Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dream 1076

'Katy Perry Defrauds the NHS'
Date: 5 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 9) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: Hospital (Location Unknown)
Time: Unknown
I think I have forgotten the start of this dream, but I was ended up going to a hospital to have my foot x-rayed. I saw some big close-up XRays of my foot - they were massive - about the size of a poster (about 4 times the size of my foot) and unrolled like a scroll/pirates's treasure map. It looked more like a blueprint than an XRay. They were a yellowy-brown colour, which made them appear even more like a treasure map. 

I was in the process of discharging myself from the hospital (my foot is deformed, but there is no treatment, so I have to leave), I see Katy Perry who is impersonating an NHS nurse. This makes me really angry - because I dislike her, and also because she is fraudulently pretending to be a nurse which I feel to be morally wrong. Katy Perry denied she was lying when I confronted her, but I cannot recall anything else about this part of the dream.

Scene 2
Time: Unknown
I was then with my friend R3A. I do not know where we were, but he was sitting on a chaise lounge and he had a book, which looked like a pamphlet or fanzine (folded paper). I am looking at him. Where he is sitting, I am in a position to see what he is looking at within the booklet (although it is likely this would be physically impossible in real life). I saw some graphic/diagramatic drawings which I cannot recall, but I could read the writing which accompanied them. It said that R3A had claimed that he was responsible for inventing the tesseract from Interstellar (2014) and he was going to be sued by the person who had really invented it (breach of copyright? fraud?) I thought R3A was taking this very calmly and passively, as he was simply sitting there, not really reacting. I cannot recall any conversation with him.

I do not recall anything else about this dream.
  • In February I had an accident, where I ran into a wall while trying to get to my landline phone before my answerphone cut in (I knew it would be AJ) - I dislocated my toe and it has never felt the same again. I thought that if I saw an XRay of my foot the bones would look deformed
  • I read an article about Katy Perry being pregnant. I hate Katy Perry. I had also seen her in a Youtube compilation video, showing clips of Ellen DeGeneres (who I also dislike) being rude to guests
  • The NHS nurse reference is clearly related to the public (and probably worldwide) praise for the NHS in during the Corona Virus crisis
  • I had watched a Youtube video which explained the end of Interstellar, and also discussed the movie separately with my friend DH the day before this dream
Katy Perry

Tesseract scene in Interstellar (2014)


Dream 1075

'Trisha Bones'
Date: 3 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 7) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: My Home, Norwich
Time: Unknown
This was a really bizarre dream, influenced by the current Corona Virus global pandemic.

In the dream, everyone was receiving notices (through the mail?) as to a national test. I was aware that unlike me, everyone had already known about the government national exams (aimed at getting back into the workforce?) and had been preparing/studying/revising - so I was behind and at a disadvantage. There was also a government scheme whereby people could be employed as 'Tylenol Suppliers'. This meant that they would be 'drug dealers', but government-mandated. These Tylenol Suppliers were going to positioned on street corners for easy-access to members of the public. Their work uniforms were metal suits of armour.

I then realise that I must be at home in my flat in Norwich (I was not aware of my location in the first part of the dream at all). I received a telephone call on my landline from my boyfriend AJ, who was in prison (as in real life). He is calling to me that the person who has been assigned the role of 'Tylenol Supplier' within the prison was a woman who we both seemed to know. Her name was 'Trisha Bones'. I do not recall anything else about this dream.
  • Corona Virus (Covid-19) - especially the rumours circulating on social media as to mandatory vaccinations before public socialisation is permitted
  • Academic stress is relevant to me right now - and all students due to the fact formal teaching, exams and graduation have all been affected
  • I could not recall where I heard the word 'Tylenol' but later remembered it was in lyrics I had been singing alone to earlier that day - Kendrick Lamar, 'Fuck Your Ethnicity' from Section.80 (2011) - 'It's treason and I'm Tylenol, I knock out when you knock it off'
  • Pharmaceuticals/drugs may be a reference to vaccines
  • Metal suits - like protective armour may be a reference to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which has been discussed extensively in relation to the Corona Virus
  • AJ has been calling me much more than usual over the past few days
  • I had a recent dream about skeletons - Dream 1072 - 'Pearling the Skeleton' (1 April 2020)
  • 'Trisha Bones' is a real person - back in 1999, when I was 17 years old and at college, my friend SVF and I would use the school computer room to chat to random people in chatrooms and on MSN messenger. We were proto-trolls very often, but we also used chatrooms/MSN to meet boys. I was talking to a boy (I think his first name may have been 'Luke', but I cannot recall) who had the username 'Flame Grilled Blue Hair'. He was into skateboarding and lived in Essex, somewhere near a military installation perhaps? I cannot recall which town). I started talking to him frequently and on one occasion, sent some photographs of myself to him home address. The relevant thing here is that FGBH had either information linked to his MSN or a Geocities website, and a couple of photographs uploaded. I was able to see what he looked like and find out some information about him. He had referred (somewhere, not sure) to a female best friend named 'Trisha Bones'. I never met FGBH in person; I am not sure if we ever discussed his friend Trisha Bones. I believe I only ever read a single reference to her name online, 2 decades ago

Dreams 1073 & 1074

Dream 1073
'Something about my Neighbour'
Date: 2 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 6) - Partially successful (reference to my neighbour AWJ)

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I cannot recall anything about this dream, but I woke up with a negative mindset and I am not sure why. I know it involved my friend/colleague and neighbour, AWJ.
  • AWB loves mermaids and I had seen some of her mermaid-themed collages (she produces a feminist zine) on the table when I went round to visit my friend DH

Dream 1074
Date: 2 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 6) - Partially successful (reference to sponges/seafood)

Scene 1
Location: An urban, city environment 
Time: Night
I was in an urban, city environment and it was night. Everything had a very deep, midnight blue colour to it and I assumed it was the transition from dusk to night. I was standing right in the middle of the road, where the traffic would drive down. I was with a number of dream characters who I cannot recall, but I knew them in the dream. I was aware that I was in a rap collective (a hip hop group) called 'Testus'. I had a face tattoo with the word 'Testus' (I did not see this in the mirror, I saw myself in third-person perspective). The word was written in a downward slant along my cheekbone, in a deep-blue navy ink in a basic font (Ariel or Helvetica - plain and san serif). It was large and took up the whole of my cheek. I am not sure if the word was spelled correctly in the dream - it appeared to be correct within the dream itself. The group of other dream characters may have been part of my new hip hop group. 

We entered a bookshop, which I believe was in this vicinity - I cannot recall travelling there. All I recall was a floor to ceiling book shelf, which was filled with hardback books which has sponge dust-covers. We looked at the books for some time. We went into a separate room where seafood canapes were being served. I told my fellow dream characters that we must not at the seafood canapes as they would poison us. I am not sure why I thought this (whether the food was contaminated due to being poisoned or just bad). All I can recall was standing in the doorway of this room, with the other dream characters behind me, looking at the seafood canapes.
  • I do not have any specific day residue for this dream

Dream 1072

'Pearling the Skeleton'
Date: 1 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 5) - Partially successful (reference to 'pearling')

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I have forgotten some of the details of this dream. I was aware through a discussion with my friend DL that a job opportunity had arisen, relating to the discovery and development of a cure/vaccine for a global pandemic which I guess was the current Corona Virus. DL was saying that he had to apply for this job, although he did not feel happy about this; it was more out of necessity and desperation. The vaccine was going to be developed by taking broken mobile telephones and transforming them into women's underwear (knickers/panties) which could be worn to protect people from the virus. It was a production-line/factory job. 

DL was successful in getting the job as he ended up working in the vaccine factory. I cannot recall what happened which joined up the narrative of this dream and I had no concept or recollection of location. 

I knew that the disease/virus caused the skeleton to start 'pearling' - I am not sure what this means. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • General day residue relating to the Corona Virus (Covid-19)
  • DL is currently unemployed as he quit his job shortly before the outbreak of the Corona Virus
  • Shortly before this dream, I had recorded a mermaid-inspired makeup look for my Youtube channel, during which I had worn pearl earrings and mentioned that I associated pearls with mermaids
  • I had been watching Youtube videos about Tana Mongeau - specifically the launch of her perfume Tana by Tana, which came in a skull-shaped bottle which critics suggested was copied from a Hot Topic perfume line, and also available from Chinese supplier online at a low cost
  • Broken mobile phones relates to AJ's Crown Court trial for possession of a broken mobile phone in custody (he bit the phone into pieces during the search in October 2018) - the case was dropped on the basis of his defence shortly before this dream
  • For my entire adult life I have been trying to locate a short story I am sure I read as a very young child. The story was about a man who was afraid of his own skeleton, and hyper-aware of it. Ultimately, his skeleton turns out to be autonomous and able to leave his body. My memory was that he was left like a puddle of jellyfish-like flesh on the ground. I have never been successful at finding this story, which I assumed had been in a horror anthology owned by my Mum (given the age at which I accessed the book or story). I could not think of any other way I could have read it at such a young age. My searches of horror anthologies in print during the 1980s and 1990s which would also have been likely to be something my Mum would have read was fruitless. The reason why I was so keen to find this story was because as a child I had the same fear as the main character - I thought my skeleton was the 'real me' which simply lived in my flesh. My skeleton was therefore in control of anything and my flesh and skin was just it's outer-shell. I had no concept of my own consciousness, identity or mind. I have always assumed that my phobia was heightened by reading this short story, although initially I think I developed a fear of my own skeleton by looking at diagrams in anatomy textbooks owned by my aunt, who was training to become a nurse when I was very young. Shortly before this dream, my friend IN had spent months trying to find this story for me - and was successful. He sent me an illustrated PDF of it - Ray Bradbury, Skeleton (1945, first published in Weird Tales). The last line describes the protagonist's wife discovering a jellyfish-like substance on the floor, which is able to call out her name. Click HERE to read the online PDF of this story!

Wild Vlogs | Tallulah's Dream Palace - 'My Boyfriend's Anxiety Dream'

Dream 1071

'The Rachwell Game'
Date: 30 March 2020
Sleep times: 19:00 - 21:00 hours (Evening Nap)
Dream type: Normal/Vivid Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 3) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: An Unknown Interior
Time: Unknown
This is a very difficult dream for me to describe this dream as a lot of it took place as abstract thoughts, rather than observable actions within the dream. In this dream there was an exciting new (console?) video game being released, which was called 'Rachwell'. This game involved being given a randomly-generated avatar with a set of complex personality traits and characteristics (much like playing The Sims, but more detailed and realistic). The objective of the game was to make your character into a global superstar celebrity - which was made easier or more challenging based on which randomly generated physical, intellectual, emotional and social characteristics your character was assigned. Everything was highly customised and each gameplay was unique. You controlled every aspect of the character in terms of opportunities and decisions - you could get cosmetic surgery for example. 

I was being told about this game and being introduced to my avatar/character. It was as if I was both playing the game and there, in the same reality of the game at the same time. There was no separation between my 3-dimensional reality and the game itself. It was a normal interior (not known to me in real life, nor in the dream). There was some 'booth-style' seating (like you might see in a bar or restaurant) with a table. It was pretty dark in the room. I was sitting down and there were 2 female dream characters (an older woman, standing to one side, although I cannot recall seeing her appearance). Seated at the table was a young Chinese woman, in her early 20s, wearing a green vest top and white shorts. I was aware that she was 3 months pregnant, although this was not obvious from her appearance. She appeared to be a normal, sentient, conscious human being, but I knew that she was my avatar/character. She was sitting in silence. I was annoyed that my character was pregnant, as I felt this made my game more challenging, having to factor pregnancy and single motherhood into a quest for global superstardom. There was no option to swap your character or choose another. I was resigned to the fact that I had to play this character and do my best. Most of my understanding of the game seemed to be conveyed from the (unseen) older female dream character who was standing off to one side. I cannot recall what was said and do not think I engaged directly with her.

I stood up and moved to another part of the room - to go and look at a wall in what appeared to be an alcove, with a large noticeboard. Like the rest of the room, this area was dimly lit. The noticeboard was covered in rows of white post-it notes or squares of paper, which were arranged in groupings (seemingly straight lines, showing connections between each, which I learned represented the thread of conversations). Each post-it note had a small image of the person who had written the message attached. The older female dream character told me that 'this is the new way of doing social media' and I instantly became aware that the noticeboard was a form of 'Facebook' and specifically, a fan group/page dedicated to the 'Rachwell' game. Each post-it note was a comment or status update posted on this Facebook/social media page. The method of reading them was tracking the connections between the post-it notes. I noticed one which was written by an acquaintance, PBB. It said: 'JCCL has parole after 9 years'. I was annoyed JCCL got parole when AJ had not.

I was then woken up by AJ calling me on my landline.
  • On the day of this dream I had been discussing video games with my friend/neighbour DH, as her housemate AWJ has a Playstation
  • I had been playing Sims 3 on PC for a prolonged period on the day of this dream - I had installed some booth seating into a community lot in my game
  • PBB had commented on my Facebook just before this dream and AJ and I had been discussing her ex-boyfriend (who is in prison with AJ) a couple of days prior. PBB and JCCL had a toxic relationship with infidelity on both sides. I originally met PBB on prison visits and thereafter AJ came to know JCCL. I would describe PBB as a 'fair weather friend'. JCCL is serving a determinate sentence (I am not sure how long in total, he was recalled for breach of his licence). His sentence was certainly not 9 years and he has not had a parole hearing, although AJ is of course dealing with parole matters
* Randomly - out of the blue, on the day following this dream, I received a Facebook message from PBB. She asked me if AJ had seen or spoken to JCCL, who she was still broken up from, following her recent infidelity. I indicated we had seen JCCL on a visit a short time ago, but the current lockdown in prison meant no movement or socialisation between prisoners on different wings. PBB said she had tried to contact PBB by letter, but got no response. She had a dream the day before (so the day I had this dream) about JCCL and it made her want to contact him. She had her own ongoing legal matters and needed JCCL's support. I told her I would see if AJ could pass a message on (he ultimately did, but JCCL just laughed and said he was not interested in rekindling the relationship, not sure if PBB is yet aware, as I did not want to get involved and she only contacts me if she wants something).

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Dream 1070

'Saving Taylor Nicole Dean in a Cruise Ship Game Show'
Date: 29 March 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 2) - Unsuccessful (but consider a ship/boat at sea)

Scene 1
Location: A Cruise Ship/Boat
Time: Unknown
See notes section below, as to who Taylor Nicole Dean (American Pet Youtuber) is and what has recently happened to her. At the bottom of the post are 2 videos from Taylor Nicole Dean, telling her story. Please watch those to get an insight on the background to this dream, as I am not going to explain it in this post as it is too complex and will not do justice to describing harrowing and traumatic events which unravelled partially in the public eye. 
I do not recall all of the details of this dream. I was on a boat or ship (a cruise?) with some random dream characters (I am not sure who they were, some were known to me in real life) who were passengers on the ship. One of the dream characters (unrecalled) told me that there was going to be a game show/quiz event held that night on the ship, organised by the staff. This was referred to as a 'reality TV show'. 

I was excited, and ended up attending the game show, which I took part in. I am not sure where it was or how I got there, but the game show involved a number (cannot recall how many exactly, but I think it was approximately 20 of them) of blue boxes (roughly the size of a Nintendo GameCube). These were on some kind of surface which was waist height. There was a yellow light in this location. I did not recall seeing the game show host, but it was a male. One of the dream characters in my social group, who attended the game show event with me informed me that the aim of the game was to 'save Taylor Nicole Dean' by picking the right box. I perceived 'save' as to mean help her to escape her abusive relationship or heroin addiction, but there was also this threat of her having a form of infection/disease too. I have to pick the right box to save Taylor Nicole Dean from infection and death. I knew I only had one chance. I was anxious and felt overwhelmed by the game. The prize is not being responsible for killing Taylor Nicole Dean. I cannot recall much of what went on, but everyone seemed to be in a good mood and enjoying the game, and only I was taking it seriously. I ended up picking the wrong box and therefore became responsible for Taylor Nicole Dean's death. I woke up feeling sad.
  • On the night of this dream, AJ mentioned he was watching a documentary about Amy Winehouse, which prompted me to tell him about Youtuber Taylor Nicole Dean. I am simply going to post Taylor's own Youtube videos in which she provides her own account of her abusive relationship with Jonny Craig. I think this is far more appropriate than me summarising it here 
  • The idea of sickness and disease/infection could relate to the idea of heroin addiction (and injections) or Corona Virus (Covid-19)
  • The game show is reminiscent of a British game show, Deal or No Deal, hosted by Noel Edmonds. Note the similarity of 'Noel' and 'Nicole' and also the reference to 'deal' - associated with drugs. Weirdly, I had watched a clip of a 2016 interview with Noel Edmunds on This Morning (via Youtube) in which he was questioned over his controversial (and false claims) that an Electromagentic Pulse Device (a box shaped object) could cure cancer
Taylor Nicole Dean
Noel Edmunds, host of Deal or No Deal
Taylor Nicole Dean, I'm a Heroin Addict. (The Truth About Everything) 19 August 2019
Taylor Nicole Dean, My Experience with my Ex. (He's Dangerous) 31 December 2019

Friday, 24 April 2020

Dream 1069

'Trisha Paytashlash'
Date: 28 March 2020
Sleep times: 02:00 - 10:00 hours
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 1) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: Woodland Rise, Sheringham, Norfolk
Time: Day
I was in Woodland Rise, the road that my Nan lives on. I was going to RR's dad's house (RR is a woman from Sheringham, who I went to school with, and have known since I was old enough to acknowledge other kids my own age). I always visualise RR's house as being on a corner of the road and one of the 'groves', but I do not think it actually is, I think it is semi-detached, with some extra space on the detached side. RR's dad's house was actually a beauty salon and this was being run by my Mum's friend CC. 

I walk past my Nan's house towards RR's dad's house. When I get there, CC is different - she was Trisha Paytas. I perceived her to be CC and did not question it. I entered the house/beauty salon with Trisha Paytas - I can recall much about the interior decor other than it was white and blue. There was a sink/hand basin in the corner, but no mirror (as I later discovered). 

Trisha Paytas tells me that she only does eyelash treatments and that her name is 'Trisha Paytashlash'. There was only one eyelash treatment on offer - 'sequining the eyes' ,although I did not know what this entailed. 

Trisha takes me to the sink in the corner, and she puts an eye bath over both of my eyes. I can feel the water on my eyes. This was a very quick procedure and Trisha removed the eye bath. I looked into the sink and saw that it was filled with hundreds of eyelashes - looking like a full-strip of false eyelashes and about 4 - 5 inches long across the band, with 3 inch long lashes. I knew these were all 'normal' human eyelashes. I then also become aware that these detached lashes are a result of the treatment of 'sequinning the eye' and I realise that my own eyelashes must have also been removed. I cannot see this, as there is no mirror in the room. 

I ask Trisha if she has removed my eyelashes and she just laughed at me and said yes, that is part of the sequinning treatment. She does not seem bothered, but I was very angry and upset that she had removed my eyelashes without my consent. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • RR's dad's house as a dream scene location is a recurrent theme over a long-span of time - she lived less than 2 minutes walk up the road from my Nan's house, where I lived and I do see her on social media nowadays. I have researched previous dreams which have featured RR's dad's house as a dream scene location - Dream 484 - 'Attacks in The Village' (27 August 2015); Dream 558 - 'Weird Party' (17 March 2016) & Dream 990 - 'Clay House Hair Loss' (2 June 2019)
  • I saw CC's daughter KC, posting on Facebook (a post defending the government) on the day of this dream
  • I had been watching Trisha Paytas on Youtube as she has some drama surrounding her recent claim that she has Dissociative Personality Disorder
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching a video by Tati Westbrook, where she was talking about iconic makeup artist Kevyn AuCoin (1962 - 2002) and in particular, mentioned a particular lipstick he always recommended as a shade which would suit anyone and everyone (in the days when book/magazine beauty tutorials were the only medium, so 1990s here, given Tati is the same age as me and was recalling her memory) - the shade was Almay 'Sequin' (now discontinued). I also heard Angelika Oles mention Kevyn Aucoin in a video on the same day
  • I was once customising some shoes with sequins, and accidentally flicked a super-glue coated sequin in my eye. I prevented my eye from being glued shut by using an eye bath. Shortly before this dream, I was recounting this story to DH and MH, my friends/neighbours. I also made a joke about using super-glue to stick on false eyelashes, given I was aware you could get it in your eyes and not go blind
  • I had discussed false eyelashes with AJ (my boyfriend), but he said he didn't want me to wear them as I have perfect natural eyelashes
 Trisha Paytas(hlash)
False eyelashes in a sink/basin

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream

For this Dream Incubation Experiment, I am going to attempt to incubate a dream where I experience life as a mermaid. I have chosen this dream theme because I was obsessed with mermaids when I was a child and collected mermaid memorabilia and paraphernalia. 

John William Waterhouse, The Mermaid (1901)
Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, Mermaid (1873)
Edward Burne-Jones, A Sea Nymph (1881)
Edvard Eriksen, The Little Mermaid (1913, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Disney, The Little Mermaid (1989)

  • Every night, before sleep, I will use a mantra - 'I will have a mermaid dream and remember it when I wake up'. I will recite this repeatedly in my mind as I am laying in bed, falling asleep. This will focus my intention on dreaming about being a mermaid.
  • I will periodically and regularly think about mermaids throughout the waking day and try and expose myself to as much mermaid-themed material as possible.
  • I will use two cues/prompts - a written reminder (which will be read each night before sleep and will be kept under my pillow) and an image of a mermaid which I will save on my mobile phone and look at periodically throughout the day.
  • Every day upon waking I will reflect on my dream memories and then record/interpret and analyse each dream, both on this Blog and in regular Youtube video uploads (Wild Vlogs).

Here are previous Dream Incubation posts & Dream Incubation Experiments I have undertaken on this Blog:

Monday, 6 April 2020

Dream 1068 ('The Dogtooth Incident')

'The Dogtooth Incident'
Date: 26 March 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal/Dream Fragment

Scene 1
Location: A Promenade
Time: Day
I was standing on a typical British promenade (seafront), looking over the sea wall at the ocean. It was a sunny day. I was with AJR. I cannot recall what was said other than he turned to me and said words to the effect of: 'I wish you'd shut up about Dogtooth'.
  • This dreams relates to the movie Dogtooth (2009) which is Greek. The reference to me 'shutting up' about Dogtooth is a direct reference to the fact that I was planning to make a Youtube video (see below) about what I call 'Dogtooth Incident' which goes as follows. A few weeks or even months ago, AJR were talking on the phone and having a normal conversation about our taste in movies, TV, music, books, art etc. To summarise, I was telling him that anything he likes I am unlikely to like, as his taste is mainstream and basic. I was being pretentious and saying I like world and art house cinema and abstract art and meta stuff etc. AJR said he does not like subtitled movies as he is dyslexic and cannot be bothered to try to read. I then said that I wished he would expand his tastes more and at that moment, a thought popped into my brain at random: I wish AJR could watch Dogtooth. I am not even sure why I would think that, as there many other movies I would have chosen before that. At the same moment, AJR said: 'I saw a movie called Dogtooth once'. I find this really weird as I cannot imagine that movie being shown and AJR turning on and watching enough of it to get interested in the plot - especially since it would be a post-watershed film (so shown after 21:00 hours), and he gets an early night. Take into account it is unlikely to be a movie screened regularly on UK terrestrial TV, so the chances of him actually tuning it at the right time randomly was also slim. It felt like he was reading my mind.