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  1. I had a dream I gave birth in bed to twelve baby snakes, they were the faces of people I know

    1. Hi! I have written a Blog post which contains an interpretation & analysis of your dream for you. Please click on the following link to be taken to the Blog post where you can read your dream interpretation: Thanks for submitting a dream for analysis. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries or would like another dream interpreted. Tallulah La Ghash

  2. Hi...I was hoping to find an answer to a dream please...I am older and single male and I saw a female friend of mine in her car waving and smiling friendly at me before she drove away...the cat was a lightish colour, which she was holding and she held up to the window as to show me.


  3. Hello there little mrs, been awakening for a while now, quite a few meditation experiences, only just started to focus on lucid dreaming, learnt to somewhat control my dreams because of re occuring nightmares when i was about 5 or 6 years old. my first lucid dreaming tutorial using the munroe institutes lucid dreaming tapes (the first one for the first time obviously) i woke and started to write my dream down but couldnt remember it after the first couple of sentances... all that i ended up getting down on paper, and i can still remember it in my minds eye, is looking up into a black background with a tea up floating about a metre higher than i am, i was standing a little to the side of it so i was not looking directly up at it, but on an angle, the tea cup was of fine china with patterns and gold lining around the handle, top and base, i can not remember what the designs were but the cup was rotating on the spot in the centre of the tea cup saucer it sat upon. i dont remember specifically if the saucer was rotating too. the tea cup, as it rotated, was flowing in all directions a rainbow like a waterfall, the colors rotated in time with the cup and the overall emotional feel or emotional imprint i was left with was that of pure creative love, it felt like the rainbow was creating everything... like i said, i continued to dream more after that but do not recall... i would love it if you could run through that for me :-)

  4. you look very nice and sexy i want make love with you tonight in my dream you come?:P

  5. i had a dream today morning in which I see that I roaming with my own daughter and reaches a zoo/park where there crocodile usually used to be.
    I was happy pointing the crocodiles to my baby as we were enjoying the creator there but suddenly i stepped something and then I found a crocodile but did not harm me.

  6. have you ever experience bright lights during Lucid Dreaming etc ?