Friday, 27 December 2019

Dream 1050

'Ewan McGregor & Disgusting Toilets'
Date: 25 December 2019
Sleep times: 22:00 - 09:30 hours
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 6) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: A hotel/hostel
Time: Unknown
I was in a hotel or hostel - I was very happy to be there and this dream felt very positive (despite the fact it wasn't really a positive or pleasant dream at all). The hotel seemed to be a number of small, square rooms - more like prison cells. They were not along a corridor as such - I saw the view from above, looking down - they were basically just fit into a square building, which would be an impossible lay out. I was with a number of dream characters and we were all deciding which room to stay in. I chose one, and went into the bathroom, which was an ensuite. I cannot remember much about how the hotel was decorated, other than it seemed quite untidy and everything was bathed in a very bright orange light. 

Ewan McGregor entered the bathroom I was in. I had just been standing there, I had not used the bathroom. Ewan McGregor said the bathroom smelled really bad and I was embarrassed and ashamed in case he thought I was responsible for this, which I was not. He left. I then exited too and went into another room, which had belongings scattered everywhere, giving me the impression it was already occupied. I realised this was Ewan McGregor's room, so I decided to stay there with him, without asking his permission to do so.

Ewan McGregor entered this room and informed me there was going to be a blockbuster movie made - I saw an image which appeared like an illustration in an old-fashioned book, but it was actually the trailer for the movie. The image I saw was blue, white and black and illustrated in a traditional 'advertisement' style. It depicted a woman seated in profile in a rocking chair. She was dressed in Victorian clothes - a bonnet and long skirt. She was mainly depicted in silhouette. To the right of the woman was a lead panelled window, with a skull behind it. The plot of the 'movie' was the skull would enter the room and bite the woman's hand. I had a strong and clear impression that this movie was based on my real life experiences, which made me feel anxious, as the fact a movie was being made about skulls biting women's hands made it seem more likely to happen to me again.
  • I am going to be staying in a hotel with my family soon.
  • The view I had (from above) is similar to how I view my lots on Sims 3 when I want to find all my Sims in a building.
  • Ewan McGregor plays (young) Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. I had been talking about him on the day of this dream.
  • Ewan McGregor is linked to disgusting toilets as a result of the scene in Trainspotting (1996).
  • On the day of this dream I had watched a short comedy skit involving Darth Vader being given a new subordinate employee on the Death Star - a female wearing a pink version of his cybernetic suit/helmet. Darth Vader falls in love. He enters a bathroom and his crush enters, which leaves him embarrassed because the bathroom smells really bad.
  • The day after this dream AJ told me that he had accidentally blocked his toilet by trying to flush 22 chicken bones down there - is this a precognitive dream? 
  • On the day of this dream I had been discussing Serie A (Italian Football league) and their awful anti-racism campaign which featured humans as monkeys (to show all humans share the same origins despite race/ethnicity) - I commented they could have used skeletons to the same effect without the racial insensitivity. I then referred to an image where all demographics of human are shown as identical skeletons.
  • I am aware I have had previous dreams where my hand has been bitten by a skull (see below).

Ewan McGregor, depicting Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Previous dreams:

Dream 1049

Date: 24 December 2019
Sleep times: 20:00 - 21:30 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Day
AJ and I had a daughter, who was a toddler (approx. 18 months - 2 years). She resembled me when I was that age - olive skin and curly black hair. She was dressed in a frilly white dress and could not walk or talk yet - we had to carry her. Her name was 'Applestanza' pronounced with a 'hard A' in 'stanza', however AJ and I were discussing how upset we were that everyone mispronounced her name using a 'soft A' for 'stanza'. We only had one option for resolving this issue, and this involved giving our daughter away. 
  • I had used apples as an example to illustrates the concept of day residue in a recent Wild Vlog video.
  • On the day of this dream I had eaten an apple, which is an irregular event as I do not like them (or any fruit) much and rarely eat them.
  • I had been watching Saccone-Joly videos on Youtube on the day of this dream - catching up on their relatively recently scandal where they were accused of child abuse by using cold showers to discipline their toddler daughter.
  • Applestanza was dressed how my Mum would dress me as a baby/toddler. I was recently discussing a pair of socks I was wearing on a visit with AJ and discovered he did not know what 'frills' or 'frilly' meant - he said he had never heard of this word before (doubtful).

Scene 2
Location: Airport Arrivals area
Time: Day

I am not sure how we travelled here, as this part of the dream was unrecalled, but we found ourselves in an airport arrivals area - which resembled the International Arrivals area at Heathrow Airport, London. We were standing waiting for the person who would be taking Applestanza from us. AJ was carrying Applestanza. I was bored of waiting. I cannot recall what we talked about, but neither of us were upset at giving away our daughter.

We were approached by a man who strongly resembled Entrepreneur and TV personality Theo Paphitis from Dragons' Den. His name was 'Glome' - this fact was known to us without introductions. Glome was wearing a gold/bronze metallic suit, which to me symbolised his wealth, affluence and materialism. We handed over Applestanza and in return he gave us an envelope which was sealed with a wax seal. Inside this envelope were shares in a perfume company. AJ and I felt we were getting a good deal. I cannot recall what discussion was had.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • I have been to Heathrow International Arrivals on a few occasions, when I have been doing meet-and-greets for new international students arriving for the start of the university academic year (re my work in student welfare) 
  • I had been watching clips from Dragons' Den on Youtube in the days before this dream
  • As telephone calls between AJ and I are monitored/recorded by the prison, we often make up serious crimes to accuse each other of - human trafficking being one of them.

Theo Paphitis
A 'Glome' - a word I was unfamiliar with

Dream 1048

'Subpoenaing James Charles'
Date: 23 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 5) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: My flat in Norwich
Time: Unknown
I became aware that James Charles (Youtuber/MUA/Social Media Influencer) was trespassing and squatting in the small top cupboard part of my fitted wardrobe in my real life bedroom (this small cupboard would only really fit a small cat comfortably). He had entered illegally and I was very anxious about him being there and wanted to evict him by way of an Eviction Order or Notice. 

Scene 2
Location: An unknown domestic interior (Norwich)
Time: Unknown
I was not sure exactly what this location was, but it seemed like a basic domestic interior, and possibly the kitchen, as I recall seeing a large dining table and perhaps a sink. It was not a location I am familiar with from real life. My Mum and (unrecalled) members of my family were present. I was telling my Mum that I had 'subpoenaed' James Charles (this was the incorrect word for what I really meant, which was 'serving an Eviction Notice'). My Mum was telling me I was unempathetic and cruel towards James Charles, and she began berating me for being insensitive and unsympathetic to his needs. She seemed to be saying I should let him stay.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • I had been watching a James Charles video on Youtube on the day of this dream.
  • I had recently been teaching classes in Law, which required my class to read a case involving trespass and squatting (and the denial of the defence of necessity).
  • I had recently heard the word 'subpoena' in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein (1953 - 2019) case - there was an indication Prince Andrew, Duke of York may be subpoenaed as a witness if he enters the US.
  • On the day of this dream I had been sitting on the bus, and overheard a conversation between a single woman and a couple (all elderly). The single woman was explaining that she gives money to charities for the homeless, but was concerned that if she gave money directly to homeless people on the street they might spend it on alcohol or drugs rather than necessities. I found her remarks to be self-righteous and condescending.

James Charles

Dream 1047

'The Pennant Institute'
Date: 23 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 4) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: An institution resembling a hospital - a school named 'The Pennant Institute' or 'Pettant Institute'
Time: Unknown
I was in an interior location which was within a building called the 'Pennant' or 'Pettant' Institute which gave me the impression of being a hospital or mental institution. It was a very white interior, of a clinical nature, with a lot of metal fixtures and fittings. I was there as a student, seated in this clinical room, with a number of (unrecalled) dream characters. We were re-sitting an exam, on the moon, which we had all failed. There was a projector in the room, showing a large image of the moon.

A TV/VCR was wheeled in on a stand (very similar to the TV/VCR we used to sit in front of at primary school, when we would be shown educational programmes in lessons). I assume the 'teacher' brought the TV in, but I cannot recall this. The video we would be watching would help us with our revision. This featured young Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) and Grand Moff Tarkin (aka Peter Cushing(1913 - 1994)) from Star Wars who were giving us guidance on 'doctrinal analysis'.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • It is currently assessment time for some of the students i teach - some of them had sought advice about what would happen if they failed exams.
  • My friends have recently completed their own studies - which makes me feel somewhat of a failure as I have prolonged my PhD by intercalating from study.
  • The projector showing an image relating to an exam reminds me of History of Art assessments I used to sit when studying at the University of York.
  • 'Doctrine' relates not only to the 'Tarkin Doctrine' in Star Wars (note that the moon-sized/shaped Death Star was the jewel in the crown of the Galactic Empire's weaponry programme, and Grand Moff Tarkin was the Commander-in-Chief of this super-weapon); but also references material I had been studying earlier on the day of this dream (doctrinal analysis of human rights - I had written the words 'doctrine' and 'doctrinal' numerous times in my notes).

 School TV & VCR on wheels
 Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) from Star Wars
Grand Moff Tarkin (aka Peter Cushing) from Star Wars

Dream 1046

'Working with Jason 'Hostep' Nash & Kylo Ren'
Date: 22 December 2019
Sleep times: 00:00 - 10:00 hours
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 3) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I was returning to somewhere familiar - I am not sure where this was - it may have been Sheringham, my hometown, but I am not sure. I didn't experience the travel itself - I ended up at my location.

Scene 2
Location: A Muddy Field
Time: Day
I was then looking at a massive expanse of flat mud, which it was possible to walk across - there were no features i.e. trees, bushes, grass or buildings. I walked across the field and suddenly approached a shop I had not been aware of before. I entered this shop, which was sweet shop, where I was due to start my first day of work. I stand in the shop on the shop floor, waiting for what felt like a pretty long time. The shop looked like a normal sweet shop. My boss/supervisor appeared - it was Jason Nash (of Vlog Squad), but in the dream his name was 'Hostep' and as he was the supervisor, he was permitted to wear a special nametag with a false/fake name on it ('Hostep' was his fake name - Jason Nash was his true identity). I did not want to be supervised by Jason Nash/Hostep. I was made to wear a work uniform, which was a red and white striped apron - very traditional looking. 

Hostep tells me I will be working behind the counter of the sweet shop. I am also told we will be having another new colleague joining us to start work, who will be arriving very soon. I am anticipating the arrival of the new colleague. He arrives - it is Kylo Ren from Star Wars (aka Adam Driver, but in the dream, he was actually Kylo Ren). He was being forced to work - he was unmotivated, unenthusiastic and lazy and was almost like a stereotype of a stoner/slacker or emo teenager/young adult. This was my strong impression of him. He was dressed in the typical Kylo Ren outfit. 

Hostep tells Kylo Ren to get dressed in his work uniform (the apron). Hostep then leaves (maybe he went out to the back of the shop?) Kylo Ren then turns to me and tells me that we are not allowed to sell gobstoppers anymore. I ask what he means and he informs me that there has been a new child protection law passed which has banned gobstoppers as they are too dangerous for children.

  • The muddy field may have been inspired by a scene in Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker (2019) where there is what appears to be sinking sand/quicksand.
  • I do in fact walk across a muddy field every day!
  • I had a recent conversation about sweets and the fact I do not have a sweet tooth with a friend shortly before this dream.
  • I had watched a Youtube video featuring Jason Nash going on a 'vlog date' with Tana Mongeau on the day of this dream. I had also watched a Youtube video about Nikocado Avocado - who I link with Trisha Paytas (due to a scandal they were involved in together) - Trisha Paytas is Jason Nash's ex-partner. This is the second dream I have had involving Jason Nash and a Star Wars character (see below).
  • I have a real life supervisor named Jason.
  • I had recently recorded a Wild Vlog Storytime video which featured someone ('Chad') who tried to give a false identity to me to cover up his real name after he became aware I was suspicious as to his true identity.
  • Hotep (Egyptian) - may be linked to the modern definition of the word which is used to describe 'fanatical black nationalism'. I was unaware of this broad context - I had previously (until doing my research now) associated it with a form of misogynoir from men of colour i.e. a form of toxic masculinity
  • In my Wild Vlog for this dream, I referred to the fact that the apron I was made to wear was similar to one I associate with a butcher shop in my hometown - in fact on the day of this dream I had seen a meme on Facebook, which referenced the myth of Icarus - the name of this shop is 'Icarus Hines' and when I was growing up in Sheringham, one of the neighbouring shops was a sweet shop called 'The Chocolate Box'
  • I had seen a reference to Jeffree Star's Gobstopper makeup collection (it is actually called the 'Jawbreaker' collection) shortly before this dream.
  • I had been working on my PhD which is broadly about children's rights and involves a number of cases where children are under the care and protection of social services due to being at risk of harm.
  • I have been playing a Sims 3 legacy game where some traumatised twin girls were being cared for by an abusive female guardian character.
I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

 Jason Nash
 Kylo Ren (aka Adam Driver) from Star Wars

Previous dreams:

Dream 1045

'Inter-Planetary Travel & Vagina Lip Lumps'
Date: 21 December 2019
Sleep times: night - 05:00 hours 
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Space travel to 'Planet Sheringham'
Time: Unknown (space - dark)
I don't recall much about this dream. I was trying to 'get home' to my home town of Sheringham, Norfolk, which involved inter-planetary travel. I am not sure if the entire planet I needed to travel to (through space) was 'Sheringham' as I already appeared to be on Earth - and it seemed as if I was in my current home of Norwich, which is 25 miles away from Sheringham. I see myself approaching the planet (it did not feel as if I was on a space craft per se - I was looking out of a window of what felt like normal public transport) as if I am travelling through space. The Sheringham Planet was a glowing yellow colour, much like the appearance of Venus. I arrive in Sheringham.
  • This scene could be inspired by Star Wars due to the fact I was travelling through space, approaching a planet.
  • I interpreted this scene as me feeling 'alienated' from my home planet - as if I am an alien in my own homeworld. This reflects feelings I have when I return to Sheringham (which I am due to do on 27 December 2019, when I am going home before attending a family wedding (see below).

Scene 2
Location: Domestic interior (Sheringham)
Time: Unknown 
I am in Sheringham, in a domestic interior with my Mum and one of her female friends (CC?) and other family members (unrecalled). I am reminded that I am due to attend as a guest at a wedding. I recall seeing CC's facial expression and noting that she seemed very unhappy. This led me to wonder if it was my presence which had put her in a bad mood and what I had done to upset her. There was a strong sense of unease within this part of the dream.

I cannot recall how AJ (my boyfriend) entered the dream, but he appeared. He was out of prison. He was being very smiley and jokey - his normal self (full of banter). He was depicted almost as a stereotype of himself, as there wasn't much substance I can recall about him within the dream.

I then became aware that I had a pea-sized hard lump on my vagina labia, quite close to my butthole. I was terrified and panicked at this discovery. Something made me put my hand into my underwear - I had not been aware of this lump until this point. I tried to seek help from my Mum as to what to do about this lump on my vagina, but she was no use at all. She seemed to think it was minor or trivial. I wanted to seek medical help, but my Mum acted like I was making too much of a big deal about this situation and she was nonchalant. She was the only way I could access medical help, and the fact she was unwilling to assist made me more panicked. This was a very nightmarish element of the dream.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I am due to attend a family wedding - on the day of this dream I had been shopping to buy an outfit for the wedding.
  • CC appeared in a recent dream - Dream 1042 - 'Codface Shopping Trip' (15 December 2019) - in this dream she also seemed to be unhappy with me.
  • Recently I had a conversation with my friends which involved discussion of underwear and also gynecological examinations.
  • I have always suffered from severe hypochondria - especially regarding physical changes in my body.

The Planet Venus

Previous dreams:
Dream 1042 - 'Codface Shopping Trip' (15 December 2019) - This dream features CC appearing to be unhappy with me for unknown reasons.

Dream 1044

'A Star Wars Nativity'
Date: 20 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 1) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I was going to attend a Christmas Nativity play which featured the young daughter of my female friend. The daughter (aged between 8 and 10 years old) was playing the Virgin Mary. I saw a close up of the female friend's face - she looked bad-tempered and moody. This was my distinct impression. I was not keen to go and watch the nativity play as I was not at all interested in it. 
  • Both my female friend and her daughter were dream characters, not recognised as real life people. I wonder if the female friend was based on my real life childhood friend, SVF who I have known since primary school. She has a young son. I felt guilty as I had not responded to her text asking to meet up over the Christmas season. 

I then became aware that the nativity play was actually Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker (2019). This was the release of the new Star Wars movie. I then realised that I was going to be very disappointed by the new Star Wars movie, because it was going to be made through the medium of the nativity play.
  • I have seen a lot of negative criticism from the Star Wars fandom online - this has been even prior to the movie going into production, based on opinions of the earlier sequel trilogy film. 

I realised that my female friend's daughter - playing Mary - was the main character in this Star Wars movie (episode 9).
  • I inferred that 'Mary' represents the character of Rey from the sequel trilogies. I also link 'Mary' to 'Mary Sue' - a trope which has been applied by some of the Star Wars fandom to Rey. 
  • Possible link between nativity play and Star Wars - Anakin Skywalker as 'The Chosen One', or a 'Space Jesus', born to a woman who conceived without a father etc. 

Scene 2
Location: The Nativity Play - Backstage area
Time: Unknown
I went to the nativity play. My female friend and I were in what appeared to be the backstage area/wings. I saw a rail of costumes to one side of me, although I cannot recall what type of costumes I saw. The nativity play may have been taking place in a school, but I am not sure. There was a lot of wood - which added to the impression we were backstage.

Suddenly a female dream character (young adult at first, it appeared) dressed in almost an identical outfit to Alice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ran from what I assume to be the stage area, towards us in the backstage area. As she ran towards me, I became strongly aware that she resembled the adoptive mother of Facebook friend (glamorous middle-aged, blonde, tanned woman with makeup and facial surgery). 
  • Link of Alice to Star Wars via Disney
  • This Facebook friend had been posting about their adoptive mother in negative tones on their status. I specifically read the status and responses. I have previously seen photographs of the adoptive mother. 
  • I am playing a Sims 3 game where identical twin girls (children) are raised by an adoptive mother.

We (everyone present, there appeared to be other dream characters who I may not have been aware of before) were approached by some dream characters (I think they were male, not well recalled) who were part of the production crew for the nativity play who desperately needed Casio calculators (see image below re what type/colour). The calculators were props for the Star Wars nativity and would represent technology of some sort (this was unclear). No-one had Casio calculators to lend to the production crew, so the nativity play was going to be cancelled, until March of the next year (indicating that this dream took place at Christmas as I was aware of a '3 month delay' within the dream). This was very disappointing.
  • Last week a friend of mine left a message in our work group chat asking if anyone could lend him a calculator for an exam. 
  • A Parole Board matter at work has been adjourned for 3 months (until March).

 A traditional Nativity scene
 Rey (aka Daisy Ridley) from Star Wars
 Disney version of Alice in Wonderland (1951)
A Casio calculator

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2)

I am undertaking a second attempt at a previous Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure. This is due to the fact Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker (2019) has just been released into the cinema. I am following the  same methodology of my previous Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure Dream, which you can find by clicking on the title link and also below. I have also compiled a list of all of the previous Star Wars-themed dreams I have experienced since beginning this Blog.

Previous Star Wars-themed dreams:

Dream 1043

'Rejection by my Ex'
Date: 16 December 2019
Sleep times: 22:30 - 07:10 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A house belonging to my ex-boyfriend's family
Time: Unknown
I was in a domestic interior, which in the dream was the home of my ex-boyfriend, PS. This was not his real-life house in London. He lived in this home with his mum and his 2 sisters, as he did when I lived with them. There was some conversation with PS's younger sister, JGH. I cannot recall what the conversation was about, other than it involved their mother, CJS. 

I wanted to get back together with PS - it appeared that I was single in the dream, or at least there was no notion that I was already in a relationship or was cheating on my real-life boyfriend. PS told me he had experienced serious mental health issues and as a result, he was unable to rekindle our relationship. I felt rejected and abandoned.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
I cannot identify any relevant influences (i.e. day residue) for this dream. I have forgotten significant detail about this dream.

Dream 1042

'Codface Shopping Trip'
Date: 15 December 2019
Sleep times: 01:00 - 09:30 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown interior
Time: Unknown
I was in an unknown interior which seemed quite dark. I cannot recall any specific details about the location. I was with my Mum and her friend CC - there may have been other dream characters present, but I cannot recall. I saw CC's face up close, looking at me disapprovingly. I felt like I had failed at something, but I cannot recall what this was. 
I had seen a post on Facebook by CC's daughter, and thought that she has aged to look a lot like her mum.

Scene 2
Location: A street in a city/town
Time: Day
I was in a street which was in a city or town, but not one which I recognise from real life. I was standing with my Mum and perhaps some other unrecalled dream characters. I was looking at a shop which appeared to be a clothing boutique, but one which sold very cheap clothing. I was looking at the sign. I then looked at the window displays and saw that the clothing in the shop was mainly very cheap, poor-quality evening wear - sparkly mini-dresses and suchlike. I entered the shop and found that it was an outlet store which sold end-of-line or catalogue returns at a low price. There were a number of dream character customers browsing the shop. I began to wander around and I found that the shop was quite sparsely stocked. I had a memory (within the dream) that this shop used to have eclectic and varied stock and now it had limited items, which were all the same and very low quality. I picked up a yellow, cropped hooded top and without trying it on, knew that it was too small for me. I then realised that all the clothing sold in the shop was too small. I complained about this to either my Mum or an unrecalled member of staff in the shop. I recall looking at the counter and seeing that the cashier was a male dream character, but cannot recall any further details about him. I also recall discovering another section of the shop (which was L-shaped) where a range of cheap, ugly handbags were being sold. I felt disappointed by the shop.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
This shop appears to be based on a similar shop I used to frequent in Sheringham, which was called 'Ivans' and thereafter 'Wardrobe Warehouse'. When I was a child or a young teenager, the shop had a huge range of cheap clothing in a diverse range of style and quality and I was a frequent customer as you could find some real bargains, which were on-trend or at least from the previous season. There were a number of one-off items as well as larger collections. When management of the shop changed (and perhaps buying habits meant less people were buying clothing from catalogues), the shop began selling limited stock (not on-trend, mass-manufactured and poor-quality) and lost all popularity. The day before this dream I had seen a post on a Facebook group which shares design fails - there was a photograph of a clothing boutique with a very poorly designed sign. I remember looking at this photo and noticing the dresses in the window display. The angle I observed the shop from in the dream mirrored the view of the photograph.

Previous dreams:
Dream 254: 'Thuggin', Freddie Gibbs & the Little Shop of Horrible Clothes' (3 June 2014) - This dream featured the Wardrobe Warehouse shop and my disappointment at the clothes sold there.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Dreams 1036 - 1041

I have taken a looong break from my Dreamwork, which has resulted in me not posting here or making videos (nor posting on my social media at all, other than my private Facebook, which is not linked to my writing or social media ventures in any event). I hate it when I lapse in my Dreamwork, because I lose all motivation to even write up the dreams I do recall, and as a result I have a number of remembered dreams floating around in my memory, without the precise information I like to include when recording my dreams here on this Blog. That deters me from sharing those dreams - which is counterintuitive in any event, as it makes me avoidant of consistent posting, or even making a fresh start. 

Today I decided I needed to 'break the ice' and begin posting on here again - and hopefully making Youtube videos. I have no real excuse for the break in making content - I have been working really hard, in legal practice, teaching, student services and (not to much) my own academic work. I also support my boyfriend, AJ who is in prison. 

The following dreams are not recorded as accurately and in as much detail as I would like. I often do not have the full memory of the dream (so I have recorded the dream fragments I have recalled) or the date and circumstances in which these dreams took place. I know I have recalled a large number of dreams in the past few months which I have since forgotten because I did not record them in a timely manner. These dreams are not recorded in the correct order - I have maintained my usual numbering system so that it retains the style and consistency of my Blog.

My future posts will be of an improved quality moving forward.

Dream 1036
'Warden Work'
Scene 1: An Office Interior - Time Unknown
I cannot recall the first part of this dream. I do recall telling AJR about this dream in real life, the day after it happened. I remember there was a scene, which changed to the part I do still recall. AJR and I were sitting around a large, orangey-brown polished wooden table, where there was some kind of board meeting related to my work for Student Support Services at university. AJR was taking an active role, and I felt this was odd and inappropriate (it appeared AJR was released from prison) - however no-one else thought his presence and participation was weird, and everyone seemed to accept his ideas as being the best ones put forward. I cannot recall anything else.

Dream 1037
'Skull Bite'
Scene 1: An Dark Unknown Domestic Interior - Night
I was in a dark interior - which seemed to be a lounge/living-room. I could not see much in the room, I was aware that I was sitting in a hard, high-backed armchair and that opposite me was a window with leaded panels - old-fashioned. It reminded me of a lantern (?) I could see it was night outside - I think I saw the moon or streetlight shining in the window because I could also see a male dream character standing outside looking in. He looked like a Victorian gentleman in a tall hat and a long jacket, but everything about him seemed pointy or spiky, giving him the impression of being evil. I saw his beard and nose was pointy - but I could not see his face clearly due to it being very dark. I was then aware that I was in a city and the house I was in belonged to my best friend DL and was a high-rise flat. 

I then became aware that a witch was sending in a floating skull to bite my hand. I could not avoid this happening - it was some sort of challenge, and I had to endure it. I was quite accepting of this and remained seated. I did not want a floating skull to bite my hand, and I was quite afraid, but I was resigned to the fact I was obliged. The floating skull came in through the closed window. It was transparent - like a hologram - and the same size as an adult human skull. It drifted down to the left side where my hand was hanging beside the armchair. It bit me. I felt the teeth of the skull clamp down on my hand and was surprised that I didn't think it hurt that much. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 1038
'Saying Goodbye to Dead Dogs'
Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I cannot recall what happened in this dream. I only recall the narrative of what I consider to be 'the main part' because it upset me so much, and during an emotional crisis, I told my friend LD* (I simply cannot work out if I refer to my best friend LD as LD1 or LD2 in this Blog - this is relevant as the other person with the same initials is someone I do not want to confuse with my friend) about this dream and the impact it had on me. I also had a conversation about the subject matter of this dream with someone else. The context is, when I was with my ex-boyfriend PS in 2007/8 - 2012, we had a dog, N (an orange-coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier, allegedly crossed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback). I have always been aware that I will never know when and how N's life will end - because I am no longer in touch with PS. This means that one day N will die - perhaps he has already died, as this is highly possible - and I will be ignorant of the fact, despite raising him from a puppy and him being such a huge part of my life during a mental breakdown. It hurts me to look at photographs of him. Further I also have a memory of my ex-boyfriend PS telling me that he wanted to give his (formerly our) dog N away some time after we broke up, as he didn't have the time to care for him. I cannot imagine this is a memory of a real life event, so I assume this conversation occurred in a dream (I can research this Blog for further clues) - it frustrates and upsets me that I cannot remember. 

The dream involved N being dead and coming to visit me (he looked real and alive, not like a ghost) to say 'goodbye' to me. We sat under some draped fabric (like a tent or den) and I hugged N for ages, crying.

Dream 1039 (LUCID DREAM)
'Don't Look Out of the Windows'
Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior - Night
I was in an unknown domestic interior and it was night. AJR's mum, HT was present. She was warning me and a number of unrecalled dream characters (perhaps 2 - 4) that we had to keep the curtains closed until the morning. If we looked out of the windows, or the windows were left uncovered in any way, something terrible and evil (undefined in the dream, I do not think it was explained, it appeared to be an ominous mystery to me and the others, even in the dream itself) would happen. I was terrified, as were the other dream characters. I began to draw the curtains of a window in what appeared to be a kitchen/dining area. The curtains had the tabs stitched across the top, where there are hundreds of small hooks (like bra clasps). The tabs/hooks came undone and the curtain began to fall down. With the help of the other dream characters, I began to frantically re-hook the curtains, but it was really difficult and they kept coming undone. I was afraid we would not hang the curtain/cover the window in time (it was already night/dark outside, which seemed illogical now). I was now aware that the world was changed outside the covered window - the world as we knew it disappeared and an alternative, but dangerous world replaced it, which looked like nothing/the end of the world. This only happened at night. I was holding the curtain up to the window, wondering if we would have to stand like this all night. 

I am not sure what happened with the curtain/window. I was now standing in a brightly lit corridor, which was white and empty. I became lucid - I am not sure what triggered my lucidity. I looked towards the end of the corridor and saw an opening/doorway. There were some male dream characters (2 - 3) - white, middle-aged adults, the one at the front had ginger facial hair, but I cannot recall anything else about them. I pointed my fingers at them in a gun gesture and told them I was dreaming and had the power to control the dream. I did this as a warning, as I was unsure of the motives of the male dream characters. I then lost lucidity and cannot recall anything else. 

* The day after this dream I was standing at the window in my house, talking to HT on the phone. She initiated a conversation about curtains randomly (discussing items AJR wanted for his release from prison) - and then referred to tabs/hooks and curtain rings. This was a bizarre coincidence! Upon writing this dream up now, it suddenly occurred to me that I had been listening to a Creepypasta on Youtube which included a plot about a town where no-one was allowed to look out of the windows at night

Dream 1040
'Kylo Ren, Infidelity Moderator'
Scene 1: An Unknown Exterior Location - Day
I was with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) from Star Wars and my boyfriend, AJR in an outside environment (unrecalled) - it was sunny. We were standing facing one another. I was aware that there was mutual suspicion that either AJR or I had been unfaithful. I knew I had not been unfaithful, but knew AJR suspected I had been. I believed AJR had been unfaithful, but I did not know. Kylo Ren was holding a mobile phone. We knew that depending on what a text message on Kylo Ren's phone said, it would reveal who had been unfaithful. I was sure the text message would indicate it was AJR and I challenged him on this, making him angry. I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

Dream 1041
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior Location - Day
I was in an unknown interior (maybe it was bedroom, perhaps in a hotel?). I was pregnant and AJR and I were not that excited about the prospect of parenthood. I could not wait for the pregnancy to be over. AJR seemed nonchalant and not really bothered. I was complaining to those present in the room, which appeared to be members of my family, including my Mum. No-one really cared about my concerns. I did not feel anxious or upset, just bored. 

Dream 1041
'Ordinary Dream'
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior Location - Day
I was in a house, which was not my home in the dream. I was standing in a dark corner, watching a large family of dream characters (perhaps about 7 - 8 people ranging in ages) gathered around a large table in a well-lit kitchen area, about 5 meters away from me. They did not seem aware of my presence and were just doing normal things, talking and eating/drinking etc. I cannot recall anything, other than waking up from this dream and having a very clear and strong thought of 'that was a very ordinary/normal dream' which felt positive and reassuring.

Dream 1035

'IDubbbz is Bae & Haunted Beaches'
Date: 30 August 2019
Scene 1: Sheringham Train Station - Day
I was at Sheringham Train Station, in the shelter (see image, below). I do not know what was happening at this time, because I cannot remember. I know it was day and other dream characters were present. I was standing facing into the shelter. Something with sharp teeth clamped it's mouth around my right hand. I do not know what this was at all - I do not know if it is because I do not remember, or because I did not look/know in the dream. It did hurt, but it left me with no injuries, which seemed odd to me, even in the dream. I assume it was an animal which bit me. 

I then became aware that Youtuber, IDubbbz (Ian Carter) was behind me - in his character as 'Content Cop' (see image, below). The Content Cop was a real person - not a fictional character played by IDubbbz, although in the dream, the Content Cop was actually called IDubbbz. He wasn't policing Youtube content - he was the actual police. He was frantically trying to find me because he needed me to help him investigate a 'haunted beach'. I did not want to investigate a haunted beach, but I was strongly attracted to Officer IDubbbz, so I was trying to tell him that we should go and get some food and hang out together. Officer IDubbbz was adamant that the haunted beach had to be investigated there and then - he was treating it as if it was a crime. He said we would have to climb a tree to keep some sort of surveillance of the haunted beach. We ended up walking down the high street to the beach. I was telling Officer IDubbbz that there was no way I could climb a tree and would not do it. It turned out - that exactly as it would be in real life - there were no trees near the beach. IDubbbz said that we could do a stake-out at the old council apartment building, Seacliff, which used to be 'Salty Towers'. This location has appeared in previous dreams as it was a significant place in my younger days. I was happy with this plan, as I thought I could convince Officer IDubbbz to take a break from investigating the haunted beach, and chill with me instead. 

We went into the building and seemed to climb a lot of stairs. It was typical inside - very bare, typical concrete and metal stairs and hallways that you would expect in an apartment building which primarily houses those on benefits or using it as a probation address. I think we went to the fourth floor, but I do not know. We entered a flat, which was just one big room and decorated sparsely in a very dated way - sort of like it hadn't really been redecorated for decades. There was a big window to one side of the room, looking out at the sea, but actually, the beach/sea was a lot closer than it is in real life, as shown in image, below. 

I sat down on a sofa and began to roll a joint. I had a grinder and weed and other necessary items. I did not seem to care that I was with Officer IDubbbz on a criminal investigation stake-out, and Officer IDubbbz did not seem to mind either. H He was standing bent over at the waist, looking out of the window at the beach, using a pair of binoculars. I could see in my mind's eye what he could see through the binoculars - it was just the Sheringham beach as it would normally look. I felt bored because Officer IDubbbz was taking the investigation too seriously and I wanted him to relax with me. Although the scene Officer IDubbbz (and I) had been looking at through the binoculars was daylight, but while sitting in the flat, it seemed to be night. Or at least, the lighting felt like nighttime lighting, whatever I mean by that!

Officer IDubbbz then summonsed me to the window in a panicked and sudden way, which made me jump because I wasn't expecting it and it was silent in the room before that. I cannot recall exactly what he said, but it was 'come and look at this!' sort of thing. I got up to look. I did not look out of the binoculars, I looked out of the window. It still looked like daytime out of the window. There was a ghost on the beach - I cannot say what it looked like much more than a transparent floating white sheet with a vaguely human shape, but not fully formed. Officer IDubbbz told me that the ghost was a heroin dealer and he needed to arrest him now because he 'crosses county lines'. He left the flat quickly, but I remained inside, at the window, looking at the heroin dealer ghost on the haunted beach. Within mere moments, Officer IDubbbz was on the beach with the heroin dealer ghost. He had a shotgun, and he shot the ghost point blank many times. It fell to the sand as if it was an actual formless sheet, and Officer IDubbbz kicked it into the sea. 

I woke up.

Additional Notes:
  • On the day of this dream I had read a post on Facebook, where someone was venting about pitbull owners who are vocal about how calm and loving their dogs are - stating that a pitbull mauling a child is very likely
  • I had been watching IDubbbz videos a lot before this dream, and I find him very attractive. Many of the references in this dream (the beach, climbing trees, shooting something with a shotgun etc) are direct references to IDubbbz, and in particular scene from his Content Cop series
  • Seacliff, or Salty Towers actually appeared in Dream 1000 - 'Choosing the Love of My Life in a Dream'
  • When I was in the stake-out flat with IDubbbz, I felt a weir familiarity of that flat, but I am not sure that it was definitely somewhere I had visited in Salty Towers. I have 2 random, but seemingly associated memories which seem linked to this flat. One of them is being in a flat at some point during my teenage years, when I was still living in Sheringham. However, I think this flat might have been in Cromer instead (note my friend DL just visited Cromer). I also have a vague recollection that it might have been during Cromer Carnival (note I had been discussing Cromer Carnival with 2 friends in different contexts around the time of this dream). I also think that a girl (MJ) might have been present (perhaps it was her flat? I think this might have been around the age of 17/18 years old) or maybe she was just there. She was an exceptionally strange girl, who was in social services care and used to be sexually inappropriate from a very young age - she used to touch other children and make obscene remarks. She was probably abused. My family knew her mum who had issues. Her dad and 2 brothers lived with the biological dad of all the children, opposite my home in Sheringham. MJ has had a very chaotic and messy life. Aside from this vague memory, I also had the associated one of sitting around a large table at school - I think it may have been primary school. One boy, at the end of the table is the focus of this memory. I think the book area (a small area with beanbags and bookshelves) was behind us. I do not know if this is a real memory or just a sort of constructed one, but it seems vague and vivid at the same time (I know that is contradictory, but I know what I mean - it seems like a real memory of a moment in time, which is weirdly significant for no reason I can remember)
  • AJ and I had briefly discussed something which involved someone who had been involved in 'county line' drug dealing