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This Dream Blog is written by Miss Tallulah La Ghash, a young(ish) woman, previously living in London; currently living in Norwich; and sometimes returning to my childhood home town of Sheringham. 

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Throughout the course of this Blog, which documents my attempts at unlocking and deconstructing my own personality and psychological identity through dream interpretation and various psychoanalytical techniques, you will learn more about the woman behind the name. 

My other motivation is to create a written portrait of myself - an autobiography of dreams, which will exist as a form of continuously evolving testament of my inner life, which hopefully will be enjoyed by people all over the world. 

Every technique or method that I sample will be discussed in detail on this Blog and all results will be recorded as accurately and objectively (i.e. not tampered with, doctored or manipulated) so I can provide as much 'truth' as possible. The aim of my experiment is not to present myself as I wish be seen by others, but instead, show what the output of my subconscious mind and a prolonged assessment of my psycho-social self say about me and the intricacies of my identity. I didn't merely want to write an autobiographical account of myself, the events, factual occurrences, decisions I've made and relationships in my life, I want to actually understand what it is to be me.

In fact, the inspiration for this Blog came from some source material I stumbled across, which stated that although some individuals may be predisposed to experiencing lucid dreams, it is possible to train yourself to do so intentionally by employing various psychological techniques. As I have had the pleasure of experiencing several lucid dreams in the past (the slipping into lucidity during the dream was not by choice, but once I was aware I was 'lucid dreaming' I was able to control my actions and force consequences) and maintain a prolonged interest in dream interpretation and psychoanalytical psychology, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to explore this subject further.

Of course, this Blog isn't just about me and my dreams. I also research and write on the general themes of dreaming and lucid dreaming and provide information and guidance on dreamwork techniques so that others can learn with me. 

I am not undertaking this exercise with the objective of changing anything about myself - actually, at this stage, I'm not sure if that is even possible, although if I do learn anything which enables me to lead a more successful, happy or fulfilling life then of course that is a separate benefit of this project in itself. If I had to pinpoint one particular purpose I hope to achieve during the course of my research, other than simply recording and sharing my findings with a wider audience, it would be to master the ability to dream lucidly at will. 

However, here is a brief biography to give a little insight into the person presented to the outside world everyday, so my readers have a vague idea of whose life they are being invited to spectate upon. I'm being cautious not to make too many value judgments about my family background, personality, appearance (which can be seen from my photographs) or interests/tastes as I want to explore these facets of my identity through this experiment and allow my readers to draw their own conclusions alongside my own. At this stage, I believe the results of any personal introspection would be tempered by a desire to depict myself in a certain way - i.e. elaborating details of perceived importance; dismissing other information which might highlight negative aspects, generally creating a biased or qualified account of my self, if unintentionally. As I'm sure you can appreciate, it's incredibly difficult to describe yourself both objectively and factually.

Tallulah La Ghash is not my real name, of course - it's a combination of two nicknames by which I am known to family and friends. I am British-Iranian and from a working-class background. I have no siblings. I was raised by my Mum, my Nan and my Stepfather in Sheringham, North Norfolk, East Anglia. I am not married and do not have children at the time of writing. I have diverse, eclectic and often quite weird interests and hobbies. I spend 99% of my time alone by choice. I am currently working towards my PhD in Law and also work as an Associate Tutor (Law) and have jobs in Student Welfare and Prison Law. I currently live in Norwich, Norfolk.

I initially included a number of personal pictures which were part of my original Blog design. However, I removed them as I felt they distracted from the content and did not add anything to a website aimed at educating and entertaining my readers on the subject of Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming. I decided to include them in this section because I often get asked about my appearance by readers. From time to time I update my Blog with a post containing some photographs so you can see the Woman Behind the Dreams. You can also follow me on Instagram for regular photographic updates and subscribe to Youtube for regular videos from Tallulah La Ghash!

In addition to the general mission statement outlined above, I intend to upload some of my creative output (visual and written) onto this Blog and welcome any feedback my readers may have.

Please also get in touch with Tallulah La Ghash if you have any requests for content or material or would like to offer recommendations and/or feedback regarding any element of my work.


  1. hi Tallulah
    thank you for sharing so much valued perspectives on yourself and the world of dreams, I am working my way through the information trying to comprehend the processes you are sharing. There is much information/perception presented, thank you. I was wondering ,Is there a place that you hold sacred within your creative expression of your existence? and being not far enough a long into your documentation of dreams, i have to ask, do you feel that "Dream weavers " are valid and what influenced if any do they have upon our dreams

    1. Hi Roidh, thank you for reading my Blog and also leaving me your wonderful comments. It is so very much appreciated! I have to say I am not sure what Dream Weavers are - I did Google the term, but nothing relevant came up in my search results! x

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  3. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could pleas interpret my nightmare I just had!
    I was being chased by a huge-gigantic frog. It would jump near me and I had to flee to somewhere else. This back and forth chase when on for a while. At the end of the dream I was on a boat and I had a knife, that I had been carrying to kill the frog. This lady appeared and I stabbed her several times with the knife and pushed her over the side of the boat. Instead of landing in the lake, she landed on the bottom deck. It was horrific.