Tuesday, 5 August 2014

La Ghash Dream Throwback Series #3

Dream #3 (recorded on 16 December 2011 - precise date of dream unknown)

*Please note that in the video I refer to 'December 2012' when I actually meant to say 'December 2011' which was the actual date this dream was recorded*

You can read the original dream report and contemporary analysis by following this link and also find my previous article on interpreting TEETH as a popular dream symbol here.

Dream 273

'Hedge funds'

Key material:
My aunt VF, silver fish, scales, change of name
Called to dinner, silver service, cloches, cutlery
Footsteps on the stairs, terror, shaking it away, name being whispered
Hedgerows, hedge funds, crowd funding, crowd surfing
Green bushes, leaves, leaves of grass, fields, rural, sowed, harvest
cloudy skies, grey, pale blue, panoramic view, birds in sky, flight, flutter, wings, spanning
Boxes, frames, wooden cage, apartment block
Magazines, stacked in piles, corners, white paper

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dreams 267 - 272

Dream 267
'Ice Skating on the Surface of Jupiter'
Dream date: 23 July 2014
I was with an unseen person - we were being instructed to ice skate on the surface of Jupiter. I am not sure who was asking us to perform this task - I could not see the other people in this dream. We would be sent into space and then our craft/rocket would hover several feet away from the surface of the planet and we would jump down onto the surface and perform the ice skating. I felt apprehensive because Jupiter is a gas giant. I wondered why we weren't being asked to ice skate on Mars, which has a rocky surface. I then realised that Mars was closer to the sun in this solar system - it was the third planet, having swapped places with Earth - and therefore was too hot for ice skating. I wondered if the surface of Mars could be artificially cooled. However, I ended up being taken into space and looking down, could see the universe around me and Jupiter below. I leapt downwards with my colleague, and we landed on Jupiter and began ice skating. The next thing I recall was being returned to Earth, where my ice skating success was being praised and celebrated.

I then found myself at night, in an outside location. I was with two other unseen persons and it transpired that we were part of a coach trip, about to leave for home. The coach was parked in a space at the centre of some non-descript buildings, waiting for all the passengers on the tour to arrive before setting off. An Asian male (unfamiliar in the dream and in real-life) took a large machete and started waving it at me aggressively, provoking me to fight with him. I picked up a large stick and we began fighting. I felt the machete connect with my face and touched the skin just below my left eye and found that it was bleeding from an open wound. The Asian male and I continued fighting - it was a little like a jousting match or a sword fight. I managed to get away from him and found myself in an outside concrete toilet block, where other females from the same tour were using the facilities. I stood outside the toilet cubicles, by the wash basins. A young blonde female entered and began to give me some abuse. I punched her once, in the stomach. She fell to the floor. One of my unseen friends told me we should leave quickly. I wanted to get on the coach, but was convinced that the police would arrive soon so it was better for me to go into hiding. We ran around the block and crouched down in some bushes, a short distance away. My friend was telling me that we should go on the run, but I was worried about getting home and didn't want to miss the coach. I thought we might be in Ipswich or Peterborough - and wanted to return to Norwich. Without getting on the coach, I could not think of another way of getting home. We heard police sirens. I decided to return to the coach and hand myself in - I assumed I would be charged with GBH. I then realised that the female I had attacked was dead and I was responsible for her murder. As I approached the coach I was informed (I am not sure how) that the dead female had previously killed or attacked a member of the Government with a fire iron/poker and therefore the authorities were glad she was now dead. I was able to get on the coach to return home, without being arrested. 

Dream 268
'The Horse Accident'
Dream date: 27 July 2014
It was daylight and it seemed as if I were in Egypt - I was in a sandy yellow dessert in blazing hot sunshine. There was a large pyramid, but instead of having flat sides, it was like a 'ziggurat' structure (like some of the student accommodation on my university campus) - whereby the sides were stepped terraces, with successive receding levels/stories. On these receding levels, were benches made from the same material as the pyramids, which were bright yellow. It was very hot and sunny. I was mid-way up one of these pyramids, holding an iPad up to the sun. I felt calm and serene. There were people on the levels above and below me, but I did not pay attention to them. I felt as if I was on holiday. The scene changed and I saw SJ/LW (a composite character, not sure which of the two persons I know in real-life was represented) with a newborn baby laying by her side, swaddled in a white blanket. I could only see SJ/LWW's torso and she was wearing a cropped top exposing a very slim waist and a belly button piercing.

The scene changed again and I was now in an outside environment and it was daylight. There was a very green leafy hedge in front of me and I think that there was an (unseen) person to my side. Behind the hedge was a brick wall. I saw a young female horse rider on horseback. The horse jumped the bush/hedge and crashed into the wall, falling on the ground. The young girl's arm appeared to have been skinned - the skin was peeling away, revealing the red flesh and blood underneath. She held this injured arm in the air as she and her horse lay in a crumpled heap on the grass. It seemed to me that the girl and her horse looked more like animations than actual persons. The horse was laughing hysterically. 

Dream 269
'Multiple False Awakening'
Dream date: 30 July 2014
I had really bad toothache so I decided to take an afternoon nap. I found myself sitting in bed, smoking a cigarette, having just woken up again from the nap. I was by myself. I realised that this must be a false awakening as I did not have any cigarettes in real-life. I was too tired to try and have a lucid dream, so I laid down and tried to get back to sleep properly. I woke up again. I thought I was really awake this time. However, I then found that I was totally paralysed. I tried to scream, but my voice was less than a whisper and no matter how hard I tried, I could not make any noise come out at all. I went back to sleep. I woke up again - still paralysed, still unable to emit any kind of noise. I kept trying and trying to call for help and felt scared. I heard DL (from another room) shout through to me: 'stop screaming!' which confused me further. I wondered if I really was actually awake and screaming, I must have fallen back asleep again, as I woke up to find DL standing over me. He assaulted me by stamping on my legs. I felt the sensation of pain. I woke up, this time for real.

Dream 270
'Bad Noses & Blue Eyes'
Dream date: 29 July 2014
I was seated in a classroom, doing something related to learning/education, although this part of the dream is very vague. There was some kind of fish dish being served in the school/college. I then found myself and DL in my bedroom. We were watching something on the internet, which involved a girl talking to a camera in a room with others in the background. The girl was either JG (a young female) or KD (a lawyer) - she had a blonde bobbed hairstyle and a very strange nose that looked like a large concrete triangle, taking up much of her face. I made some criticism of her looks - most likely about her unusual nose. It was so distracting - it looked both triangular and crooked, like the beak of a parrot, about three times larger than an average human nose, and very prominent/angular. DL said he thought the girl was beautiful 'because she has blue eyes'. He then went on to list other women who he considered beautiful because they had blue eyes. I felt annoyed and jealous, because I have dark brown eyes that usually get me a lot of compliments. I asked him if blue eyes were more attractive than brown ones and he said: 'yes, blue eyes represent female'. I attacked him and physically assaulted him, pushing him against the wall. I told him not to look at my eyes again.

The scene changed and I was in a supermarket, with JGH. JGH did not have the concrete triangle nose at this point. CJS was queuing and suddenly there was a panic, with other shoppers and  supermarket workers standing around. I walked over to CJS, who was laying on the floor, wearing a nurse's outfit. This section of the supermarket, which was by the tills, was actually outside in bright sunshine. Someone (unfamiliar, unrecalled) came over with a huge syringe, squirting liquid into the air. JGH started screaming. I said: 'they'll inject her better', which is what happened, as CJS then rose to her feet and seemed in better health for having the injection. 

Dream 271
'Consciously Reliving my Life from Age 10'
Dream date: 31 July 2014
I was in a classroom when I realised that I had travelled back in time and was reliving the period of my life when my mum first moved in with my stepdad and I lived with my stepbrother (the same age as myself, but in the year above me at school). My stepbrother and I started discussing this and decided that instead of falling out and arguing (as we did in real-life for many years) we should use our hindsight (we had full adult knowledge and memories, although we had returned to the point in our childhoods where we were about 10 years of age) to actually get on and be friendly with one another. I felt sceptical however and worried about my stepbrother taking advantage of our new childhood friendship. Whilst in the classroom, Gwyneth Paltrow took a seat next to me at a long table where all the pupils were seated. I realised she had travelled back in time also - she was her normal adult self, but was now part of my relived childhood. I thought: 'oh just like in that movie she starred in' and remembered this as being The Talented Mr Ripley. Gwyneth was rocking backwards and forwards in her chair. I thought: 'this dream will make an excellent novel' and kept having this recurrent thought throughout the dream. I then became aware that our former family dog, Kelli, had died (we got Kelli as a puppy around the time that my stepbrother and I were 10 or 11 years old and she died many years later of heart problems). I kept asking my mum how this happened, but she wouldn't tell me. Behind her were two identical square white wooden boxes - which looked exactly like small coffins. I begged my mum to tell me what happened to Kelli. She said Kelli had been hit by a car and severed in two, hence the need for two coffins. I felt devastated. I saw my stepbrother lounging in an arm chair and he made a strange face at me. I felt I should get away from him as I had no idea what his intentions were, but had a strange feeling that something bad might happen to me.

Dream 272
'Deforming Puppies'
Dream date: 31 July 2014
I was excited as a huge litter of puppies had just been born. I was with DL, standing in a large, white, open room. He was picking up each puppy - with was either a Staffordshire bull terrier or a pitbull terrier - and using some kind of metal device to cut off one of their back legs. The puppies were then placed on the floor, where they tried to walk on three legs, but ended up bent round, with their head trailing on the floor as they looked backwards and down at their missing legs. I was hysterical, screaming at DL to stop the cruelty, but he just laughed and said: 'tripods!' The dogs looked to be suffering in great pain and I was very anxious about their welfare. DL was gathering them up to put them on a plane, where they would be flown abroad for sale. All I could do was loo on, helpless.