Monday, 2 December 2013

Dream 204

Dream during afternoon nap

I was in a huge, open room with doors coming off it. It was brightly lit. I was sitting on a sofa and next to me was Simon Bird, who plays Will McKenzie in The Inbetweeners, although he was the character 'Will' in the dream and not the actor who plays him. There was another male - Will's friend (unfamiliar) - sitting opposite us in an armchair. Will was wearing a pink jumper and jeans. My mum was working at a desktop computer a few meters away. Will was telling his friend to leave and it was clear that he was intending to have sex with me, but I did not want to. He stood up and was acting impatient. My mum called over: "What's your name?" Will answered her and she said: "Are you Sophie's [my real name] boyfriend?" to which he replied "Yes" and I replied "No" at the same time. My mum said she was going to have a bath and left the room. Will and I went into the kitchen. He started eating a packet of crisps - which were like Wotsits in colour and texture. He spilled them and the crumbs made a mess - covering a laptop nearby Will and also a massive food blender which was on a counter. While Will tried to clean the laptop keyboard, I tried to clean the food processor. The crumbs were all stuck inside various parts of it. I tried to remove the 'whisk' part of it, but when it came off, the food processor suddenly started by itself with my finger stuck in it. I panicked, anticipating a horrific injury, but managed to pull my unharmed finger free in time. The loud whirring noise disturbed my mum who shouted through to ask why I was using the food processor. I told her I was trying to clean it.

I was then in a kitchen, making a meal of fish and chips with 'Chesney Brown' from Coronation Street (played by Sam Aston). The kitchen was quite small and cramped. I turned around to get a bag of peas from the freezer and asked Chesney if he wanted any with his meal. He said: "A very small amount". I went to pour the peas into a bowl and asked Chesney "Tell me when it's enough", but he didn't stop me. A large amount was poured. I said: "I thought you wanted a very small amount..." to which he replied "I was only joking, I want loads."

The scene changed and I was in my old York Street flat, seated on one side of the sofa. EB was on the other. We were sitting sideways, so we faced one another. I saw this part of the dream from third person perspective - so I was watching myself. I was aware that this obnoxious guy called Leon, who used to be my upstairs neighbour was now living in the house next door and he had a bag of drugs in his house. EB was trying to persuade me to break into his house and steal the drugs so we could sell them and become rich. I did not want to break into the house because I would have to do so via the roof and I thought it would be dangerous (plus I am scared of heights). EB was getting frustrated and kept saying: "Just tell me if you don't want to do it..." but at the same time would not listen to my concerns or volunteer to do it himself. There were further scenes (in first person perspective) with EB where we were discussing this plan, but I cannot recall the location or other action of the dream. 
Simon Bird aka 'Will McKenzie' in The Inbetweeners
Sam Aston aka 'Chesney Brown' in Coronation Street

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