange or excessive, but was tastefully applied. She was dressed in a navy blue and white, form-fitting tracksuit and red/pink shoes. PS (as I will refer to the composite dream character) disliked this female, but I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and befriend her, allowing her to accompany us for the day.

I took part in a freestyle rap battle, against a girl I knew from university, KZ. KZ, in fact, is an MC in real-life and used to take part in the same rap battle league as myself when she lived in Norwich. I gave an amazing performance, with a long, completely intelligent and relevant freestyle verse with multi-syllable rhyme schemes. I was very proud of myself. The rap battle happened during the day, in a room which closely resembled the lounge in my former house in Pine Grove, Sheringham. KZ was seated throughout, and I was standing. After my verse was complete, KZ said she did not want to spit a verse and bowed out of the contest, making me the default winner. I knew I would have won, even if she had spit a verse, because my own was so good, displaying an unusual level of talent. 

KZ then showed PS and I a large vat of cannabis. I think we were in the porch at my nan's house in Sheringham (which is a short distance from Pine Grove). KZ then poured a huge jug of milk into the cannabis, saying that she needed to 'cure it'. PS and I were horrified, thinking she had completely ruined the cannabis, and making it unfit for smoking. We declined to buy any. Throughout the remainder of the dream, we continued to debate whether to go to the original cannabis dealer or buy KZ's milky cannabis, but we bought neither. 

PS and I were then walking down Sheringham High Street, past the Robin Hood Public House. The pavement was crowded with shoppers. The female dream character with the pink makeup was trailing behind us, several feet away. separated from us by other pedestrians. I said to PS that we should stop and wait for her to catch up with us, but he was not keen at all. I insisted and we did this. I then realised that this dream character and KZ were the same person (I will therefore refer to her as 'KZ' from this point onwards). We went to a bus stop (not one I know from real-life). It was getting darker, as dusk fell. KZ went off somewhere (temporarily, with an intent to return to us before the bus arrived). PS told me that KZ was either a bad person, or an annoying person. He did not trust her for some reason. He told me that he had looked in her bag and at her phone (she was unaware of this) and had discovered information about her which led to him having negative attitudes or thoughts about her. I was trying to tell him that it was wrong for him to have invaded her privacy in this way. Our attention was then drawn to the darkening sky, where there were two huge (the size of oranges) astral bodies, radiating coloured light. We marvelled at the beauty of these astral bodies, wondering what they could be. PS thought they were planets, but I thought they were pulsar stars. 

KZ returned and we got on the bus, which pulled up at the same time. We drove past the health centre and playing fields (a park) in Sheringham, very slowly. KZ showed me a piece of paper which had a brief (handwritten) biography of a male. This male had been a star - a talented air guitarist, who had made an actual guitar out of rubbish and then become a hugely successful rock musician, simply by applying his air guitar skills to actual guitar playing. There was a photograph of the guitar made from rubbish (it looked like brown wood and was very square). I asked KZ to let me read one sentence of the biography which seemed to suggest that the male had made the guitar and transitioned to a rock star career at the age of 20, but she got annoyed and would not let me see the piece of paper or confirm the age of the male at the point he made the guitar. 

I was then sitting on the stairs in my nan's hallway, with her. We were watching a scene from a movie, starring KZ as the lead female role. The movie was not on a screen - it was as if it was taking place before us, in our space, although the environment in the movie scene was that of a shooting gallery/crack den, and whilst sitting on the stairs we were actually looking in the direction of the telephone shelf/coat pegs (which appeared as they would be in real-life). This means we were both seeing what was really there in the room and also the environment/action of the movie in the same spot, simultaneously. My nan asked me what the movie was about. I said that it was a remake of the movie, Trainspotting (1996) with a new non-famous cast. My nan asked me why the movie had been remade with unknown actors. I said that it was because the original version of the film glamorised heroin use, so the film-makers had decided to use normal unknown actors so they could create a sense of degradation and squalor. KZ had dyed her hair ginger for the role of 'Diane' (originally played by Kelly Macdonald) and Ewan McGregor's lead character, Mark Renton, was being played by a young black male actor (a dream character) who then became a skinny white male in the next scene. These were the only two characters we saw, and the scene we were watching was the one halfway through the movie, where Mark Renton unwittingly has sex with an underage Diane, after meeting her in a nightclub  during a period in which he is newly clean from heroin. We watched the entire sex scene, which took place in a burnt-out shooting gallery/crackhouse, rather than Diane's bedroom (which is how it takes place in the movie). My nan said she wanted to watch the entire movie when it was released for general viewing.

Dream 366

'Small Circular Mice'
Dream date: 13 February 2015
I was in a dimly lit environment, but I did not see the details of the room I was in, as I was crouched down on the carpet (navy blue). There was a number of tiny mice, which had circular bodies and resembled insects. I was trying to catch the mice (which were the size and shape of marbles, but with brown-grey fur and very small heads) under a pint glass. I was making sure I wasn't crushing the mice under the rim of the glass, but because they were so small and the carpet was thick pile, they were able to escape from under the edge, making this impossible. 

I was then aware that I was hosting or co-hosting a party. I was in a normal-looking room with sofas around the edge, against the walls. It was daytime. A group of boys who I went to high school with were in the room, which was much like a lounge or sitting-room. They were either co-hosts or guests for the party, which was happening later. I saw CST, a boy whom I went to school with, laying on a red sofa under the window. When I awoke from this dream, I could not remember CST's full name, only his first name and family's religious affiliation. I relied on my Facebook friends to identify him from an old school photograph, which is how I know his full name now. In the dream, I seemed to know who he was. I was not particularly good friends with CST at school - he was quite a quiet boy and I didn't dislike him, but had no real cause to think about him - either then, and especially not now. I have not seen him in over 18 years. He and I had a significant conversation in the dream, but I cannot recall what was said. I was shown a piece of paper which was dirty and torn. There was pink handwriting on the paper, which I was able to read - but again, I cannot recall what was written. Two words were in black ink and seemed to be in Russian or Ukrainian language. I noticed that I was also able to read these two words.

I went over to a crevice/alcove in the wall of this house. There was a bag of shoes. I lifted out one pair, which were chunky black platforms. I decided I liked these shoes and recognised them as my own, from a long time ago (I have never owned shoes like these in real-life). However, I was slightly annoyed to find that the sole was coming apart from the upper leather section of the shoes, making them unwearable. I looked through the bag and found an identical pair in red, these shoes being in a good condition. 

I then received a text from PS, telling me 'he knew where I was'. I felt panicked, because I had obviously (although not experienced in the dream itself), lied about my location. I asked my nan - via a telephone conversation - to text him from her phone and lie on my behalf, telling PS I was at her house in Sheringham. 

I went back to CST and we sat reminiscing about high school (our high school year photograph is pictured below).

Dream 365

'My Housemate's New Boyfriend'
Dream date: 12 February 2015
During an afternoon nap, I had a False Awakening, although I did not realise it at the time, and thought I was actually awake. I could hear someone hoovering (vacuuming) the carpet downstairs (or in my next-door neighbour's house, I could not specifically locate the noise). In the 'dream' (thinking I was actually awake) I got out of bed and went downstairs. It was daytime. The downstairs (lounge and kitchen area) of my house was really messy, with belongings and shopping bags littered all over. My housemate, BG was cleaning and hoovering. I asked her what was going on. She showed me a laptop, on which a Facebook or other social network profile and instant messenger/chat window was open. The text was in pink type and related to a male named 'Clint' (a dream character). BG told me that she was having an affair with Clint and he was coming over to visit her, hence the tidying of the house. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dream 364

'The Murray Family Saga'
I attempted to do WILD to induce a lucid dream. I started to feel the sleep paralysis and see the hypnagogia (visual hallucinations of bright flashing lights), but then I became panicked from the vibrating/sinking feeling of my body and tried to shake off the paralysis by moving my arms. I then fell into a normal sleep/dream, without becoming lucid.

In the first dream scene I was at my nan's house in Sheringham. It was evening and the lights were on brightly. I was watching TV and also reading a magazine. I read in the magazine - at the same time that my mum also informed me - that Kim Kardashian was now starring in UK soap, Emmerdale, which is a show I find particularly boring as it is set in the countryside and involves a lot of typical soap opera scandals happening in a rural farming community. 

The next scene involved PS and JGH, although I cannot recall much about this part of the dream. I know that I was in very bright, yellow light throughout this particular scene. PS was laying on a sofa at one point, at one end of a long room. At another stage in this section of the dream I was in a fish and chip shop and three unknown male dream characters entered. They started talking about the ideal way to serve chips. I saw a close up of chips in a hot cabinet. There was some reference to books/poetry.

The next part of my dream was very vivid and detailed. There was a family - the Murrays. I am not sure if they lived in Australia or Britain. Their house was a huge bungalow with a stream running right outside the front door. There was a grassy lawn and some pretty trees/plants also outside the front of the house, which was located in a suburban neighbourhood, unfamiliar in real life. 

I was then confused, as I was watching The Anna Nicole Show on TV (the reality TV show following the life of the late glamour/Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith (1967 - 2007) but I was confused, because instead of starring Anna Nicole Smith (given it was her show), it had Courtney Love playing Anna Nicole. In the dream, I actually questioned why Love was playing Smith and wondered if I had confused the two famous blondes.

Here is a family tree to show the family relationships:

The father, Bill 'The Executioner' owned a car manufacturing or sales company. He was not seen in the dream. His brother, Richard, also not seen in the dream, was the Vice President of the company. Also not seen in the dream were Pam (the mother) and Uncle Richard's best friend, 'Seraphim' who was a hotel tycoon. 

The dream started with me experiencing the dream from the perspective of 'Lauren'. Lauren was an underage girl who was dating Oliver (known as 'Ollie' in the dream). Lauren's underage (slightly younger) friend, Heidi (my cousin's name in real life) was dating Ollie's younger brother, Daniel. Oliver and Daniel had two sisters, Tracey (who resembled a contestant named 'Tracy Collins' from Masterchef Australia, season 6 - aired in 2014, which I am currently watching). I was convinced that the 'Tracey' dream character, was in fact just a younger version of the real life Tracy. Rather than describe the looks of all of my dream characters, I will just post some pictures of celebrities whom they closely resembled or looked identical to.

All the siblings were in their early 20s, but none of them had jobs. Ollie wanted to be a hotel tycoon. Daniel wanted to be an artist. Tracey wanted to be a landscape gardener and Alice wanted to be a movie director/film-maker. Lauren (the 'me' in this part of the dream) and Heidi were with Daniel. It was strange, because the Lauren character was not dating Daniel (she was in a relationship with Ollie), yet I seemed to think of Heidi as being the girl dating the brother who was not featured in this dream scene dream scene (Ollie). The characters of Lauren and Heidi seemed to converge in a confusing way in my recollection of the dream, although whilst in the dream, I was clearly Lauren, who was not Daniel's girlfriend, just his friend and the other girl, Heidi was dating the brother who was not Ollie (thus, Daniel) although Daniel did not react towards Heidi as if she were his girlfriend. Heidi and I (Lauren) were outside. We left the family home and jumped over the small stream which cut across the lawn, horizontally. It was night-time and the sky was a dark, with a pastel pink, lilac and blue just over the rooftops. The moon was very bright and full and there were stars in the sky. Daniel was trying to create a work of art - a night-time skyscape - using pastels to create the beautiful glowing colours. We saw the completed art work and it was lovely. It then appeared to be daylight, and we were walking back towards the house - although the road we were on seemed to be Sunway Park in Sheringham. Daniel was in front, I was behind him - talking to him - and Heidi was trailing behind, carrying his picture. Suddenly Heidi started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me that she had ripped Daniel's art work. Daniel needed this picture, either for an art competition or for art school, and he reacted angrily. I suggested that he tear the picture into small parts and then mount them like a collage on a bigger piece of black paper. He attempted to do this, but was not happy with the results.

The scene changed. Daniel and Ollie were in a hotel gift shop. Ollie was telling Daniel that he had convinced the hotel owner, Seraphim (a friend of the family) to stock some art works Daniel had made, so that they could be sold to hotel guests. The works of art were 3-dimension pop-up greetings cards (made of pink, lilac and blue flowers) and T-shirts which had 3-dimensional cars made out of flowers, which protruded from the stomach and back areas of the T-shirt when worn (as if the car and flowers were driving through the mid-section of the T-shirt's wearers). Daniel was really pleased about this. I knew Ollie wanted to take over the expensive hotel complex as it's owner. I thought the family were very ambitious.

The scene changed again, and I started to see it from the perspective of the youngest sister, Alice. Alice and Daniel were in a field in daylight. In the centre of the field was a stack of wooden boxed, which also resembled hay bales. Alice told Daniel that she climbed into the centre of the boxes (like a fort) to get inspiration for her film-making and suggested he also try it to see if it inspired his art. Both Daniel and I (Alice) climbed into the middle of the stack of boxes. I then saw Tracey mowing some grass.

The next scene was in a concrete courtyard (day). Daniel was showing a sculpture he had made. This involved a white sportscar which was mounted on a plinth. On top of the sportscar was a massive IPad, which had a streak of orange paint across it. The orange paint dripped down onto the white paint of the car, creating a pretty effect. All the siblings were standing around looking at the car sculpture and we were praising Daniel, as it was clear he had won a prize for his art. We were opening the bonnet. doors and boot and then shutting them, commenting that the car (which was apparently a copy of a car the family had owned when we were children) made accurate sound effects, identical to those of the actual car from our childhood. We decided to take the car for a drive. We all got in - Daniel was driving. We drove very fast down a long motorway, with the wind blowing in our hair (even though the car was not a convertible - it had a roof and  the IPad on top of it). I then saw the car speeding along the motorway from above, third person perspective. All the siblings were laughing with joy.

We ended up at a primary/elementary school which was huge and also resembled an airport. Tracey and I (Alice) were entered a gym where a physical education class was taking place. Tracey started talking to me about Ollie's ex-girlfriend, Mary, with whom he had two very young children, Ben and Sarah. Tracey remarked that it was sad that Ollie and Mary had separated, because this meant we had little contact with our nephew and niece, whom Tracey seemed to suggest we had never met. She said our parents (Bill 'The Executioner' and Pam) wanted to see their grandchildren. There was the suggestion that Ben attended this primary school, but Sarah was too young to attend school. As we walked across the gym, through the children, we realised that a child (a chubby boy with thick glasses) had covered the entire floor in either melted apricot ice cream, or apricot yoghurt. We had to be careful, because the floor was flooded with the apricot substance and was very slippery. I said that the boy was 'naughty' for doing this, but one of the teachers overheard me and said that the boy had done it to be nice to other people.

We exited the gym through another set of doors on the other side. There, we saw what looked to be an airport waiting room, but it was the school reception. The lights were very blue and there was a huge screen mounted on the wall, showing a baseball game which I was interested in. Tracey said she needed to make a phone call - I am not sure who she was phoning, but it was either our father or our uncle. Ollie and Daniel were now present, as was Ollie's ex-partner, Mary. Ollie and Mary were getting on really well, and I was hoping they might reconcile for the sake of the children. I was trying to listen to the conversation between Ollie, Mary and Daniel and also to Tracey's side of the phone conversation. Ollie was telling Mary and Daniel that he did not like the name 'Oliver'and wished he was called 'David' instead.

Tracey received bad news in the phone call. Apparently, it was illegal to buy car 'tyres and wires' if you were not a licensed car manufacturer (which Daniel was not, despite the family business being in the car industry). Our uncle Richard knew this, and had sold Daniel's car art to Seraphim, who was actually a villain. All the siblings were shocked by the actions of Richard and Seraphim, even though it seemed like Ollie was actually trying to take over Seraphim's business. 

* Strangely, DL (whose first name is 'David') told me that on this particular night he had a dream which involved a dream character who resembled another (male) contestant from the same series of Australian Masterchef. He had also experienced the ground being covered with rotten apricots and had chased after a speeding car on a road. This is a very strange coincidence, although I would not conclude that it is an example of dream sharing/dream telepathy.