Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dream 255

I don't remember much about this dream. I was supposed to go to a place called 'Heacham', but I wasn't sure if I had the right name. I wondered if it might actually be 'Heachen' or 'Heaching' and how I might be able to find this out. I was shaking some kind of seasoning from a salt/pepper shaker onto the table. I noticed that the shaker, which was made out of white china, had my ex-boyfriend, HL's first name painted on it. I kept thinking about the words 'Heacham', 'Heachen' and 'Heaching' as I walked to a train station. I stood on the platform (it was not one I am familiar with in real-life) and waited for someone to come past so I could check the correct name for my intended location.

* Note that my ex-boyfriend's name is the same as the other common name for asafoetida, a savoury spice used to flavour foods. 'Heacham' was clearly the correct place name, as it is a seaside town in North Norfolk, my home county. A few days ago I was looking on the internet for recommendations for local seaside towns to visit.

Dream 254

'Thuggin, Freddie Gibbs & the Little Shop of Horrible Clothes'
Dream date: 3 June 2014

I think I was in my home-town Sheringham. I went into a shop, which seemed to be one which used to be there in real-life, called 'Ivans' and latterly 'The Wardrobe Warehouse' which sold very cheap, market-stall and catalogue-seconds clothing. The shop has since closed down in real-life. I was browsing the shop - moving clothes along the railings to see what was there. I came to a stand of white shoes and boots. Every time I moved around the shop, the dimensions and decoration seemed to change. It seemed quite dark in the shop. RP, the brother of one of my school friends, was the manager of the shop. He asked me if I needed any help, but I said I did not. There were other persons in the shop - middle-aged ladies, also browsing the rails of clothing. I left the shop and walked down the road, noticing that it was evening and quite dark outside also. I entered another shop - this was one which does not really exist in Sheringham - it was very small and also sold clothes. It seemed like it could be a charity shop. I was looking at a retro-style navy tracksuit jacket. I then felt deja-vu - as if I had been in the exact same circumstances before (upon waking I wondered if I had actually dreamed this whole dream sequence before, but as I now have so many posts on this Dream Blog, I am unable to go back and check). I literally felt as if I was repeating an action all over again, seeing the same things etc. 

The scene changed and I was sitting on a raised platform which seemed to be in the middle of some kind of glass room. The platform had a mattress or padded seating area, on which PS and AP (RP's sister) were lounging. AP was pregnant, or looked it. She was the 'host' and welcomed myself and other (unseen, unfamiliar) people who were part of 'my group' to join her and PS. PS was trying to release a new record. The entire area was pale blue, white and glass. Surrounding the raised platform on all sides were record (vinyl) sleeves. They were blue and depicted rapper Freddie Gibbs in a sexy pose (reminiscent of Tupac, shirt off, chest oiled, serious expression on his face). It was a re-release of his track 'Thuggin' from the recent Pinata album he made with Madlib (which I really like). The new remix was supposed to be more commercial than his actual track. I wondered what had made Freddie Gibbs change direction musically. AP and PS seemed to be promoting the new Freddie Gibbs single. AP told me that Gibbs had formed a new rap crew called 'At the Ville' (there was a Nottingham rap crew called 'Out Da Ville' - until I checked when awake, I actually mistook their name for being 'At the Ville' which explains why this malapropism appears in the dream). I asked AP if she knew there was already a hip hop act called 'At the Ville' (although I meant 'Out Da Ville') and she said she had never heard of them before. No-one else seemed to have heard of them either. I felt confused as I was sure I was right. PS was lying back on the mattress, smiling very weirdly. He did not say anything. AP seemed to be his spokesperson. I kept wondering about the new Freddie Gibbs single and 'At the Ville'. I could see, beyond the lined up record sleeves, a row of clear perspex handbags.

Upon waking I was able to make some associations which clarified certain aspects of this dream. AP's first name is very similar to the uncommon name of a girl PS knows, who lives in the same city as Out Da Ville. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have a track called 'Shitsville' which is on the same album as 'Thuggin', which was playing in the background the other day when I was making dinner. While listening to the Freddie Gibbs album, I commented (in real-life) that he sounds like a better, modern version of Tupac, who had a 'Thug Life' tattoo on his stomach. Note that in the attached picture of Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, Gibbs is wearing a retro-style navy tracksuit jacket.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Famous Dream Quotations & Inspirational Images

Dream 253

'Hunting Down Monsters'
This was a really weird dream because I am not sure if I was me all the way through the dream. 

I cannot recall the start of the dream, although I was complaining that the duvet on my bed had got twisted inside the duvet cover. I think I was me at this point. Some changes occurred in the dream and I think I became a middle-aged male, who looked surprisingly like Arthur Miller (1915 - 2005) - sometimes I was first-person and sometimes I could see this male in third-person, but it felt like he/I was the main character of the dream which is why I am not sure if I was him, or myself as a passive observer. I will narrate this dream in the first person because I seemed to be in charge of the action. I am not sure of my location at this point. All I could see was a large rubbish bin on a dusty floor. It was my job to get rid of Chucky, the Good Guy doll from Childsplay who was terrorising everyone. I had the idea of setting a bin on fire and putting the Chucky doll in it headfirst, so he would burn and melt. This job was a lot easier than I thought it should have been and I did not feel scared. I saw Chucky upside down in the bin, burning.

I was then in some kind of dark warehouse/factory. I could see the Arthur Miller-like male in the third-person, and he was discussing how he had just killed the Chucky doll with two other (unidentified, unrecalled) persons. He took off his glasses. They just seemed to be round pieces of thick glass, without frames to hold them together. It appeared that Arthur had a young daughter - a small, pale, blonde girl of around 8 years of age. She was strapped to a table in the corner of the room, surrounded by males dressed as surgeons. Arthur was still talking to the two males, about 12 feet away from his daughter. One of the males asked Arthur/me: 'you're making her have an operation?' Arthur/I started polishing the glass lens he/I was holding. The man who had asked Arthur/me about the operation said: 'oh, it's only to remove her glasses?' I saw a close-up image of the daughter strapped to the operating table. She was screaming silently, with her mouth open in a big 'O'.

The scene changed and I was outside a suburban house - it seemed like a bungalow, small and square, with a nice garden. The sun was shining brightly. The house belonged to an Asian family - I think they were Indian or Pakistani. The young son was running from the house in terror. He was being chased by a range of skeletons - not human, but strange, animalistic ones. I could not tell what species of animal these skeletons belonged to. They ran on four legs and were jumping out of the windows or open doorway, doing a circuit of the road (which looked like a cul-de-sac) and then re-entering the house. The Asian family still inside the house were screaming - I could see them panicking from the open windows/doorway. The young son had disappeared. It was my duty to stop the skeletons. I am not sure what I did, but I managed to stop the skeletons without any problem. It was almost as if I just stood outside the house and willed them away with my mind. The Asian boy returned to his family home. I looked up the street, which was a gentle curved road. I saw many young women walking down the road. My housemate, BG, was also walking towards me as I stood outside the bungalow. I started to walk up the road to greet her. She was carrying something - maybe shopping. She said: 'it the 1970s you know...' Some of the girls passed us on the pavement. From the rear-view I could see they were wearing 1970s fashions - orange and purple polyester shirts and flared jeans. BG was also dressed in 1970s style clothing. I realised I was wearing contemporary clothes and decided I had better change into something more fitting with the times.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Monday, 2 June 2014

'The Morning After the Night Before' - Stunning images from dreamer who digitally recreates his dreams

Below I have posted some images which were recently uploaded onto the internet by a Reddit user who digitally recreates images from his dreams upon waking. The pictures are amazing and stand in stark contrast to my poor efforts using ready-made photographs edited in MS Paint! These are very artistic and provocative illustrations, even if viewed without the prior knowledge that they were inspired by dream imagery. The fact that these images did appear to the artist in his dreams makes them even more compelling and wondrous. I have no further details on the dreamer/artist who created these wonderful images so I cannot provide further information or links to any of his other online material. I hope he continues to share his dream-inspired creations with the rest of the world!