Thursday, 9 January 2020

Dream 1061

'Pre-Parties & Riot-Parties'
Date: 7 January 2020
Sleep times: 00:00 - 07:00 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A supermarket - or the university shop
Time: Unknown
I was walking around a supermarket - or perhaps the university shop, trying to buy food. I was hungry, so I began to eat a meat pie, reminding myself that I would have to hold onto the wrapper until I reached the checkout so that I could pay for it afterwards.

Scene 2
Location: My family home - a composite of an unfamiliar domestic interior and my Nan's house in Sheringham
Time: Night
It was early evening I think. I was in a home where I lived with various members of my family - both unfamiliar to me in real life, and also including many aspects which are similar/the same as my Nan's house in Sheringham. There was a party being held by my family - this was a 'pre-party' in preparation for a second 'riot-party' which was taking place elsewhere later that night. The only way to get to the riot-party was to drive there as there was no public transport links and it was far away. I had initially decided that I would not be going to the riot-party. 

The pre-party in my family home was attended by members of my family and other people known to me in real life, as well as random, unfamiliar dream characters. My ex-boyfriend, PS was there with some of his (unfamiliar) friends. I was aware I was with PS at the pre-party - I am not sure if he was my ex, whether we had got back together, or whether we had never broken up at all. However, I was aware that I was dating AJ - I had clear knowledge that AJ was leaving prison for the night to attend at the riot-party. Everyone at the pre-party was going to the riot-party. This made me jealous and I was keen to go too, but everyone was acting as if I had already made up my mind. My Mum was trying to give me 'sugar eggs' (I cannot recall what these were supposed to be in the dream) as a substitute for me going to the riot-party, which was going to be dangerous and violent. I did not want the sugar eggs and was not happy about the idea of being 'fobbed off' in this way. I was frustrated and anxious. 

I was in a room which appeared to be a living-room (unfamiliar to me in real life, but very typical and ordinary looking). I then became aware that 'Parsnips' (a woman who used to be obsessed with AJ and caused him many personal problems until we removed her from his life) was present at the pre-party and was going to also be attending the riot-party later. I did not want Parsnips - or PS - to come into contact with AJ without me being there too, so this was another source of stress. Parsnips looked much younger and smaller than she does in real life - she looked to be in her 20s, rather than late-30s and was only slightly taller than me and slim (AJ tells me she is very tall and fat in real life). She had shoulder-length blonde, straight hair, very pale and waxy-looking (perfect) skin and a nose piercing. I recognised her as Parsnips despite the physical differences. I felt her negativity towards me - at one point she shoulder-barged me and then sat in an armchair, staring at me in a hostile way. I felt threatened, but not exactly scared. My main concern was to make sure I could attend the riot-party which would mean finding someone who would give me a lift. Everyone was drinking alcohol and mingling at the pre-party, so I wandered around, until I found myself in a room which was identical to the living-room in my Nan's house in Sheringham. I was standing between the gas fire and the sofa, and had found my uncle GC. I knew GC was driving PS and his friends to the riot-party. I begged him to give me a lift too, but he said there was no room in the van he was driving (a navy one). I was trying to argue that I was his niece and should be prioritised above my ex-boyfriend and his random friends and was using the fact I wanted to see AJ (and did not want PS or Parsnips to meet AJ without me there). My uncle was telling me it was not possible for me to go in the van - I knew everyone wanted to prevent me attending the riot-party and I felt neglected and left out. I said it would be OK for me to sit on the lap of another passenger - the riot-party was illegal anyway, so it wouldn't matter if my uncle broke the law by carrying too many passengers in an unsafe way. He was unconvinced. I was becoming increasingly desperate, so I decided the only way to get everyone to let me attend the riot-party and organise transport for me would be to get black-out drunk. I wandered over to a table in the initial room where I had been shoulder-barged by Parsnips, and found a number of tumbler-glasses filled with neat whiskey, which I downed, hoping to get drunk. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • When setting the mini/specific Dream Incubation theme - the wedding/marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala I had referred (in my Wild Vlog video) to the fact I have had a number of recent dreams about family gatherings/parties.
  • I had a plan to host a party and invite a number of guests who had issues with one another - in order to instigate chaos and disorder.
  • On the day of this dream I had been making notes for my human rights PhD - including case law on the right to protest.
  • I hate eggs (AJ calls me 'Yokey Bear' as a pet name_ - we had discussed my hatred of eggs on the day of this dream and AJ had tried to convince me that one day I should try to eat 'eggy-bread' (i.e. French toast). I said I would never eat it - he indicated he meant savoury eggy-bread, not the version which is sweetened with sugar.
  • The day before this dream AJ had drunk prison hooch and got drunk (then phoned me drunk) - he was later suspended from his job due to play fighting with his friends.
  • AJ and I had discussed Parsnips on the day of this dream.
  • The shoulder-barge relates to an incident I told AJ about which had led to the police being called for assault - AJ had said the 'victim' in this incident was over-reacting.

 The marriage of Anakin Skywalker & Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

Dream 1060

'Blazing with Screws'
Date: 7 January 2020
Sleep times: 15:00 - 16:30 (afternoon nap)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A domestic interior - my family home 
Time: Unknown
I was in a house which was unfamiliar to me, but in the dream was my family home. My Mum was present somewhere in the background. I was in a kitchen/dining area - I was sitting at what seemed to be a counter or breakfast fair, on a tall stool. I was sitting in front of my personal laptop (at the end of the counter). To my right, my work laptop was set up. The counter was L-shaped and on the adjacent side of the counter was a large gaming PC. I was using my personal laptop to play Sims 3. I am on the Create-a-Sim screen, looking at my female Sim character - this was a basic Sim, white with mid-brown hair and an average build. I was going to alter her appearance - I think I designed some new outfits for her, but ultimately decided to leave her appearance as it was. I then went onto another screen which appeared to be the Create-a-Sim screen for the Pets expansion (I do not have this expansion pack in real life). The Sim on the screen here was the male Sim I was intending to marry and have children with - it was an NPC Sim. The male Sim was a weird-looking cat, although in my mind he was actually a human sim. I did not like this Sim and thought he was disgusting, but was aware that it was an 'important' or 'significant' Sim so was keen to use it within my Sims game by pairing it up with my female Sim. 

I then decided that I should play the game on my work laptop, which might work better (I did not even consider using the gaming PC). I was then annoyed because I would have to re-download my Origin account and games library onto my work laptop. As I went to do this, for some reason, even though I was aware my personal laptop has a faulty battery and needs to be plugged into the mains (or it will instantly shut down), I unplugged it, which not only caused the personal laptop to shut down, but also my work one and the gaming PC. This meant I had to reboot both laptops, log into Origin and download the games, which was taking ages and was causing me a great deal of frustration. 
  • I had a conversation with AJ about how long it takes to log onto my work laptop. I also had a conversation with him about the fact he had been prevented from re-wiring a prison toaster (in case he electrocuted himself) even though he has completed an electrician course in custody. He had been told that his arm might fall off if he did it wrong. The toaster was then condemned and confiscated.

Scene 2
Location: Sheringham High Street
Time: Day
I was then in Sheringham High Street, although I had the impression of still being sat at the counter on the tall stool. I was looking at an old VHS hire shop which is no longer present (it was there during my childhood and I used to visit often). I was then aware that behind me, entering what was a residential building (although in reality would be the location of shops) was a family - the relatives of the male cat-human Sim. This family were undesirable, nasty and snobbish and I did not want to be associated with them. I knew their name was either the 'Baker-Butchers' or the 'Butcher-Bakers'. It appeared that it was me who was intending to marry into the Baker-Butcher family, rather than my fictional Sim.
  • I have an NPC family named the 'Baker-Bunch' family in my current Sims 3 game.
  • I had been watching Sally4 Ever (2018) - in episode 4, the plot involves the filming of a movie with an autistic baker who falls in love with the neighbouring butcher.

Scene 3
Location: Earlham Park, Norwich
Time: Dusk
It was dusk and I was walking across Earlham Park, which is close to where I live (I sometimes film Wild Vlogs in this location). I was indeed filming a Wild Vlog (Tallulah's Dream Palace) on my phone (as I do on a daily basis in real life). I am smoking cannabis while recording the vlog. 

I am then approached from behind my a middle-aged male dream character. He is thin and white and wearing an old-fashioned or stereotypical prison officer's uniform and has 2 yellow labrador dogs with him. I inform him that I am filming a vlog. He tells me that the dogs are drugs dogs (and responsible for training other drugs dogs). I laugh and tell him that the dogs are ineffective as they have not indicated the presence of drugs on me (the cannabis I was smoking). I wanted to get away from the prison officer, but he is following me and continuing to try and converse with me. He does not seem to care if I am smoking cannabis or not. In fact, I believe it is at this point where he joins me in smoking the cannabis, as later I am aware that this happened while we were on the field. 

Scene 4
Location: The Lobster Pub, Sheringham High Street
Time: Dusk
The prison officer and I then walk through a doorway and end up in the front bar of the Lobster pub in Sheringham. I am walking towards the toilets - which now appears to be a corridor which leads from behind the bar to the area where the toilets are located in real life. The prison officer begins to talk to a male bar server about the fact that I was smoking cannabis. I am certain he smoked the cannabis with me, which I state - and he admits. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I met a friend of my aunt/uncle - a prison officer - at their recent wedding. I come into contact with prison officers regularly, as my boyfriend is in prison. He often winds me up by talking about me smoking cannabis while we are being monitored/recorded on the prison phone line.
  • There was a seafood buffet (with lobster) on Sally4Ever. I had also been discussing the former landlady of the Lobster pub with my parents recently (my first weekend job was working as a waitress at the Lobster).
 Mandalorian Armour
 Create-a-Sim screen for 'Pets' expansion pack - Sims 3
 Google Map of Sheringham High Street
 Traditional prison officer's uniform - as seen in A Clockwork Orange (1971) - my favourite movie of all time
The Lobster Pub, Sheringham

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Dream 1059

'False Rape Allegations & Scalp Piercings'
Date: 6 January 2020
Sleep times: Night (unrecalled)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown domestic interior - party
Time: Unknown
I was with my Mum, although I cannot recall the start of this dream in my detail. We were going to a location which was an interior which was predominantly white in colour. It was a domestic location, with a party atmosphere. There were a number of dream characters present, including my Mum's friend MGF ('Marion'). There was a long white table, which was clinical and looked like it belonged in a science lab. Dream characters were lined up on either side. To the left of this table were some armchairs/sofas - my Mum was sitting with Marion on these chairs. I was aware that there were some children present - I do recall that I saw a male dream character (unrecalled) entering the room, pushing a small child in a pushchair. I also recall seeing children sitting beside a pile of wrapped gifts. 
  • I visited Marion's house with my Mum over the Christmas period - her grandchildren were present at the time.

I was with - or met up with - the older brother of an ex-boyfriend, HL. The elder brother, PL is someone still on my Facebook friend list, even though HL and I broke up (many years ago) in bitter, acrimonious circumstances. HL and PL  are of Chinese ethnicity. I was pleased to be with PL at this party/social gathering. I was seated at the table with PL. PL climbed onto the table and leaned over to hug me, which I perceived to be an act of affection. PL had some friends with him and I was aware that his friends did not like me. PL informed me that his friends blamed me for the break-up with HL, believing that I was to blame for hurting him (this is true). 
  • On Christmas Day, PL had commented on my Facebook, including a photo of his Christmas meat after I had made a status about how many awful Christmas meal photos are posted on social media/appear on my timeline. PL - like his brother, HL - is an excellent cook and has run a catering business. 

I asked PL what I could do to make amends with his friends. One of his friends was a short, white young female dream character with black hair in a bobbed haircut. She was wearing an emerald green top. The female dream character informed me that to make friends with her I had to tell her about how I was raped. I did not want to discuss something so private with her, especially as there were children present, and she was using this as a bartering chip. I felt this was inappropriate for her to use my private life as a means of coercing me. She then accused me of making a false rape allegation against HL which had 'ruined his life'.
  • The female friend of PL was visibly similar to the female mushroom farm owner in Dream 1055 - 'War Provisions at the Tanacon Mushroom Farm' (2 January 2020) - in this dream the female dream character was wearing a Moschino T-shirt which I actually own. Coincidentally, HL bought me this T-shirt years ago.
  • Emerald green may relate to a recent dream - Dream 1058 - 'Cream Rubies & National Security Operations' (5 January 2020).
  • While on my recent family trip I saw a news story about a British woman who had been convicted of making false rape allegations while abroad. I had also had a conversation with AJ before this dream in which we joked about him sexually assaulting other prisons in the showers. I had to explain the '#Metoo campaign' to him.

I then have a lapse of memory as to what happened next in the dream, but the next part I recall is that I want to get a long blonde wig fitted over my own hair. This is done for me by an unknown/unrecalled male dream character. I am happy with the blonde wig, until I realise that my scalp is now pierced with a large number of small metal hoops/circular piercings, under my normal hair. PL and others are feeling my head and acting concerned - the pierced scalp is a bad thing and I am aware I need to get the piercings removed. I am feeling very feeling very anxious as I do not want to have scalp piercings for the rest of my life. At this stage I am in a different room with PL and some other dream characters at this stage, and I am saying that I need to get some valium in order to have the piercings removed from my scalp. I have a mental image of this being done by a doctor, using pliers. I am scared of the pain and also the fact that I will be scarred for life. I then think about the issue further and realise the risk of scarring does not matter as it is unlikely I will shave my own hair off, so they will be unseen. I decide I should find some valium in order to be sedated for he visit to the doctor.
  • I had mentioned to my Mum recently that I would like to experiment with a blonde wig, rather than dying my hair. On the family trip I had met the daughter of one of my aunt's friends. She has the same real first name as me and I noticed that she has alopecia, which I discussed with my Mum, also bringing up the fact that I would wear a wig if I suffered from this condition. I am also aware, looking back, that I had been watching Sally4Ever (2018), a programme created by and starring one of my icons, Julia Davis - her character wears a blonde wig in episode 1.
  • I am hypochondriac so often need valium for certain types of physical examination - which I had been discussing with family members recently.
  • My Mum is due to have her hip replaced this month - it will be done under sedation rather than general anaesthetic.

Scene 2
Location: A city street in a seaside town
Time: Dusk
I then step outside onto what appears to be a city street, which I know it beside the sea (I can hear the sea). It is dusk as the sky appears to be darkening. I am approached by 2 drunk men, who non-consensually touch my scalp and begin to laugh at the piercings. They tell me that the wig 'looks amazing' but is ruined by the scalp piercings underneath. I am upset as there is nothing I can do until I get hold of some valium in order to visit the doctor. It begins to rain. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I had a recent discussion with my Mum about drunk men non-consensually stroking my hair.

Mandalorian Armour
Long blonde wig

Dream 1058

'Cream Rubies & National Security Operations'
Date: 5 January 2020
Sleep times: Night (unrecalled)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: My Dream Town - street
Time: Day
I was with AJ and we were in my Dream Town ('Sudsbury'), walking down a typical street I have seen before. This street has tall, urban, commercial buildings on one side, making it look like London or another big city. On the other side (typically my left as experienced within the dream) is a grassy area and some Tudor-style buildings, giving more of a suburban feel, although these Tudor-style buildings are typically public or commercial premises, not residential buildings. 
  • 'Sudsbury' is of my Dream Town (according to a previous dream), and coincidentally, AJ's family live near Sudbury in Suffolk.
  • The day before I had a conversation with my friend GG and he referred to the Tudor period.

AJ and I are looking for a jeweller's shop because he needed to buy a cream-coloured ruby to enter into a 'yoghurt contest/competition' (details unclear). We were walking down the street, unable to find the jewellery shop. I suggested that we use a 'Sat Nav' (I think I meant 'Google Maps' or something more appropriate for a pedestrian. However, we discovered that neither of us had our mobile phones with us. 
  • I had a conversation about Sat Navs with my family recently. I also watched the the episode of Gavin and Stacey where the titular characters get married - in this episode, there is reference to the maps to the reception venue being forgotten, and a Sat Nav saving the situation.
  • I believe the reference to jewellery and gemstones is a connection with my mini/specific Star Wars dream incubation theme of Kyber Crystals.
  • I had bought a yoghurt (a relatively infrequent event) on the day of this dream. I noticed my housemate had a tub of cream in the fridge. 

Suddenly, AJ and I found we were outside a jewellery shop. We entered this shop - it gave me the impression of being old-fashioned, and traditional - I got the impression of it being 'Victorian'. I was dark and there was a lot of dark wood fittings. The till was directly in front of the door, and there were waist-height glass cabinets were jewels were stored. AJ and I walked over to the left side cabinets and looked in. There were gemstones (plum or fist-sized, cut so that they were multi-faceted, in the stereotypical way diamonds are drawn (see below images). They were standing up on the narrow cut end. However, there were no cream coloured rubies. All we could see were traditional rubies (red), emeralds (green) and sapphires (blue). In the dream, money was not an object - it was just essential that AJ got the right gemstone for the competition.
  • While in Hull, my Mum and stepdad and I visited a jewellery shop.
  • I saw some images of diamonds I had posted on my own Tallulah La Ghash Facebook page.

The shop owner then came out. He was a short, quite fat white middle-aged man with black hair and glasses, wearing what I think was a navy pinstriped suit. He reminded me of a mole - and specifically a mole related to the cartoon Danger Mouse.
  • I was aware AJ wanted to get a mobile phone - when he had a smartphone and a Facebook profile, he was using Danger Mouse as a profile picture.
  • The character I was imagining is the sidekick of Danger Mouse - Penfold (I could not recall this during the dream itself, I only became aware there was a character who resembled a mole while writing this Blog post. However, it was noted on the Wikipedia article that Penfold is mistaken for a mole, but is in fact supposed to be a hamster.

The shopkeeper did not seem to want to help us find a cream coloured ruby or make a sale. He was telling us that he had been conscripted for a national security operation. He seemed very proud of this fact and was trying to show off about the operation. I did not want to talk to him about it, or anything else - AJ and I just wanted to buy the correct ruby as quickly as possible. The shopkeeper then told me that his heart grew on the outside of his body. I was anxious in case he tried to show me his heart, because I did not want to see it and thought it might look gross. To distract him I told him that 'the kettle has boiled' and the shopkeeper went out the back into a storeroom or staff room of some kind, leaving AJ and I alone in the shop, still standing near the cabinet of gemstones. 
  • Conscription refers to the current political climate where war (USA and Iran) is anticipated; I'd seen some memes which were suggesting feminists will abandon the fight for gender equality if war breaks out to avoid conscription.
  • National security would refer to the climate of forthcoming war, but also my PhD studies, as I had written this phrase numerous times in my notes on human rights.
  • The reference to heart growing on the outside of the body is from Sally4Ever (2018), a programme created by and starring one of my icons, Julia Davis. In episode 4, Julia Davis' character, Emma, refers to having a second heart.

AJR and I then began whispering - conspiring to commit a robbery on the jeweller's shop while the shopkeeper was away. I was going to help AJ to steal all of the jewels from the glass cabinet. He attempted to lift the lid of the cabinet and found that it was unlocked and lifted up at the top. I thought that the shopkeeper was not an expert on security if this was how he maintained the precious gems in his shop. As soon as the lid of the cabinet was opened, all of the rubies, emeralds and sapphires dissolved into a puddle of liquid. The liquids were the colours corresponding to the gems, and appeared to be like fizzy soft drinks - cherryade, limeade and blue raspberry flavour perhaps? They puddled together and mixed in the bottom of the cabinet and became a murky, brown disgusting colour, that reminded me of plasticine or playdoh when all the colours are mixed up. This in turn made me think of the animated character of 'Morph' from children's art show, Hartbeat (1984 - 1993), hosted by Tony Hart (1925 - 2009).
  • I obviously associate AJ with criminal activity - no matter whether he behaving as a law-abiding citizen or not. I probably have the subconscious realisation that I will always be suspected of criminal activity or collusion due to the fact I am dating a prisoner. AJ always jokes that we are 'Bonnie and Clyde' - when I discussed this dream with him, he made this reference himself.
  • I had been discussing Morph with my Mum and my cousin HM at the recent family wedding. HM mistakenly thought I was the one who had a childhood phobia of Morph, but my Mum and I clarified that I had been a fan of Morph and it was her who had the phobia of him.

 Kyber Crystals - and Lightsabers
 Tudor-style buildings
 Old-fashioned jeweller's shop
The shape of the gemstones
 Ruby, emerald and sapphire
Penfold from Dangermouse
Bonnie and Clyde (d. 1934)
Mixed fizzy liquids
 Mixed plasticine/playdoh colours
Morph from Hartbeat

Dreams taking place in my Dream Town
Note that these may not be all dreams which feature my Dream Town, as I have only managed to find those which were correctly labelled as such, as there may be others which took place prior to me using this labelling system consistently.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Dream 1057

'Armed Robbery on General Hux'
Date: 4 January 2020
Sleep times: 04:00 - 11:00 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A 'supermarket hotel' 
Time: Unknown
I was with my family and other unrecalle dream characters in a hotel, which looked like the aisle of a supermarket. The 'hotel rooms' were just red sleeping bags lined up in the aisle. I was very excited to be staying in this hotel as it was 'luxury' and there was a party atmosphere there. Everyone was mingling and enjoying themselves. I became aware that there was an older white male (unknown to me in real life), who was a 'new family member' who had been introduced to the family during the hotel stay. He was using a PC computer which was on a desk at one end of the hotel/supermarket aisle. I spoke to my uncle, GC and told him I had concerns that the new male family member (not sure how he was related to me/the rest of my family) was searching for child p*rnograhy on the computer, so it was decided that we would creep up behind him and look over his shoulder at what he was doing on the internet. When we looked at the computer screen over his shoulder, he was searching for images of 'sunshine' - everything in this area looked bright and yellow, as if the images of 'sunshine' were radiating from the screen. I was content that the new family member was not doing anything illegal or immoral on the computer. The new family member turned round - he was fat and had dark hair and red cheeks with a lot of stubble. His hair was thinning. He was dressed in navy. He informed GC and I that the owner of the hotel was an alcoholic and was only serving Chef Boyardee food in the hotel (despite it being a supermarket with aisles containing every type of food you would normally expect in a supermarket). This made me very unhappy, and I wandered away, wanting to make a complaint about the poor service I was expecting.

I then met the owner of the hotel - his face loomed over me in a mocking way - it was General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson) from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. His ginger hair was much more orange than usual. He was swaying towards me and I thought that he looked like a psychopath. I felt a sense of threat from him, so I decided to gather a group of my family members together so that we could perform an armed robbery (with the use of a gun, which was not seen in the dream) on him. My plan was to assassinate him for being a bad hotelier.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I have recently stayed in a hotel with my family for a family wedding party. During this stay I met various members of my family I had not seen for a long time, and also met the in-laws of my aunt, who was getting married. During this trip, my uncle GC and I discussed crime.

 Typical supermarket aisle
 Image of sun shining out of computer screen
 General Hux from the Star Wars sequel trilogy
Chef Boyardee logo

Dream 1056

'Knicker Removal'
Date: 3 January 2020
Sleep times: 02:00 - 09:30 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A train journey
Time: Day
I was on a train journey (I think it was daytime) although I am not sure of the intended destination. The train carriage was a composite of being a train and also a TV game show/quiz show studio. I got the distinct impression that it was both. It was very brightly lit and there were white tiles somewhere (on walls?) All of the train seats were group seats - with the tables in the middle. All of the tables had pepper pots (made of white china, very ordinary looking) on them and the pepper pots seemed to be significant. There were other unrecalled dream characters present, although I recall an older (middle-aged) white woman who was in some kind of position of power or authority of me, although I am not sure who she was or whether she was based on someone known to me in real life. There was some kind of conversation about the pepper pots. Something then happened on the train and all the passengers had to line up and remove their lower underwear - we did this by stepping out of our underwear in a way which did not expose our genitals.
  • I had seen memes relating to climate protester Greta Thunberg and trains.
  • I had been watching spoof TV game show skits on Youtube (which were written and starring Peter Serafinowicz - who was the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)).
  • I remember being passed a pepperpot when at the breakfast table while staying in a hotel on my recent family trip. The night before this dream I also used an excessive amount of pepper when cooking a curry. I also saw a packet mix for Jamaican Pepperpot soup in my local shop, which interested me and I decided I will try this soon.
  • While on my family trip I had a discussion about not wearing underwear.
  • I had been watching Gavin and Stacey - there were a couple of references to underwear in the episodes I had watched.

Scene 2
Location: A typical domestic interior
Time: Unknown
I was then in a typical domestic interior - it was not my house in the dream. The older female dream character from the first scene was present, as were other unrecalled dream characters. I was sitting at a desk, writing something down. This seemed to be a laborious task and I was under pressure - the stress made me feel overwhelmed and exhausted and my hand was aching from writing so much. I am not sure what I was writing. I was in this room for what seemed to be a very long time. My boyfriend AJ then entered the room, in a flustered state of panic - something was stressing him out. In the dream I already knew what was stressing him out although I do not recall what this was. I recall AJ was wearing a pair of blue jeans. I was trying to calm him down and telling him that everything would be OK. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I had been writing notes for my PhD research the night before this dream, and also doing some legal work. I feel under pressure with all of my academic and professional commitments at present.
  • AJ is stressed at the moment - following this dream, he rang me at 23:30 hours the next day (which is late for him) telling me he was extra stressed because someone had stolen his toothpaste.

 Baby Yoda aka 'The Child' from The Mandalorian
 Typical train carriage
 TV game show studio
 China pepper pot

Dream 1055

'War Provisions at the Tanacon Mushroom Farm'
Date: 2 January 2020
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A mushroom farm on the Tanacon site (Anaheim, California, USA)
Time: Day
I was at a mushroom farm, and I was aware that there was a forthcoming (world?) war and everyone needed to store provisions (food, water, vital essentials) in case there were supply issues as a result of the war. My job was to collect mushrooms to store in case there was a war. The mushroom farm appeared to look like a regular British farm, but I was also aware that this mushroom farm was established at the location where the disastrous Tanacon event was held (Anaheim, California, USA - organised by Youtuber Tana Mongeau). I was greeted at the entrance by a young woman who could have been a teenager, or at the oldest, in her early 20s. She was very small and had one prosthetic leg (her left leg) and black hair, cut into a bob with a fringe. She was wearing a blue Moschino T-shirt, with 'Sea Lover' and the image of a surfer on the front (this is a T-shirt that I actually own). I do not remember much about the details of this dream, however, as I was greeted by the girl who ran the mushroom farm, I was able to look into her mouth (from the position of being above her, as if I was a dentist looking down into her mouth). I noticed that the backs of her front lower teeth were perfectly pearly white, which I was jealous of.
  • On the day of this dream I had seen a number of posts on social media referring to the prospects of World War III breaking out. I subsequently learned of the US assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani by airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq which took place on 3 January 2020.
  • I had a recent conversation where my stepdad suggested I have my hair cut into a bob to which I responded that my thick frizzy hair would make me look like a mushroom. That weekend I also ate mushrooms with a number of meals, which was out of the ordinary.
  • 'Anaheim' and 'Tanacon' could both be examples of wordplay relating to 'Anakin'? (vague and tenuous link). The notion of removed/prosthetic limbs could also be a reference to Anakin/Darth Vader - and Star Wars generally.
  • I had been wearing the Moschino T-shirt on the day of this dream.
  • I had bought an electric toothbrush, with the aim of removing the plaque from the back of my teeth (note, that unknown to me at the time, AJ had also obtained an electric toothbrush contemporaneous to me getting one).

Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars
 Mushroom Farms
Tana Mongeau, promoting Tanacon (2017)
 The Moschino 'Sea Lover' T-shirt
 Prosthetic Leg
Back of the front lower teeth

Dream 1054

'Bottled Ghosts & Helen Gozzle aka Jenny 'I'm Out!' Campbell'
Date: 2 January 2020
Sleep times: 17:00 - 18:50 hours (evening nap)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I was with one of my best friends, DL and I was telling him about a business enterprise I had. I was planning to 'bottle' ghosts and sell them via a distribution agency or courier firm to members of the public, to make a large profit. I am not sure if this was a scam or a genuine business proposal in the dream, but DL was agreeing with me that it was a great idea, and my perception of him would likely reflect my real life awareness he wouldn't endorse a con/fraud - so it felt like this was an honest enterprise within the dream. 
  • I would like to imagine this is a reference to 'Force Ghosts' because it involves 'forcing ghosts into bottles', but this is a bit tenuous. I had been reading about Force Ghosts on Wookieepedia a few days before this dream and also seen that one (unrecalled) of my favourite Star Wars channels had a 'voices of the Force Ghosts' video removed (copyright striked) - possibly by Disney?
  • I had been watching Dragons' Den clips on Youtube - this is a TV show where entrepreneurs present their ventures/products/ideas to a panel of high-profile investors in the hope of securing an investment deal.
  • I had been with DL earlier that day.

DL convinced me that the best thing I should do to start my ghost bottling business was to get an investor because it was going to be a very expensive business. It was decided that the best entrepreneur/investor was a woman named 'Helen Gozzle', who was in fact Jenny Campbell, one of the Dragons' Den investors, with specialisation in ATMs. 
  • 'Helen' refers to the fact that I was showing DL photographs of my aunt's wedding and he commented that one of her friends looked like a famous person. I said it was an actress who had a small role in Absolutely Fabulous, but my attention was distracted before I could use Google to find who it was I was thinking of - later I randomly remembered I'd been thinking of Helen Lederer
  • I had a brand new ATM card and I needed to get money out in a hurry - and was worried in case I needed to do something to activate the new card or reset the pin etc.
  • I had been reading Youtube comments sections under the Dragons' Den clips, many of which are jokes about the fact Jenny Campbell never ever invests in any business and always says 'I'm out' for everything, even if she likes the business/product etc.

Scene 2
Location: Business premises in a city
Time: Day
I made an appointment with Helen Gozzle somehow (not sure if I phoned? emailed? unrecalled/unknown). I was then in a typical kind of city (London?) without the impression of having travelled there in the dream, and went into a normal, corporate style office block, which was the business premises of Helen Gozzle. This was all very stereotypical, nothing out of the ordinary. I went into an elevator and ascended to the floor where Helen Gozzle's office was. There was a gold plaque outside the office, which had her name on it. I entered the office of Helen Gozzle, without knocking first. It was a typical office - with a desk and other stereotypical office furnishings and items. It was empty. Helen Gozzle was 'out'. I felt disappointed and stood up by her, and thought this meant that I would not be able to get investment to get my bottled ghost business too work.
  • I had been travelling in elevators/lifts many times in the past few days while I was on a family trip to Hull.
  • I had seen a building in Hull and asked my Mum if it was a barrister's chambers - then commented that I am used to seeing gold plaques displaying the name of counsel.
  • I felt neglected by Helen Gozzle - this might reflect real life events where my boyfriend AJ is not speaking to me following a conversation we had a few days ago which upset him.

 Ghost in a bottle
 Jenny Campbell, Dragons' Den
Helen Lederer

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Dream 1053 (LUCID DREAM)

'Fighting Evil 'Testafan' with Lightsabers'
Date: 1 January 2020
Sleep times: 15:00 - 19:00 hours
Dream type:
  • Spontaneous lucid dream - no induction attempts made
  • DILD (dream-initiated lucid dream)
  • Lucidity triggered by questioning bizarre dream events in normal non-lucid dream scene (the appearance of my attacker 'Testafan' who was supposedly in prison)
  • No reality check
  • No dream stabilisation required/attempted
  • Moderate dream control
  • Duration: perceived as at least an hour

Scene 1 (normal/non-lucid)
Location: My flat in Norwich - a composite between my actual flat and the Student Union bar (Red Bar, specifically by entrance)
Time: Day
I was in my flat in Norwich, which was also the Student Union bar on the campus where I live. I knew that I was 'at home' even though there was more clues as to me being in the SU Bar than my actual flat, which is a 1 minute walk away. There were no other dream characters present and I only faced in one direction as far as I can recall, so I am not sure what the rest of the room looked like. I was standing to the right of the entrance, just inside the doorway, where there was also a small round wooden table. I could see through the glass entrance doors/windows, therefore I knew it was daytime. I was talking on my mobile phone to my friend LD1. I am not sure what we talked about. I ended the call, and placed my mobile phone onto the small round table.
  • I had mentioned to my uncle GC1 that he should visit me on campus and we could drink in the SU Bar. I had also mentioned the price of drinks in the SU Bar (compared with up North, where everything is cheaper) to someone in a separate conversation.
  • Shortly before I took this nap, I had been whatsapp messaging my best friend, LD1.

Scene 2 (normal/non-lucid)
Location: A composite between the ground-level parking area outside my flat and an elevated concrete area (upper walkway) outside the upper level of the Student Union Building and the Student Services Building - in the dream this was located in one place - directly in front of the row of houses my flat is within.
Time: Day - perhaps approaching dusk?
I was then in the elevated concrete area described above. I could look down onto my house from a height which was greater than possible if I was standing on one of the upper walkways of the campus. The location was right where the car park should be.
  • My parents had dropped me off in the car parking area opposite my flat at around 13:30 hours.

I was standing at a picnic bench (there are some picnic benches outside the SU and SS buildings). I also had a strong sense of this area reminding me of my Nan's garden in Sheringham, although I do not know why. It felt like the sky was darkening, but it was still daylight. There was a male dream character standing with me at the picnic table, but I cannot recall anything about him. I (we) were joined by LD1. I then became aware that I did not have my mobile phone with me, which caused me to panic. LD1 then said that he had found my mobile phone and thought it was a 'prank' or 'imitation' one, not my real one, and therefore thrown it in a bin. The bin was one of the standard metal communal rubbish bins, with just a long rectangular slit across the top. I knew this bin was also on the upper level, where we were located - just a short distance away 'behind us'. I could now see that instead of the concrete steps which exist between levels on the campus walkways, there was a steep grass slope which led down to the ground level where my house was. I could now see for miles - not university campus buildings, but rather the open air, green hills and fields and trees. I was very angry with LD1 and demanded that he retrieve my phone from the bin. I was telling him that he was stupid for thinking it was an imitation phone and that he should have checked before binning it. LD1 was apologetic and said he would easily be able to retrieve my phone, which he walked off to do. I was stressed and anxious about getting my phone back safely. I said something to the unknown/unrecalled male dream character about how I was hoping my phone wasn't broken as a result of being put in the bin. I cannot recall his response. LD1 returned with my phone. I opened the case and saw there was a tiny chip on the screen. I showed LD1 and expressed the fact I was angry. LD1 did not think the chip in the phone screen was serious. I decided not to stress about it and put my phone away.
  • My uncle GC and I had a number of conversations about crime over the past few days - I referred to 'imitation weapons' during one
  • I noticed one of my front teeth was chipped in real life
  • On the drive home from Hull, Yorkshire, my stepdad noticed a new chip in the windscreen of his car (from a stone/piece of gravel etc most likely)
  • I had returned to campus (known as 'the concrete jungle' due to its architectural style) after a journey through the countryside.

Scene 3 (normal/non-lucid)
Location: A coastal town - in a car
Time: Day
I was then a passenger in a car driver by the unrecalled/unknown male dream character. LD1 was in the back of the car. We were driving through a picturesque coastal town. I could see cottages and the sea, with sail boats on it. It seemed as if it was sunny now, but I knew it was the same day. While driving down the winding roads, I also had the contemporaneous experience of viewing the scenery as a series of open picture books, which were illustrated in a way which gave me a strong impression of remembering books from my childhood.
  • Hull is a port. I had also discussed coastal towns (my home county is on the coast)
  • My family had been discussing clearing out my Nan's house in Sheringham - my cousin HM and I had talked about how all our childhood toys are still stored there.

Scene 4 (normal/non-lucid)
Location: My flat in Norwich
Time: Day
I was then back in my flat in Norwich - it felt like I had just got back from the trip to the coastal town where I had been in the previous dream scene. I was alone in my house, standing beside the kitchen counter, where my landline phone is. I was expecting a call from my boyfriend AJ(R) who is in prison. The phone rang. I answered it. It was not AJ, but I could tell that the person was a man in prison. I did not know his identity. I was aware this was a malicious prank call and I wondered how the unknown prisoner had got my number. I was shouting at him, asking him who it was and why he was calling me. I felt threatened and intimidated. The man on the other end of the phone would only make a high-pitched whistling sound, which was perceived as a threat of danger to me. I was in terror. I hung up the phone. It rang again. It was the prisoner man whistling at me. I was shouting at him to leave me alone, or I would get someone to sort him out (the implication being with violence). I also said that the prison would be monitoring or recording the phone call and the man would be in trouble for harassing and threatening me. I was confused as to why this man was targeting me. The phone call ended. 
  • Various aspects of day residue from recent conversations involving phone calls from prison, threatening behaviour and crime. 
  • I was waiting to see if AJ would call me, as we had ended a phone call on bad terms the night before.
  • My stepdad had been whistling on the way home.
  • When I returned home from my family wedding I saw I had a missed call on my landline from AJ, despite him knowing I was away and only available on my mobile phone.

Scene 5 (fully lucid)
Location: My flat in Norwich
Time: Day
I walked through to my bedroom, which was still the living/room, kitchen, but with my bedroom door and cupboards there (so a composite of the location I had just been in and my bedroom). There was a male dream character there - who I knew was the threatening/whistling prisoner. I knew his name was 'Testafan' at this stage, although I am not sure how I knew this information, as he did not say his name to me. He was tall and thin and very pale skinned with greasy black hair slicked back, around collar-length. He had pointy facial features and was approximately 40 years old. He looked a bit like a vampire, or definitely a gothic type and was quite weak and decrepit-looking, although I knew he was not as frail as he looked. He was dressed in black clothing. The fear at seeing Testafan and wondering how he had instantaneously escaped prison and entered my flat in search of me made me spontaneously lucid. 
  • The appearance of Testafan was the same as a local man my parents had described who was nice, but would suddenly turn nasty and aggressive. This was during a conversation about the 'most dangerous' types of people often being someone who you would not physically expect to be powerful and violent. He is a chef. I had been watching clips from Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares series before I took this nap.
  • There had been a violent, aggressive drunken female guest at my aunt's wedding (she was forced to leave early due to her behaviour).
  • 'Testafan' may relate to 'Tesla cars' - as I had seen references to them online earlier.
  • I had been driving in a car with my parents - I always remember in the 1990s they would play Gloria Estefan tapes in the car. During the contemporaneous car journey they had discussed what CDs to play in the car - they played The Beach Boys (and I listened to the song 'Barbara Ann' (1965). We then discussed their connection to notorious cult leader and 'murderer' Charles Manson (1934 - 2017).
  • My Mum's first name is Stephanie.

As soon as I became lucid, I calmed down, as the threat was lessened by the fact I knew I was in a dream. I still felt some threat however, although it was more about knowing I had to deal with Testafan. My first thought was to summons another dream character to come and help me fight Testafan. I looked at my bedroom door, and shouted: 'Someone come and help me!' Nothing happened. I kept shouting this, willing for someone to materialise. I did not try to visualise anyone in particular as I thought it might be easier to just let any dream character appear rather than someone specific. I then saw my friend GG's face partially pop round the door, which was open. His face seemed to materialise slowly, as if it was a computer loading glitchy graphics. I thought this was because my dream control was poor and I concentrated hard on making GG appear as a solid form. I am not aware of what Testafan was doing while I tried to bring GG into my dream properly, as my attention was focused on this task. As soon as GG appeared in the dream, I became aware LD1 was also now present in the room with us. I also knew that neither GG nor LD1 would help me fight Testafan, as hey were both passive and seemed to want to observe the fight rather than actively participate in it. I can recall now from this scene tha GG was wearing a white football shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms and LD1 was wearing a thick navy knitted jumper. This is all the detail I took in. The room then seemed too change, so that it lost a lot of it's detail and just looked like an empty, yet well-lit space with walls on either side boxing us in. It had the feel of being 'modern' or 'space age' to me, without there being anything in particular to give me this impression. It was like all the extraneous detail was stripped away. 

  • I had messaged GG shortly before my nap, asking if he was free that afternoon and we had a short whatsapp conversation - I was expecting to meet him later that evening.

Testafan then lunged at me and began grappling/wrestling with me, but it was more like we were holding hands and just pushing and pulling each other. Neither of us could get the better of one another, and I knew Testafan was the physically stronger of us both. I felt pretty much as physically powerful as I would in real life - I was exerting a lot of energy and felt overwhelmed in defending myself. GG and LD1 were still not participating in any way. I decided I needed a weapon, so given my current Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2), I decided to get a lightsaber. I imagined having a lightsaber in my hand - visualised it, and I got one - but it was a plastic toy, with an extendable blade (blue). It was no use. I tried again to visualise a real lightsaber, imagining the weight in my hand, using my imagination. I imagined the heavy, cold metal of the hilt. I then got a lightsaber - Anakin Skywalker's blue lightsaber. However, it only worked if I imitated lightsaber sound effects with my mouth. Just as in real life, I was useless at imitating a realistic lightsaber sound, so my lightsaber was really weak, and almost impossible to keep ignited, which was frustrating. There was a sense of dread. I knew Testafan had Luke Skywalker's green lightsaber. I knew I could never duel with my enemy with the rubbish lightsaber I had, so I used The Force to imagine I had the red sith lightsaber of Darth Vader. I was successful in controlling this aspect of the lucid dream, which made me feel exhilarated and pleased. It seemed to take a while for the lightsaber blade to fade from blue through to white, yellow, then red. The blade was not stable either - it was crackly and sparky. When I began duelling with Testafan, it was as hard to fight with a lightsaber (without skills,training or experience) as if I was expected to do it in real life. It was really heavy and hard to swing or connect blows. It was physically exerting and tiring. I spent most of my time deflecting Testafan's blows as trying to make my own unsuccessful ones. I thought the best thing to do would be to use The Dark Side of the Force (channelling my anger, fear, hate etc) into more physical power. This was not as successful as it should have been. The lightsaber duel was still awful and chaotic and also slower than it would be if either I or Testafan were competent lightsaber users. Neither of us were winning or losing, but it was a constant battle which was taking it's toll. 

We had moved into my living room/kitchen area, which again, appeared to be a composite of that and the SU bar - I could see the toilets and the red (it may no longer be red, but it used to be, hence the name 'the Red Bar') velvet sofas and tables in front of the pool tables. GG and LD1 were still not helping me fight Testafan, but I knew they supported me. I was only ever aware of their presence if I focused on them, or they attracted my attention. The rest of the time I was so engaged in the lightsaber fight with Testafan, that my surroundings were not clear to me. I forgot they existed. Everything felt as if it was in real time, with little time dilation (as is common in lucid dreams). The fight was so physically draining that it seemed to last for far too long. During the lucid dream, I actually thought to myself that it was weird how my lucid dream was so stable and clear - I felt so grounded within the dream, it was ironic. My perception of this experience was that it was not enjoyable like I would have imagined it to be. I was in fight or flight mode and I did not like the feeling. I also hated the fact I was bound by a lot of my own physical limitations.

I saw Leon because he stood on one of the red sofas in front of me while I was fighting Testafan. I noticed there were wooden shelves above his head, but I did not see what was on them. Any dialogue was not obvious to me - again, my focus was on defending myself frantically while trying to attack Testafan, to little effect. We kept locking lightsaber blades in a very awkward and amateur way. The Force was not seeming to help as much as I hoped it would. I wondered if it was because I wasn't actually Force-sensitive. This seemed like the likely solution as to why I wasn't as powerful as Darth Vader. 

Leon then pulled Testafan backwards through my open front door (which was wear the SU toilets had just been - now it appeared to be much more like my flat looks in real life). We entered out onto a typical city street, with tall commercial-looking buildings on either side of the road (shops, offices etc) - everything looked grey and almost old-fashioned. It also looked grey in terms of sky - as if it had been, or might, rain. Leon was nearby, encouraging me. I heard him telling me to beat Testafan. I could see GG a short distance away, behind Testfan, and also felt his encouragement and support. I continued to lightsaber dual with Testafan and imagine using The Force to help me. It was really hard to keep my lightsaber constantly ignited. The dream ended when Testafan turned into a bat and flew off - this is probably because I perceived him to look vampiric earlier in the dream.

Wilfrido Limvalencia, Swan's Cove
Serena, Bus Ride Through Fowey
J.L. Munro, Nantucket Harbor
 Josephine Grundy, High Tide
Josephine Grundy, Spring is in the Air
Police Artist sketch of 'Testafan'
 Star Wars lightsaber designs
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
A bat