Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Dream 1067

'Transgender Boyfriend'
Date: 3 February 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: An unknown exterior
Time: Day
I have forgotten the majority of this dream. The only part I can recall is that I was standing in a circle of people - I think I knew them (i.e. they represented people known to me in real life), but I cannot recall who was there. We were outside and it was daytime, but I have no idea as to the location.

A person entered the circle of people, and stood in the middle. This person was clearly biologically male, but was dressed as a female, although not convincingly. I realised that it was my boyfriend AJ and he/she/they (I do not know what pronouns to use as AJ is a 'he' in real life) was now a transwoman. Their hair was shoulder-length, fluffy and blonde. They had poorly applied makeup - with bad blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. They were wearing a long skirt and a high-necked top (I thought they was dressed modestly) and was clutching a handbag in both hands. They began to dance wildly and erratically in the centre of the circle of people, while we all held hands. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • I cannot identify any relevant influences (i.e. day residue) for this dream. I have forgotten significant detail about this dream. However, I do read (and often talk) about LGBTQ+ issues on a daily basis and I had discussed a transwoman who is serving the same type of sentence as AJ and experiences great challenges within a male prison.

Dreams 1065 & 1066

Dream 1065
'Reluctant Motherhood'
Date: 15 January 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Dream Fragment

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I am not going to make a separate post, but on 15 January 2020 (Day 29), I recalled a dream fragment - my friend SVF was pregnant, but was reluctant about the prospect of motherhood. She was scared. I cannot recall anything else.

Dream 1066
'My Twin Boys'
Date: 16 January 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Dream Fragment

Scene 1
Location: A lounge area in a typical domestic interior
Time: Unknown
I forgot a significant amount of this dream between waking and recording the dream details. 

I entered a typical living-room/lounge (not known to me in real life, but my home in the dream) in an ordinary domestic interior. The room was quite dark. Laying on the floor, on a blanket were baby twins (clones?). The twins were both boys - about 6 months old maybe. These were my children. They had a dummy (pacifier) in their mouths and were giggling and kicking their feet. I though the twins resembled me (colouring). Both were dressed in a normal white babygro/onesie. I picked up one of the babies and began playing with him, being affectionate and motherly. I called through the AJ (unseen) and asked him to come and take care of the twin who was still laying on the floor. I do not recall seeing AJ in the dream. Whilst carrying my son, I entered a kitchen area. My Nan was standing behind a counter and holding a banana. She said something I did not understand, so I asked her to explain. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 1064

'Porno Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Bootlicker'
Date: 14 January 2020
Sleep times: 03:00 - 06:00 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: The Grand Plaza Hotel, location unknown (Great Yarmouth?)
Time: Day
I was going to be attending hotel which was called the 'Grand Plaza'. It was a very typical traditional hotel, I think it had a white exterior (the kind you see in seaside towns). There was some kind of convention being held at the hotel. I was with a group of dream characters, which included my friends LD1, DL and IN. 

I entered the hotel with the expectation of attending the event. The hotel was large, furnished as I would expect a shabby, run-down seaside hotel to be, and was quite empty, with only a few dream characters dotted around, doing normal things you would expect of customers in a hotel bar. 

I approached a member of staff - a male dream character, unrecalled in appearance, other than thee fact he was wearing a burgundy/maroon waistcoat. I asked him where the convention was taking place and he told me it was in a room behind the bar. We had to walk down a corridor to enter this room. We did so. This room was even worse - Obi-Wan Kenobi (the porno parody version of the character - see image below) and a large number of very dirty black, leather work boots - the type worn by miners or engineers etc. These were all lined up. I was not surprised to see Obi-Wan Kenobi (it was him, not an actor playing him) and I do not think I was consciously aware of the link to Star Wars within the dream. 

I felt that our time was wasted in travelling to the convention and I aggressively questioned Obi-Wan about it. My friends were passive during the confrontation - I got the sense I was talking on behalf of all of us. Obi-Wan told me that it was basically just an event where guests turn up and just clean the boots. I was not happy. I accused Obi-Wan of being 'the porno version' and referred to him as a 'bootlicker'. Obi-Wan told me it did not matter - however I had the strange experience of accepting this was really Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also challenging him about being 'the porno version'. I continued to argue with Obi-Wan and I felt justified in being confrontational and aggressive.

  • Recently I referred to Obi-Wan Kenobi as 'Obi-Wan Can Bone Me'.
  • The night before this dream my friend R3A messaged me and we discussed the forthcoming standalone Obi-Wan series. Like Ewan McGregor, R3A is Scottish.
  • On the night before this dream I had a conversation with AJ about Great Yarmouth.
  • On the day of this dream I had been writing about the European Convention on Human Rights for my PhD thesis.
  • My best friend LD1 is co-hosting an academic convention on glass recycling in the Victorian era.
  • On the night of this dream I discussed porn with my friend DH.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Porno version of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Tom Byron) from Axel Braun's Star Wars Parody XXX (2012)

Dream 1063

'Accidental Orgies & Assaults'
Date: 13 January 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A party/social gathering in a sparsely-decorated white room
Time: Day
I was in an interior which was a social gathering/party. I am not sure of the location (which had tables/chairs and food lid out). I knew some of the guests - my Mum and some of my friends were present.

I cannot recall some of the action, but there was some kind of dispute. I am not sure if it involved my Mum and I or third-parties, but we were discussing this while eating food. I was enjoying the food - there were large shell-on king prawns, which were bright red in colour and tasted better than any seafood I have ever eaten. However, they were a different shape to normal prawns/shrimps - they were really long and thin, almost the length of a standard biro pen, with a large head. They looked quite phallic, and I commented this in the dream. However, this did not concern me - I thought the phallic shape of the prawns made them more fancy and special. My Mum and I discussed how great the catering was. 

Part of the room we were in changed and I suddenly became aware that it was a composite of the original (fairly unfurnished room) and my own bedroom in my Nan's house in Sheringham. There were 2 single beds and I was in the one on the opposite side of my bedroom to where my bed is in real life (my Mum used to have a bed in this position when we shared a room). I was in the bed with my friends LD1, AK and my boyfriend, AJ. I was engaged in some kind of horseplay with the 3 males, play-fighting/wrestling. I then decided to undress (I have no recollection of what I was wearing). The males then undressed too, still under the covers. I was very keen to have sex with my boyfriend AJ. LD1 and AK were getting in the way. AJ is at the foot of the bed. I accidentally kiss AK - this appears to be some kind of joke we are all laughing about. I feel slightly awkward about this, but still want to have sex with AJ. We are then interrupted by my Mum, who pulls the covers off us and demands that we show some kind of moral or social decency as we are at a party. I feel ashamed and embarrassed, as the implication is that we were about to engage in an orgy of some kind. We get out of the bed and I presumably re-dress. AJ wanders off to talk to other party guests. I am with my Mum who is angry about my behaviour and having a go at me for shaming her in a party scenario. I am trying to defend myself by saying the 'orgy' was accidental. 

The room then appeared to be a composite between the sparsely-decorated party venue and a train. The seats on the train were all the 4-person table-seats. The room is more of a carriage/corridor than an open room. The guests were seated and food was laid out on the tables between the seats. The room/train was stationary - it did not appear we were travelling anywhere.

I noticed a stereotypical husband and wife - very nondescript and basic/conservative in appearance. They seemed to be in their 30s, white and dressed in smart-casual clothing. The couple did not like me and the woman made an (unrecalled) allegation against me. I am not sure what this related to, but it made me very angry. She was making a scene and I was already embarrassed about the orgy. I began to argue with her (I cannot recall what words were actually said here). I perceived myself to have the balance of power here as I felt I was the more physically strong out of us and that I could beat her in a physical fight, although I also did not want to fight or escalate the situation. I was standing in the 'corridor' or aisle of the carriage and the woman was leaning over the table. I can only recall the husband being very passive and quiet throughout. I then realise that my only option is to punch the woman hard in the face. I do so, and she sits down. Her reaction to the punch appeared to be cartoon-like; she wobbled and looked momentarily dazed. 

I walk off and go to talk to my Mum, who is aware that I have assaulted the woman. My Mum informs me that the police are on their way to arrest me. I was laughing and saying it did not matter because I had a defence (unclear what it was). I was completely unconcerned and just wanted to get back to partying and having fun. My Mum told me that I would be thrown out of the venue due to my actions. My Mum referred to the owner of the venue - a man named 'Shiv'. 

  • The day before this dream I had been discussing eating lobster with AJ - he has never tried it before and I was telling him how delicious it is.
  • While walking around campus I saw a scorpion-shaped plastic toy. A first I thought it might be a lobster as it was a red-orange colour.
  • The night before this dream I had considered ordering a prawn curry from an Indian takeaway.
  • I had a recent conversation with my friend LD1 about heterosexual porn and had also discussed sex with AJ the night before this dream.
  • My aunt's friend was removed from the wedding reception venue for her drunken, aggressive behaviour on New Year's Eve.
  • I use the name 'Shiv' as a joke when writing troll comments about Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious/The Emperor) in Star Wars. On the day before this I had commented on an image posted on Facebook, which depicted a naked woman on all-fours, showing her genitals to a crowd of excited men. The message was that once everyone has seen something, it is no longer of value. One of the men depicted in the cartoon image looked like Palpatine (in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)), when he pulls a particularly weird and funny face (see image, below) - I commented this on the post, referring to the male as 'Shiv'.
  • The day of this dream I had been watching 'Star Wars Theory' on Youtube - a video of '10 facts about Sheev Palpatine'.

An Imperial TIE Fighter from Star Wars
Sheev Palpatine aka 'Darth Sidious'

Dream 1062

'Bungling Wookiee Workers'
Date: 10 January 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A laptop repair centre (Norwich?)
Time: Day
I had broken my laptop (a frequent recurrent dream theme). I need to send my laptop off to be repaired, but I had to travel separately from my laptop, which I did not like. Myself and my laptop would be travelling in separate vehicles. I decide that the best way to send my laptop would be to wrap it up as a (square) box-shaped gift with a shiny red bow on it. The box was around the size of 4 house bricks stacked, 2 by 2. It was much smaller than my laptop would be. I was aware that I had to arrive at the laptop repair shop before my laptop did, or else work would begin on it 'without my consent' and I would not be able to supervise that the workers were doing the right repairs. This caused me to have great anxiety. I thought that without my explicit instructions they might do something wrong or make the problem worse. I am not sure where the dream was taking place, but the location seemed familiar to me in the dream itself. I arrive via what I assume was a taxi. The laptop repair centre looked like a normal city building. I discovered that my laptop had already arrived and was inside in the building and already being fixed. I was not happy and entered the building, desperate to find my laptop. I was walking down corridors. I do not recall seeing or talking to any dream characters while I was navigating the building. Fortunately I managed to coincidentally find the right room quickly - this was a factory/production line type of room. The people working in this area were Wookiees!

I am desperate to try and find my laptop and talk to the Wookie responsible for fixing my laptop, but I cannot see - all the Wookiees look alike. I am then approached by a dream character who appeared to be a mix of a Wookiee and a human - which did not seem odd to me at all. He appears to have been sent over in a customer service role, to handle my 'complaint'. I had not indicated I wanted to make a complaint. We left the factory/production line area and entered a different room on the same corridor, and now we are at some kind of theatrical event, sitting on a balcony/elevated platform, looking down at a stage. I turn to look at the Wookiee/humanoid dream character and become aware that it is Bungle (the bear) from Rainbow. I start to question how it is that I first thought he was a Wookiee - he seems to be inferior to the Wookiees. I am confused because I am, at this point, questioning my perception of how he looked before and why I had perceived him to be a Wookiee. 

On stage, the Wookies were putting on some kind of variety show, performing short skits, clown acts, stand-up routines etc. I was aware that below where I was sitting with 'Bungle', there were other audience members, these were just members of the public. The seats were only about one third occupied, which gave me the impression that the Wookiee show was sub-standard. I also had the strong feeling that the Wookiees should be working rather than putting on a theatrical performance. 

I am then informed by 'Bungle' that the Wookiee fixing my laptop had erased my entire Blog from my laptop (and the internet). This was one of my greatest fears related to my laptop. 'Bungle' then started laughing at me in a maniacal, hostile and mocking way, which confuses me as I am not sure what has changed between us for his mood to shift in this way. He points at the stage and I look at the Wookiees. One Wookiee is performing an act which involves squashing peaches or nectarines. 'Bungle' tells me that the squashed peaches are my laptop.

  • The reference to public transport may be due to the fact I used various types of public transport on the day before this dream.
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching a Youtube video which referred to Wookiees (Chewbacca) and their home planet of Kashyyyk.
  • The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise was told to Anakin Skywalker by Darth Sidious (Sheev Palpatine) while they were watching an opera - so in a theatrical setting - during Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).
  • On the day before this dream I was listening to Rob Brydon and Julia Davis' commentary on Human Remains (2000) - in one episode ('All Over my Glasses') two characters named Stephen and Michelle (who lack intellect and social skills) are planning their wedding, using household items to represent guests for a table plan. When Michelle moves the peach which represents her closer to the torch which represents Stephen (who has seated himself next to Michelle's brother instead of the bride), Stephen aggressively bites into the peach to teach her a lesson. 

Darth Plagueis the Wise
Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious) & Anakin Skywalker at the opera in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
Bungle from Rainbow